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If you had to choose a burger in Palo Alto

Kirks 361 S. California Ave Palo Alto, CA 94306 650-326-6519

Hands down the best Steakburgers in town. Good condiment table.
Been in the area since just after WW-II with several locations. Is in Cupertino on De Anza Bldv just past Hwy-85 and I think the Store in Town and Country on Embarcadero is still therfe even with this shopping center in a mess

Apr 22, 2008
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

Driving JFK-East Hampton

Thanks all! We're hungry already.

Driving JFK-East Hampton

Will be driving from JFK-East Hampton on a summer evening. Any suggestions for a great classic NY Diner or a Jewish Deli that are open until about 9:00pm

Cupertino Asian Wolf and Hometead?

There's a very large Asian complex in Cupertino. Chinese Food in the large market is marginal. Any other recommendations?


Feb 02, 2007
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

SF Dim Sum to Go

Dave MP

Yes, Dates sort of, the last time In put it up in the computer.
Happy Family is however gone.

Thanks all.

Dec 12, 2006
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

SF Dim Sum to Go


When we go into the City we often like to
bring a cooler and stock up on low cost
Dim Sum to last us a week or two. This is
our old list. What’s Happening now?
(no sit down meals please)
T.C. Pastry Dim Sum To Go
2222 Irving St (betw. 23rd & 24thAve)
Closed Tues. M-S 8-6:30
H & N Dim Sum 7/02
2511 Noriega Ave (betw. 32nd & 33rd Ave)
415-661-3819 7-d, 7-6
6/06 To Go Only
Mong Kok Dim Sum
1438 Noriega St. (Bet. 32 and 31st Ave)
San Francisco
Eastern Bakery 720 Grant Ave
415-952-5157 orders: 415-433-8881
Coffee Crunch Cake, Traditional Cakes,
cheap dim sum, limited varieties
Baked/steamed pork buns
Good Luck Dim Sum
736 Clement St, nr. 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA
415-386-3388, 7-6:30 closed Tues.
Mostly take-out. Several tables in back/
$1/3 to $1.70 for pork lotus leaf.
(Dumplings not Dim Sum) 9/06
Shanghai Dumpling Shop
3319 Balboa at 34th 387-2088
Red Awning Outer Richmond
Pork on lettuce Leaf. Closed Tues.
New City Dim Sum 10/91
634 Clement - bet 7th & 8th Ave
Happy Family Rest. 6/90 (limted menu)
3809 Geary (Bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave)
Boiled/Steamed Pot Stickers (wheat)
Shrimp, pork, Beef; Small Shrimp Buns
Hong Kong Seafood
2588 Noriega St at 33rd
Reg Menu & Dim Sum to go

Dec 12, 2006
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area



Luis' Basque Corner
301 E. 4th Street Reno 89512
E of Virginia, W. of Wells, Closed Sundays
775-323-7203 At one time the best Basque food in area.
Served family style in the back behind the bar.

Oct 20, 2006
MartyS in California

Chowhound Gets 5-Stars in Bandon, Oregon

Chowhound Gets 5-Stars in Bandon, OR

Before our recent trip to Oregon we checked NW Chowhound and it really hit the mark for Bandon, Oregon even though the posts were old. On August 6, 2006 We had an absolutely fantastic dinner at The Wild Rose Bistro, 130 Chicago Street, Bandon, (541-347-4428). After comparing the menus we canceled our reservations at the very ordinary Bandon Wheelhouse and waited for a late table The Wild Rose. It was very, very encouraging that everyone who finished their meals and came out of the restaurant was absolutely glowing with enthusiasm and compliments. One diner told us, “Its worth the wait,” and it was. We first got to know one of the young owners Daniel Flattley, who discussed the wine list with us and brought us a glass while we waited. After being seated Daniel went over the menu with us. Because it had been such a very long day and it was late, we decided to share an appetizer and a main dish.

We had the Scallop Appetizer with a 2002 Brandborg Pinot Noir. The pan seared scallops were served with a carrot and ginger glaze over an asparagus couli with sautéed Shitaki mushrooms and a carrot, green onion and diakon radish salad. Wow. By this time we were practically family. Daniel had been a cook, but his pretty wife Lynn was the master chef. They took over the restaurant about three years ago and never had to look back. Our entrée was a large piece of broiled wild sturgeon with pancetta, on oven roasted Yukon gold potato slices, organic arugala, and shaved fennel with a white truffle and lemon vinaigrette. We had the sturgeon with a Willamette Valley Riesling. Unbelievably great. Even the coffee and bread were wonderful. I don’t know how but we ate it all and loved it.

The next morning we headed right to the delights and many free candy samples at Cranberry Sweets 280 First Street ( Unfortunately the Bandon Cheese shop is no more. After filling both the car and our bellies at Cranberry Sweets, the next stop was seven miles south of town again on Hwy-101 to Rita’s favorite West Coast Wild Animal Park and Petting Zoo. Back in Bandon we really enjoyed the other Chowhound recommendation, lunch at the Crab Shack that’s part of the Port of Call Tackle Shop. They set their own crab pots and serve excellent and absolutely fresh crab sandwiches and crab cakes that we shared. It was a little windy and we eschewed the outside tables for the warmth and view from the nice enclosed glass room behind the Crab Shack provided by the Port with wooden seats and a large table with inlayed turquoise. It was great.

Aug 30, 2006
MartyS in Pacific Northwest

18th Birthday Dinner for 15-20 in San Francisco on July 5th ?

Thankx Mucho

Jul 02, 2006
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

18th Birthday Dinner for 15-20 in San Francisco on July 5th ?


Thanks for the reply. The daughter did not like it because she ate there and felt it served mostly fried food.

We thought of Delancey Street; but a 5-course price fixe for 15 in a private room would run about $28 ea for starters.


Jul 02, 2006
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

18th Birthday Dinner for 15-20 in San Francisco on July 5th ?


Thanks for the reply. We're looking for $ or $$, not $$$.
There must be more private rooms in SF?
Could not find an Ewia. The only Evvia I found is $$$ in Palo Alto, not SF.

Jul 01, 2006
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

18th Birthday Dinner for 15-20 in San Francisco on July 5th ?

Please suggest an appropriate place for dinner for 15-20 including
6 teens in San Francisco. We like all kinds of food. If moderate a private room would be great.


Jun 30, 2006
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

Nature's Gift Cherries, Gilroy

There are two produce stands on Noriega bet. 31st and 33rd in San Fransisco. Over the past week and a half, we paid prices varying from $0.99 to $1.89/# for great Bings. Navel Oranges were $0.59/# and the baby bok choy was fresh and flavorfull.

Jun 24, 2006
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

Kosher Delis in San Francisco

I agree, except that the JCC Restaurant is Asian Fusion, not at all a deli.

Jun 24, 2006
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

Kosher Delis in San Francisco

The real answer is to fly down to LA; however,from old posts:

Moishe's Pippic is excellent. Would not recommend the knish, but the meat are really tasty, with a good amount of fat to lend to the flavor. The food and the very friendly "kibbitzing" staff give this place easy appeal for becoming a regular hangout.
Hayes and Gough Streets, in Hayes Valley.
My relatives in SF (all Jewish) don't seem to like Moishe's Pipic. East West Deli is where they are going for SF "haimish" (homestyle) food these days.
The Grove (In the Marina)
Deli meat comes from Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side, famous for Meg Ryan's rapturous scene. I was in the neighborhood and tried it today. They even have the courage to serve it with the usual amount of fat. It's on the menu as a Reuben and I don't think I really like it with melted cheese and Russian dressing which are better suited to dryer and leaner corned beef. The other problem was they were out of rye bread tonight, not quite the same on toasted white. And, unlike Katz's where you split one sandwich into portions big enough to feed two or three people, the serving size here would have been better piled onto a single piece of bread for a reasonable sized half sandwich. Yet, I was happy to have real NY pastrami in my mouth. $8.50 at The Grove is cheaper than flying to New York.
Saul's Deli & Restaurant
1475 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 848-DELI
Better than most
East Coast West Delicatessen
1725 Polk (at Clay), S.F. 563-3542.
doesn't look like a New York deli (too much space, air, light), but the huge, fattily satisfying Reubens, platters of meat loaf, black-and-white cookies, and all the other standards compare commendably to their East Coast cousins. (P.R., 11/01) Deli, BR/L/D, $, MC/V.
M&L Market (I've alway's known it as May's) on 14th. st. just east of Church st. right off Market (south side). Been there at least 20 years and still run by the same Asian family. I don't think it's possible to spend more than $5 on a sandwich. And these sandwiches are huge. Yes - it is hot. I don't think there's a micro. on the premises.
People line up to eat the pastrami & corn beef. Actually, I'm sure they're eating lots a stuff, but you can smell the spicy pastrami out to the street and about 30 feet from the door on a good day.

Jun 24, 2006
MartyS in San Francisco Bay Area

Muffaletta In Williams, CA

Not in SF but we have to stop on the way up and back from fishing for great Muffalatta at:

Williams, CA Just west of I-5 146 Miles No. of Sunnyvale, 80 mi North of JJD, 58 miles No, of Sacramento and 103 mile South of Redding:

Granzella’s Deli, Bakery, and Restaurant
451 6th Street
Williams, CA 95987
T 530-473-1561/5496
F 530-473-2957
Great Muffalatta Sandwiches, Free Olive Tasting,
Jars of Muffalatta Mix about $6.

Trader Joe's once carried a mix but as with almost everything else we liked there, its been discontinued.

Jun 24, 2006
MartyS in California