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New Fish and Chips Joint in Brighton Center

So I guess you still can't beat Moulton's in South Medford. For me it's the same 10 minutes or so from Cambridge.

In search of poutine

If I recall correctly, it was removed from the menu at the Harvest about the time the current chef arrived. I was hoping they would offer it again if they received a lot of requests, but perhaps I was kidding myself. The good news is that The All Star Sandwich Bar still serves it.

best non-upscale seafood restaurant

I also strongly agree with the Moulton's recommendation. Excellent seafood, maybe the best in the area, and definitely not upscale.

There is a bus that runs out of Harvard Square, maybe #96 Medford via George Street. It runs along Mass Ave by Porter Square and it stops about two blocks from Moulton's at the corner of Winthrop and George. So a trip to Moulton's can be combined with a visit to Harvard Square. Definitely worth the trip.

Emma's Pub; Montreal Fries; Frank's Hot Dogs; Grumpy White's

All Star Sandwich Bar uses curds. It's a huge portion, so we take about half of them home and cook 'em up with our eggs in the morning.

I need a good, reasonably priced lobster/steak place....HELP!!

I haven't been to either Frank's Steakhouse or the Mount Vernon in a while, but those were the first two places that came to mind before I read the previous response. I'm not sure Frank's serves lobster every day. The Mount Vernon, on the other hand, features their (daily) twin lobster special as well as steaks and steak tips. Both can be considered reasonably priced, and "excellent" is possible, but it's all relative.

Upstairs on the Square, Monday Club Bar: loving the new spring menu

chowda and paladin,

The menu is online, complete with prices. I'm seldom disappointed there.

Lunch near Hyatt Regency, Cambridge

You won't be very far from Harvard Square. For dinner, there is Rialto, the Harvest (both somewhat the upscale), Casablanca, or Upstairs at the Square's Monday Club Bar (a little more casual). At each of these places, you can grab a seat at the bar or a small table near the bar and you probably won't be the only solo diner, so you can add these to your possibilities. They all have web sites. At Casablanca and the Harvest, I have frequently had nice lunches at the bar, but for some reason not lately, so I can't be specific about the menus. For what it's worth, Plough and Stars sounds to me like a good bet for lunch.

Around Harvard Square with a Toddler

Shay's, a "step up"? Ha ha, that's pretty good. (For anyone who doesn't get it, you have to step down from the street to go there.)


Well, one of the guys was grouchy (Frank?, I'm not sure.) There was another guy there who had enough personality to make up for him.

But where in Porter Square can we get a good basil and mozzarella or a good chicken tarragon sandwich? This place also had roasted or rotisserie chickens. I think I heard that Pemberton Farms has them now, and it's not very far from Porter. And we used to stop in for breakfast on an occasional Saturday. I remember fresh bagels, probably cream cheese and lox and French toast, but my memory isn't always correct. The Half Shell seems to be the only place along that stretch of Mass Ave that serves a good breakfast, but not like theirs. Any bagels and lox near Porter?

Farewell, Maddie's. You Were One Of My Favorites.

I once lived within crawling distance of Maddie's. If I stopped in for lunch on a weekday, I could wager 50-50 that the day (or I) would be wasted before long. We would either decide to take the afternoon off and go for a sail, or stay for maybe "just one more" drink after lunch. Saturday lunch and cocktail hour were rituals for us, when it seemed we saw just about everyone we knew. Those were the days when Kenny Duncan, the original and long-term owner, was still around. Topside upstairs was for a while a pretty good place for moderately priced steaks or seafood.

I had moved out of town and was pretty much long gone when the place was sold the first time about five or six years ago, and I've only been back a few times. It seemed to remain popular with tourists. Not too long ago, Coastal Living Magazine named Maddie's one of the 'top ten sailors' hangouts". I guess if it is not reopened by late Spring, we can all pull up beach chairs on thesidewalk and watch the tourists' confusion as they walk around State Street looking for "that place they heard so much about" or "that place they went to years ago". It's good that the "Ripper" is stll open.

Frustration in Melrose

Well, Stearns and Hill doesn't sound like the place I would choose if I found myself in Melrose and hungry. I had a few excellent lunches at Mexico Lindo and would go back without hesitation. The problem for me right now is that we are supposed to be meeting people at Stearns and Hill for lunch later this week. So sometimes it's about the socialization and not so much about the food. After reading what you all have to say, I know what not to order. But is there anything good on the menu? It wouldn't hurt to have some good food to go with all that socializing.

No.9 Park - 28 day in advance?

Well, that's good to know. a little change is not a bad thng, as long as both food and service remain at the level that drew a good following in the first place.

No.9 Park - 28 day in advance?

Do you know if they are maintaining the policy that allows people to order from the full menu once seated at the bar? Last I knew, only the café menu was available at the café tables. For me, that’s been one good reason to wait a little longer for a bar seat. The three course café menu sounds interesting, though.

I agree about the hosts being very helpful getting us seated where we want to be. Still, it’s not a bad idea to get there early enough and in the right mood so you don’t mind the wait. I’ve always been able to get a good bar seat with just a little patience.

Mid-afternoon bite in Harvard Square?

A late lunch at Upstairs on the Square or Casablanca is a good way to spend an afternoon off, in my opinion. Last I checked, both serve lunch until sometime after 2:00PM. I'm not sure if Casablanca offers the bar menu after the normal lunch hours.

Turducken...just want to try it

Try Savenor's in Cambridge and Boston, MA.

617-723-MEAT (really!)

You can order online:

Alive & Kickin': Lobster Sandwich

Yes, as Gabatta said, it's a yummy lobster sandwich, not a lobster roll. So don't be lookin' for butter. I think it's on toasted Scali bread. It was about $13 when I was there a couple of weeks ago. I like the people there. Seems to be family run, and they're always pleasant despite the busy pace. Maybe they thrive on it. I consider that place one major benefit of living in Cambridge. Do try it.

Best Fish & Chips in the metro Boston area

Moulton's in Medford gets my vote. Last time there I think we ordered fisherman's platters for the whole table and everyone was happy with the food as well as the service. Important to go early if you don't like waiting.

Speed's Strike Three!

edgewater, you are a good person.

Verna's, still the same? (or perhaps not)

NCPatty, sorry to hear that so much of the old "crew" is gone. You can see that you are missed. Enjoy your rest!

Best Lobster Roll in Somerville- Mt Vernon's?

If you’re staying at or near the Holiday Inn, it’s a short walk to Sullivan Station, which is on the Orange Line. From there it’s an easy ride to Haymarket (and, as heathermb tells us, another short walk to Neptune). If you’re further away, but on Washington Street, you can take one of several busses to Sullivan. Also don’t forget, the Mt. Vernon is known for their twin lobsters if you’d like something besides a lobster roll. And as yumyum says, don’t worry about the questions.

Verna's, still the same? (or perhaps not)

Yes, I also think it’s odd that they don’t serve iced coffee, especially in late spring. It’s good to know that the veteran crew has been seen there, and I wasn’t thinking about anyone in particular. It was their collective cheerfulness and comfort with the routine that has always been part of the ambiance. Walking into Verna’s, you could always find good coffee, good donuts, friendly people waiting on you (yes, some of them young) and a group of regulars sitting at the tables. For sure the coffee and donuts are still good, and there is nothing wrong with the service. I plan to stop in sometime soon to see if they’ve reconsidered the iced coffee. Thanks for the responses.

Amused bouchee

You got a meter?

Verna's, still the same? (or perhaps not)

OK, so I went to Verna’s for a cup of coffee this week. I have been there for coffee many, many times over the years, and occasionally also get a donut . They have a sign out on the sidewalk “Verna’s – Still here”. I took that as a good omen. From there it didn’t get any better. There was clearly some renovation going on with a hand printed poster introducing a new expanded line of pastries. I think the line of pastries were predicted when the new ownership was announced. No problem, maybe a good thing. What struck me first was that there was no sign of those wonderful, cheerful ladies that I used to see every time I went in. The two young people behind the counter were polite and patiently informed me that they no longer serve iced coffee or flavored coffee. I know they never served flavored iced coffee, but I can remember people getting a little flavored coffee in their iced coffee to add a little interest. So I got hot coffee. No big deal. Ordered a chocolate frosted donut. Walked out.
My question is: Does anyone out there know if those wonderful ladies still work there? These two young people seemed to be about high school age. I have no information to make me think so, but if the new owner is a high school culinary arts instructor, I am wondering if these kids are fulfilling an internship by working there. And that would be great if they are learning the art of keeping your customers happy from the Verna’s ladies who were IMHO most of the charm of the place and arguably much of the reason there was such interest in keeping Verna's open. If anyone has seen the old staff there, please post. The coffee was good, consistent with Verna’s long-term standards. The donut was OK, ate about half of it. Maybe next time I’ll go to Linda’s.

Best Lobster Roll on the Northshore

So Elyssa, is this your monthly request for North Shore recommendations? {I thought it sounded familiar.)

Anyway, I have tried the lobster roll at Red Rock and in my most humble opinion it is not great. Go North! Go way North!

Coffee and Donuts

Ha ha, I always think I'm not a donut eater, but here I am posting to another donut thread. The coffee at Verna’s is pretty good. Linda’s donuts are so good, it doesn’t matter what the coffee is like, but I don’t have any recent memory of their coffee. Really must try to correct that soon.

The Tides, Nahant: Great Views, but....

In general, we trend to stick to the seafood – fried clams, calamari, fisherman’s platter (good for splitting). I have not ordered lobster pizza because I know Lydia Shire doesn’t work there and her lobster pizza is hard to match. The lobster ravioli is good. I’ve heard good things about the lobster casserole, but haven’t tried it. If the quesadillas are not done well, do you think it’s because they are trying to do too many things? They might be better off to stick to the more straightforward seafood dishes, sandwiches and pasta, things that go well with the cold beers.

The Tides, Nahant: Great Views, but....

Can you be a little more specific than "middling at best"? Maybe lobster pizza is not always easy to pull off, but it bothers me to hear that the mussels in beer was not satisfactory in someone's opinion. So what was not good about any of those dishes? I like to go there once in a while and have not previously had a problem with the food, so some selective ordering might be the way to enjoy this place.

Best Seafood???

I agree about Moulton's serving the freshest seafood. The atmosphere may be so-so, but the service is very good, and they use no trans fats in the fried seafood dishes.

Brickley's (RI) opens for the season

Good coffee ice cream there?

Good (and fast) eats around South Station?

The selection at the Amtrak station has improved a little lately, They now have Cosi:

Also, Master Wok offers a few interesting things such as tea eggs, pork/vegetable buns, etc, And yes, there are plenty of fresh salads and sandwiches at Au Bon Pain. If you want to buy something at Rosie's, keep in mind that they don't stay open very late. I have walked by Rosie's early-to-mid evening and seen them closing up.