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Corks in Federal Hill-opinions since the reinvention?

Considering completely changing the concept of the restaurant, they probably should've changed the name. Definately different from old school Corks. Big emphasis on sandwiches and light fare. More like a coffee bar menu. Apparently they are now open for lunch and dinner though the menu is the same for both. I suppose a desperate economy calls for desperate measures.

Poutine in DC Area?

Definately in Baltimore.

Corks is back open

Definately different from old school Corks. Big emphasis on sandwiches- more like a coffee bar type menu. Apparently they are now open for lunch and dinner though the menu is the same for both. I suppose a desperate economy calls for desperate measures.

Helen's Garden-any comments?

Are you interested in returning to Halfshell despite your first experience? Though I agreed with your disappointment there, it unfortunately seemed to damper your enthusiasm to try other great possibilities in canton. What are your thoughts?

How To Make a Proper Black and Tan

Don't use Bass or Guinness

Oct 12, 2008
kelarry in Beer

Maryland Crabs this weekend

Sounds like fun!

Helen's Garden-any comments?

Helen's reputation historically has been hit and miss. The menu has not changed in years, and i would suggest it for Sunday brunch rather than dinner. The wine selection is great (40 by the glass). The problem is that typically the ones I order seem like they were opened a long time ago and have lost some life. Foie Gras, didn't you recently post a negative experience with the food at Mamma's? Just wondering about your motivation to return so quickly, and how you ended up at Nacho's by "mistake"?

Best of the Trappist Beers

St. Bernardus is made from Trappist Beer.

Oct 03, 2008
kelarry in Beer

Pumpkin Beer

Weyerbacher makes a fantastic spiced pumpkin brew, but my fav. is Southern Tier's Imperial Pumpking. It has a distinctive hazelnut and spice flavor in addition to the pumpkin!

Oct 03, 2008
kelarry in Beer

Fav IPAs?

Green Flash, and Great Devide's Hercules and Titan are among my favs.

Oct 03, 2008
kelarry in Beer

Hitachino Nest 2004 Celebration Ale

It is fantastic. Burnt orange color with nutmeg and spices. Hold onto it until the dead of Winter. Your local co-op may have been holding it because beers with higher alcohol content just improve with age.

Oct 03, 2008
kelarry in Beer

Where to Sup on Sat.-Balto. area

What a great list of wonderful new places to try around town! The smaller popular places you mentioned can get noisy on the weekends, and would probably most be enjoyed during the week when the locals go there. Since you suggested you are early diners, you'd probably avoid most of the crowds though. A few of the spots you mentioned have killer weekly specials and happy hour deals during the week that you should inquire about, especially since you are early diners.

Washington DC/Baltimore Restaurant Advice.

That's alot of ground you are trying to cover in two cities. I'd suggest searching the board for each type of food in both cities. What's the occasion? What does "low price" mean to you? What kind of "Italian"? etc.

Balto lunch: Good, non-chain seafood options?

I have personally never gotten the appeal of Mamma's despite several tries. The cod fish cakes were really dry, the soups all swimming in salt or old bay, and I felt the same as venera with the tuna tar tar. The food at Redfish was great when Ted Stelzenmuller was the chef, but the place has gone out of business a few times since that chef has left there and opened his own restaurant. It is still closed at the moment. I would recommend Meli in Fells Point for a nice lunch with seafood options. Lovely scallops , the best tuna tar tar I have EVER had, and a yummy lobster mac and cheese!

Sampsons Soul Food, 353 N. Calvert, Baltimore

Or how about The Gift on Harford Rd.?

cask conditioned beer/ale around bmore?


Faidley's disappointment

I never understood the hype about Faidley's crabcakes either.

Update on former Taste location in Belvedere Square

Thread found for maddog

Crush in Belevedere Square

There are 12 replies under "update on former Taste location in Belvedere square". search crush taste baltimore. I posted my experience there.

family friendly in B'more?

Peters is a great adult spot, but the limited chalk board menu might be too narrow for a 5 year old also.

Great Italian Dinners in Baltimore ?

Try Pazza Luna

Tasty Sunday morning brunches in Baltimore ?

Although I would not recommend for dinner, Helen's Garden does a really nice job with brunch. Try the fresh squeezed OJ, the mexican eggs, or anything they may have on special. Cute atmosphere also at the bar and upstairs.

baltimore, one meal only

Crabs in Baltimore are served seasoned with old bay. Only out of towners ask for vinegar and butter. I would not consider either to be basic accompaniments. I have not had crabs at Capt. James, but am not surprised that they were light.

Martick's closed

Rumor has it that he was even BORN in that building.

Best Inner Harbor Tourist Trap

It seemed like the tide turned around the time they stopped doing sushi. All the friendly waitstaff and bartenders seemed to make a mass exit.

Best Inner Harbor Tourist Trap

Except for mussels, not worth the walk.

Naha Report

I am just looking forward to having that pork belly again.

Aug 11, 2008
kelarry in Chicago Area

Is good sushi worth bad service?

Indeed, and I am certainly not discouraged to be eating there next week!

Aug 10, 2008
kelarry in Chicago Area

Best Inner Harbor Tourist Trap


Naha Report

How do you choose?!

Aug 08, 2008
kelarry in Chicago Area