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Round out my Atlantic Ave run

I guess its all dependent on what you think of as the "new generation of brooklynites"

to me Dellapietra's is the picture of new new even as it attempts to look and feel old timey.

im not sure that the presence of strollers in Sahadi's says as much about the demographic of its patrons as you seem to think.

honestly comparing it to times square is just wildly off base - i would say that the most likely interpretation of that slur would be that it is soul-less, hermetic, and utterly without value. perhaps the store is larger and cleaner (and busier?) than when you grew up patronizing them, but you make it out to sound like they are as local/special as a duane reade.

May 20, 2015
tex.s.toast in Outer Boroughs

Pete Wells on Javelina.

entirely serious question: did you have a hard time getting in/was it crowded?

May 20, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Pizza in Manhattan

thirding motorino. returned again for the umpteenth time recently and the prosciutto pie is as good as ever (it does not have arugula on it, however).

my wife and i were reminiscing about the unacceptably long period about 6 months to a year after they opened the East Village location when it (the prosciutto pie) was unavailable because their slicer needed a part imported from italy. glad to have those dark days behind us.

May 20, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Round out my Atlantic Ave run

if sahadi's has a hipster/yuppie vibe to you, you must have a real problem dealing with about 95% of the rest of the borough.

May 20, 2015
tex.s.toast in Outer Boroughs

Round out my Atlantic Ave run

damascus: best babaganoush by a mile, also love the goat labneh

sahadis: the mint and zataar labnehs are both quite good as well

May 20, 2015
tex.s.toast in Outer Boroughs

Where to find meyer lemons?

i get mine through freshdirect.

May 19, 2015
tex.s.toast in Outer Boroughs

Kanoyama - still pretty damn great

Their Anago is really excellent.

May 14, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Wor Won Ton SF

I'm not honestly in the greatest position to answer about the similarities between Red Jade and Hong Kong. I grew up on Hong Kong's wor won ton soup and my mom still swears by Red Jade's.

Wor Won Ton SF

Red Jade on Church and Market (known in my youth as Hong Kong) is not the prettiest or most authentic of restaurants but the Wor Won Ton has been consistently good for several decades.

What are they thinking at Mamoun's?

it hasnt been good since ive lived in NYC (6 years).

its not just the name keeping them alive, its the price. you could feed a whole family at mamoun's for what a nish nush sandwich costs (i know which id rather have, but there are people shopping for a cheap meal).

May 05, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

2 lunches and 2 dinners in Brooklyn...need to make it count!

Not a huge fan of dassara, honestly (it under delivers, in my experience).

my immediate thought was La Vara but you should probably check their menu for pescatarian-friendliness. have had successful meals with vegetarians there so i know it can be done (though the suckling pig is awful good).

Apr 29, 2015
tex.s.toast in Outer Boroughs

Quiet for a 1st date but not crazy expensive

As has been noted it isn't very typical. Things that, IMO, make Maialino's brunch great (I love it, though i dont really love brunch generally): the soft scrambled eggs cacio e pepe, the porchetta and fried egg sandwich, the bacon, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THE PASTRY BASKET. in some sort of twilight zone/alternate universe i live in an apartment around the corner and get a pastry/coffee/newspaper at the bar at least a couple times a week.

Apr 24, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Rubirosa or Arturo’s

we like the ultra thin, cracker like pizza at rubirosa. in addition the gnocchi are really quite excellent (they used to come in a red sauce with tiny meatballs but looking at a current menu that doesnt seem to be the case).

Apr 22, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

It's Here! Latest NY Times Reccos for the Hordes of Tourists This Spring/Summer/Fall

This may or may not warrant its own thread, but how are the Paris by Mouth tours? We did a food/walking tour through Culinary Backstreets/Istanbul Eats in Istanbul two years ago and it was fantastic - the selections were diverse, we covered a bunch of ground we would not have gotten to on our own, and the guide was super friendly and knowledgable.

Even before reading this piece yesterday we were considering the paris-by-mouth tours - does anyone have first hand experience with them? or other recommended walking tours?

Apr 17, 2015
tex.s.toast in France

Where can I find Lavazza coffee served in Manhattan?

I came here to say that Lenny's has it. Their regular/drip is good for not being made to order.

Apr 11, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Must try dishes at Xi'an Famous? And which Manhattan location is best for Saturday sit down lunch?

The lamb burger has some pretty pronounced chili flavour fromt he fresh peppers in it. Frankly, i prefer the pork anyhow which i would say is not spicy at all (but i have a moderate/high tolerance for spice - i would say someone willing to go a little spicy would definitely be ok with the pork burger)

Apr 09, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Need two suggestions for 'Parents meet the In-laws to-be' Dinner

Colonie would, i think, be perfect (if i recall correctly they take reservations for parties of 5 or more).

It works for people with a fairly wide range of tastes (as in, they have a - very good - burger, but also more interesting things) and is fairly reasonable given the experience.

It can get somewhat loud on busy friday and saturday nights, but i think its worth considering.

Apr 07, 2015
tex.s.toast in Outer Boroughs

Sushi Omakase with 5 month old baby

this may be too far off the mark but for really good (if not 15 East) level sushi that is decidedly kid friendly check out Sushi Katsuei in park slope. It probably not geographically ideal (assuming your coming from the city) but it entertains a very family friendly vibe as you'd expect in the neighborhood but with markedly better sushi (and incredible rice) than other places nearby.

Apr 06, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Pat La Frieda vs NYC steak houses

Look up a Searzall. 75 bucks for the attachement and around 60 bucks for the torch, plus 6 bucks for a can of propane.

Mar 20, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

casual yet high end if you will, and other suggestions

The Breslin is really great, far better than decent. not fussy is a great descriptor, its not that high end (last time our server was wearing a cut up t shirt and jeans, the walls have that intentionally bare plaster/construction zone look) but the food and service are top notch. have had numerous very very solid meals there over several years.

for an equally not-too-fussy option (though its probably not new enough to be on a hot list or deemed "cool") consider Maialino - foods terrific, nice kind of neighborhoody vibe (not what you'd expect for being in a hotel).

Ill echo others that your request is potentially unanswerably broad - two things that might help folks direct you would be to know where you will be visiting from and what you plan on eating on your other nights in town.

Mar 12, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

#1 Somtum Der #3Kiin Thai #2 ???

I think you dont actually want the Q and A format, but im not sure.

conjecture #2: perhaps by "third" they were referencing the fact that there is another STD location in bangkok: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant...

Mar 02, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Is Philz Coffee That Good?

when i patronized the truck on a visit last month there were 7-8 people inside it (even assuming several werent working pouring coffee there were probably 5-6 people making coffee).

Best calzone in NYC?

lucali's calzone is indeed excellent, though its not the fried style the OP mentions.

Feb 21, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Park Slope / V-Day

Are you looking for a place with romantic ambiance for the actual night of valentines day (which, unfortunately for you, falls on a Saturday this year)? That may be a big lift this late in the game.

My immediate thought was Convivium Osteria but they arent showing any openings for 2/14 on opentable, you might have more luck if you try calling them.

My next thought would be the excellent sushi at Katsuei on 7th ave, but while the food is terrific i dont think id call it romantic (its sort of unatmospheric, just there, neither downscale or particularly nice, just a blank palate for truly terrific fish and rice).

Good luck and do end up letting us know where you end up.

Feb 11, 2015
tex.s.toast in Outer Boroughs

Your Favorite $5 or under bites in San Francisco

On a recent, albeit very brief, visit back to SF I got a banh mi at Sing Sing on hyde and had a great experience. The $4 sandwich was better than any of my reasonably accessible NYC options AND germane to the conversation about free beverages it came with a glass of (unsweetened) iced tea, a pleasant surprise.

Good pizza and rice balls?

None of the suggestions above are typically "NY-style" pizzas.

Marta, while very good, is shooting for a roman-inspired ultra thin crust.

Rubirosa is producing another very thin (and quite good) style that i think is meant to reference Staten Island bar pies.

Don Antonio is very very traditionally neopolitan.

Frankly most [classical] "NY Style" pizza isnt all that great, the biggest market for these down-market slices is and always has been post-school crowds who arent known for their refined pallets and deep pockets (not that pizza need be expensive to be good). To me, anyway, a typical ny city slice is inhaled between errands or as an emergency hunger-mitigation method between meals, its not something I think about planning a meal around, particularly.

One old-school spot where you could still sit down (and have quite an atmospheric experience) would be Johns on bleeker in the village. Of all of the old-school places that are still around its my first pick for a sit-down visit.

Feb 09, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Hipster eats and drinks

169 is awesome - and for a place as decidedly dingy the oysters have always been spot on.

it can get kind of crowded fridays and saturdays.

Jan 15, 2015
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Favorite cookbooks by NYC chefs

The Roberta's cookbook is pretty great - both visually and for the recipes it includes (though i suppose your opinion on this will vary with your feelings on Roberta's in general.)

Dec 05, 2014
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

Where can I find great PIEROGIES in Manhattan??

It's not a regular menu items so perhaps this comments value is questionable, but we had a dinner special of meat pierogies at Russ and Daughter's cafe a few weeks ago that was excellent. more refined than typical presentation these were boiled and came with some braised greens, sauteed mushrooms and a really rich reduced stock/sauce.

Nov 25, 2014
tex.s.toast in Manhattan

The Red Rooster - anybody been?

Yeah i think we were there a little later in 2012 but still not really recent. My comment wasn't meant to say that the OP should definitely choose RR over other options but merely to say that just because some of NYC's better Ethiopian was a nearby option, they shouldnt assume they would be any better than the options in the Twin Cities (which, for east african, are very very good).

Nov 25, 2014
tex.s.toast in Manhattan