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Neptune - Surprisingly Poor Experience

I am sorry to hear about your experience. I have always loved Neptune, but have to admit that they seem to be running out of lobsters rolls an awful lot, which makes me wonder if it is on purpose that they don't prep more.

Savenor's "the only place around with prime beef." Really?

I totally forgot about them! Yes they do indeed and like Savenors are a wholesale supplier as well, Great meat and competitive prices worth the drive if my memory serves.

Savenor's "the only place around with prime beef." Really?

You can buy prime at The Butcher Shop. I was at Costco recently and they also had some prime beef, the problem is you have to buy alot of it. I am a fan of the dry aged choice steaks at Whole Foods.

An unscientific look at local by-the-glass wine pricing [moved from Boston board]

Ok, so i am no math genius, but what I was trying to say is that you will typically pay more at retail than the restaurants buy them for. In MA with the distributers setting the prices no matter who you are but giving 6+ cases discounts. A friend of mine lent me his Beverage Journal which lists all the distributers and prices. For instance, the Nino Franco prosecco that you list as $10 retail is $7 bottle wholesale. I am going to compile a list of the others so we can really see what the markup is.

The reason for glass prices to be higher is that the restaurant takes the risk of not selling off the whole bottle before it goes bad so they need to make their money back in the first glass which makes sense to me.

Jul 31, 2007
ghettochic in Wine

An unscientific look at local by-the-glass wine pricing [moved from Boston board]

What a fun analysis! I think using retail prices should incorporate the "other factors" you are talking about since the restaurants are paying wholesale prices which are 50-100% less than retail. Also, it is true that the markup of older, expensive wines is much less one of the key reasons being that the people who order those bottles have a very clear understanding of what it should cost and if it were too expensive would not buy it.

Troquet's approach to wine is one of my favorites in the city. I love the fact that several different wines (2 oz pours) during the course of my meal or just sitting at the bar.

TBS glass pours are typically generous but still do not make up for the fact that they are a bit overpriced. Keep in mind that Cat orders wine from vendors for all three restaurants and it able to get multi-case discounts (with some vendors) therefore he profit margin is higher.

All that being said, I have been able to try so many wines at both venues that i have purchased at retail. Were it not for these places and their extensive wines by the glass, I would never have forked over the $$ for a bottle.

Jul 27, 2007
ghettochic in Wine

Report: Bin 26 Enoteca

unfortunately Kate has moved to New York. i loved her at b&g and was ecstatic when i found out she was at bin. she will be missed. I agree with the wine list, it in well thought out and has some great wines. I love the mix and match salumi and cheeses that allows me to only have what I want. I do have to say the entrees have been disappointing, but still a great place to sit at the bar and have snack.

stumped for wedding gift....your go-to gift?

My go to gift is always a crystal bowl from Tiffany. It is a very simple "Colonial" and runs about $85 for the medium one. It's funny how people oohhh and ahhh over that blue box.

Jul 25, 2007
ghettochic in Cookware

champagne shelf life

I am not familiar with the champagne but I have had some very old vintages. I would definately suggest chilling it. It should still be good, but a couple things about "older' champagnes. The color is usually much deeper and there may be less bubbles, but it will have a depth of flavor unlike a newer vintage. I very much enjoy older champagnes, they are more viscous and have much more character. Enjoy it! Let me know how it turns out.

Jul 25, 2007
ghettochic in Wine

Best Chicken Salad Sandwich in Boston

Snomad, we must have been typing at the same time!

Best Chicken Salad Sandwich in Boston

The Other Side Cosmic Cafe has a "chicken salad of the day". I love the one with almonds and grapes, reminds me of the one my mom used to make. Other varieties include tarragon and curry (not my favorite, but tasty). Now I am craving chicken salad! Another idea is Francesca's in the South End.

dinner in Nantucket?

We just returned from Nantucket. Straight Wharf is perfect. Excellent food, wine and service and there is nothing better than the view from the patio. Topper's definately the most expensive, but worth it, their wine list is mine blowing but the Sommelier is a little off putting. Of all the meals we had there Summer House was the most disappointing. the service was excellent and the room takes me back to 50's when people dressed for dinner, but the food was boring. Have a great trip, I am jealous. Someday I hope to spend the season there.

Where can I find Burrata?

while not my favorite place, it is on the menu at The Butcher Shop.

No. 9 Park--Bar/Cafe

I agree that the portions in the dining room are small, but the cafe prices and portion sizes seem just right. We typically sit at the bar and order apps off the regular menu and entrees off the cafe as split a pasta in the middle.. Save room for dessert or cheese both are excellent and be sure to have some fabulous dessert wines.

Post-colonoscopy lunch on Rte 9???

Unfortunately No. 9 is now closed for lunch.

A week of take-out

No slices at Santarpios, the pizzas are not very big though (one size). My favorite is the garlic pizza with an order of sausage. if you are getting take out be sure to go to the door on the side of the building, not the main entrance. All take out is picked up in the kitchen and obviously is cash only. btw, no barbeque for takeout, just pizza.

Central Kitchen

I agree wholeheartedly. The food is great, reasonably priced with no attitude. next time try the shrimp cocktail, they do a really great job with it. The Moules frites is my favorite! A very interesting a reasonably priced wine list. Makes me wish i lived in Cambridge so I could get there more often.

butcher shop - opinions?

I guess I want to like it because of the concept plus it is around the corner for me. I keep thinking that Barbara Lynch will turn it around since it seems to be the weak link of her restaurants. No. 9 is amazing to me as is B&G, I just wish Butcher Shop would live up to her name. But you are right, there are so many other places I could give my hard earned money to and not have to deal with awful attitude when I send back food that has been grossly mishandled.
Still, I do love the wine selection, if only they would let you sit at the bar and drink instead of standing around the counter.

butcher shop - opinions?

I really want to like this place. I have been several times over the last year and each time I leave disappointed. I have had rubbery gnocchi bolognese, a tastless salad with weird dehydrated vegetables and some awfully cooked steaks and also found hair in my food two of the last three visits. The management of the restaurant has to be the most unfriendly and unprofessional I have seen. The space itself is beautiful and I do enjoy having a glass of wine (albeit overpriced) with an antipasto with a friend. But I am wondering what all the hype is about.

On the other hand, I love B&G for it's beautifully prepared seafood dishes and excellent service, especially in summer on the patio.

I am hoping people here can help me change my mind and give it another shot because there isn't anything else like it in the city.