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white plains chinese take-out

I, for one, love Hong Kong Chef on Mamaroneck. They have a Vietnamese and Chinese menu and is probably my guiltiest pleasure in WP. If you go there wanting good take out chinese, as opposed to authentic or gourmet, I think you will be pleased.

Kam Sen in the White Plains mall can probably fit into this as well.

What Recent Meal "Blew You Away"?

I have had a culinary crush on David Chang as of late ...

Pork buns and both Noodle and Ssam Bar
Sweetbreads and Bread and Butter at Ssam Bar
Momofuku Ramen and Pistachio Soft Serve at Noodle Bar

in others ...

Olive Oil Gelato at Otto
Soup Dumplings at Joes Shanghai (flushing)

Apr 17, 2008
MrNubbins in Manhattan

Damn you Artichoke!

Sorry Cubanet, but not sure what any of this has to do with the Pizza. Personal issues, perhaps?

Apr 14, 2008
MrNubbins in Manhattan

Babbo - terrible experience!

You shouldn't be surprised to hear these stories at all on this board. It is instead a reflection of what it's become, Not a celebration of wonderful food, but a place where people can complain about their experiences and feel superior of their "knowledge" of food and the industry. All of Mario's places have between good and amazing food. They are well run, and he has NEVER made any assertion that you will find him in the kitchen. In fact, what well known, top chef will you find regularly in their kitchens. And if he did, which one would he be in? Otto? Lupa? Babbo?

I have had wonderful experiences in every one of his places. The food is unique, of high quality and more than makes up for service that can sometimes be lacking.

Bottom line is, don't be discouraged to enjoy Otto and make an opinion of your own!

Jul 03, 2007
MrNubbins in Manhattan