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Another Maui report, May 2010

I really appreciate your reply and comments.

I'll be cooking in Hana and Honokeana Cove (it relaxes me). I've been reading about a lady who cooks Thai in Hana, Bruddah Hut's and the Pianola Bar, so that's 3 "nights" of food we can squirrel away. I'm hoping to buy fresh fish in Hana--I'll check daily--but we'll bring rice, Portuguese sausage (which we can't get here in Texas) and stuff for spaghetti just in case. In the Napili area, I'll probably be heading to Safeway, Napili Grocery or the Fish Market next door to the take-out place.

We'll cook breakfast, lunch in both areas will consist primarily of fruit and sandwiches we'll make and take wherever we go. Last go around, we pretty much ended up returning to the condo at 3pm, which gave me plenty of time to make cocktails, cook, and watch the sun set.

Yee's Orchard--with his "Golden Glow" mangos--were a high point of our trip last time, and we ate them dang near every morning and evening. I don't know if I'm going to make the trip out to Kihei this year, but maybe I'll have to...that or the farmer's market.

We're excited about staying at Honokeana Cove. Was there coral there, too? If so, I can see us really hanging there for most of the trip...which would make it even more relaxing.

Jun 14, 2010
TTPFred in Hawaii

Another Maui report, May 2010


The timing of your post was perfect. I'm taking my family of four to Maui in 6 weeks, and we'll be staying one week in Hana and the one week at Honokeana Cove, so I've got a few questions to ask you. The wife & I have been to Maui (Hana & Napili Bay) before, so these are more specific, rather than general, questions:

Hana side:
1. I'm guessing Bruddah is a 'cash-only' place...what price range should I expect for a family of four? Did they happen to mention the hours they were open? Lunch and dinner, or just whenever he feels like it?
2. Can you give me a guess about the prices at Ono Farms stand? Cash-only?

Honokeana Cove:
1. Where did you buy the mac pancake & coconut syrup? The Napili grocery store?
2. How is the snorkeling in the Cove at Honokeana? Are there really turtles there, or should we expect to walk over to Napili, Kapalua, etc for good snorkeling?

Thanks for your help on this.

Jun 10, 2010
TTPFred in Hawaii

Port Angeles/Sequim--buying beef, seafood, etc.

Thanks so much for your insights. I'll check 'em out.

Feb 24, 2008
TTPFred in Pacific Northwest

Port Angeles/Sequim--buying beef, seafood, etc.

This summer's family vacation has us staying at a house in Port Angeles for a week. I like to cook, so I'm looking for places to buy locally grown beef, freshly caught seafood, etc.

I've got the veggies covered...there's some great produce markets I've already scoped out...but I'd like some suggestions for where to buy meat and seafood.

Feb 19, 2008
TTPFred in Pacific Northwest

Theater-area Italian? Basilica, Passon, Trecolori or Cascina?

I ended up going to Basilica on Saturday night and Passon's on Sunday night. Both were very nice, albeit different from each other....Basilica was small and cozy, while Passon's had a more modern and adventurous menu. We thoroughy enjoyed each restaurant.

Oct 03, 2007
TTPFred in Manhattan

Basilica & Passon's this past weekend--Good Stuff!

Thanks for all the posters who responded to my inquiries. We had the opportunity to try both of these this past weekend. The food & service were great.

At Basilica, we arrived around 6:30pm on Saturday night and somehow managed to get a table. We went straight for the entrees. I ordered the gnocchi with mozzarella, basil and fresh tomatoes and my wife had the risotto special--which that night was with chicken, walnuts and raisins. Both were very good. Had a nice (and nicely priced) bottle of Pinot Noir with it. Great stuff.

We went to Roberto Passon's after going to a show on Sunday evening. We got there at around 6:30pm and had no trouble being seated. We shared an appetizer special of grilled squid with grilled veggies (leeks, sweet potato, zucchini). For entrees, had the whole branzino baked in a salt crust (incredibly flaky and moist fish) and my wife had the green goat cheese and scallion tortellini served with a light marinara. Our daughter got the ziti in bolognese sauce...which we helped her finish. We shared a nice bottle of Nero d'Avola. I'll admit I had some reluctance after reading a recent review that said the service was poor, but we didn't experience anything like that, nor did anyone else in the restaurant seem to be having a problem.

While Basilica scored higher in charm and cozyness, Passon's had a more adventurous menu. I'd recommend both.

Oct 01, 2007
TTPFred in Manhattan

Theater-area Italian? Basilica, Passon, Trecolori or Cascina?

Viceversa isn't open on Sunday. Otherwise, that would have been my first choice.

Sep 26, 2007
TTPFred in Manhattan

Theater-area Italian? Basilica, Passon, Trecolori or Cascina?

Anyone have experience with these 4 sufficient to steer me one way or the other for a Sunday night dinner?

My wife & I like good quality pasta (gnocchi, risotto) and sauces...not so much for the tomato paste sauces.

Looking forward to your helpful comments!

Sep 26, 2007
TTPFred in Manhattan

Need help re: Times Square area (and, perhaps, Lupa)

The wife & I (Houstonians) are bringing our 11 year old daughter to NYC for an upcoming weekend. On Saturday, we'll do the MoMA, then Top of the Rock before heading back to our hotel at 48th & 8th. On Sunday, we'll see the Met, stroll a bit through Central Park, then catch the 3:00pm Hairspray show on Broadway.

1. Saturday dinner--where's a good place for dinner? We'll be walking from the MoMA to Rockefeller Center and back to the hotel, so we probably don't want a place that requires/needs reservations, and we likely won't be dressed up. We're adventurous diners.

2. Sunday morning--Is there a good deli/breakfast place where we can get great bagels, etc. near 48th & Broadway....or near the Met (we can wait if it is worth it)?

3. Sunday dinner--post Hairspray show...Cascina?...Becco? I'm looking for the best italian available in the area, since I'm pretty sure my wife & daughter won't be in the mood to make the trek south for Bianca, Lupa, Lombardi's, John's or any of the places I'd really like to try.

4. Assuming I can talk wife/daughter into exponentially better italian after the long is it really going to take me to get from W. 52nd to Lupa (via the "1" train), and will the food really be that much better? Would I need to make reservations now?

All suggestions are welcome!

Sep 12, 2007
TTPFred in Manhattan

Sushi in Houston

Sushi King would be my recommendation for sushi, too.

For TexMex, try the fajitas or the green chili chicken enchiladas at Lupe Tortillas on I-59 between Shepherd and Kirby.

I'd also highly recommend Goode Company Seafood on Westpark near Kirby--get the seafood campechana appetizer, gumbo is great, as is all their food.

For Thai, you aren't very far from a great hole-in-the-wall place called Kanomwan, located at 736 Telephone Rd [off I-45, Telephone Rd. exit--(713) 923-4230]. Atmosphere isn't great, but it is all about the food.

Jun 30, 2007
TTPFred in Texas

City Market, Smitty's, Rudy's--All in a day!


Make sure you try the smoked pork chop, smoked rib eye, a hot link and a couple of slices of lean brisket at Kreuz. Never mind the clod or the pork ribs. You've had better elsewhere.

You can also buy a box of cold links for a very reasonable price...if the spirit so moves you.

Jun 25, 2007
TTPFred in Texas

BBQ on A Road Trip Through Texas {Split from Southwest board]

Just my $0.02:

City Market in Luling has the best pork ribs
Brisket and sausage? Toss up between Smitty's and Kreuz
Kreuz has the best pork chop and rib eye.

Luling's bonus is that it is located right off of I-10 and has a wholly unique sauce, which I buy in bulk and keep at home for personal usage.

Smitty's bonus is that it is open on Sundays, a rarity in BBQ joints, so I can hit it on the way back home from wherever I've been that weekend.

Jun 25, 2007
TTPFred in Texas

Yee's Orchard - Kihei fruit stand (Oh. My. Gosh.)

Mr. Yee's family has had this orchard since 1945. He's getting up there in age. Development is crowding his small orchard. Something tells me once he goes, so goes his orchard.

That said, if you find yourself on Maui, do your taste buds a favor and seek out his fruit stand, which appears to be manned solely by an elderly woman. It is located on the west side of So. Kihei near Lipoa in a wooden shack in the middle of a dirt parking lot. There is one modest, weathered handpainted sign. We stopped by on a Thursday morning, but it was empty. A passerby told us it usually opens at 11:30am. We returned about then and bought some of the best tasting fruit I've ever had.

Mr. Yee has developed a mango he calls Golden Glow, and the only place you can buy it is his little shack on So. Kihei. It is a flavor-explosion (do a google search on "golden glow mango" to see other descriptions). He also sells Haden mangoes, tomatoes, onions, apple bananas, papaya, passionfruit, chicos and sugarcane...along with many other fruits I couldn't recognize. Bring cash, or stop at the nearby Long's Drugs or Star Market and withdraw some, because they don't take plastic or checks.

We tried to stock up on mangoes on our way to the airport for our departing flight--it was Monday afternoon--but nobody was at the stand. We ended up hitting the Kihei farmer's market, but were advised of the rule prohibiting taking mangoes home....which has got to be the dumbest rule I've ever heard of.

The lesson here is:
a) find this place,
b) early in your trip,
c) take cash, and
c) buy all the mangoes (especially Golden Glows) you can get your hands on.

Maui Dining and Food Shopping Recommendations

Yee's Orchards' stand on the west side of So. Kihei near Lipoa in Kihei has the best fruit I've ever had in my life. Mr. Yee specializes in mangoes, and they're unlike any mango you've ever tasted. It is a wooden shack in the middle of a dirt parking lot. Buy as many as you can. The flavor explodes in your mouth. He also sells Haden mangoes, apple bananas, papaya, chicos, sugar cane and prepared mango chutney.

The Fish Market in Honokowai on Lower Hono... Road has some great fresh fish, crabcakes, and other seafood if you like to cook for yourself. We loved their walu, opah and ono.

Costco is a must for bulk purchases of bottled water.

For dining, we enjoyed The Gazebo for breakfast (banana/mac pancakes, fried rice & eggs), Paia Fish House (went twice!), and thought Kimos was...okay.

Mainly, I did the cooking, because it is what I enjoy. The mainstays for us were:
--Safeway (ahi poke, Maui onions, Home Maid Bakery bread, portugese sausage and booze)
--Long's Drugs (Maui grown beef)
--Costco (salad, Maui tomatoes, Italian cold cuts for sandwiches)
--The Fish Market (fresh fish)

Maui Chow: Sugarcane & Pineapple Pancakes

Thanks for the heads-up jhulla. I did some internet searching to find this place, and it was worth it. Fantastic Golden Glow mangoes, very good Haden mangoes, passionfruit, papaya, apple bananas, chicos and (of course) sugar cane. I spent a bit more than you did, but I loaded up on Golden Glows, Hadens and papaya.

The Golden Glows were absolutely, positively, some of the best food I've ever eaten--jaw-dropping good.

It is on the west side of So. Kihei, near Lipoa...look for a wood shack in the middle of a dirt parking lot, you'll see a sign that says "Yee's Orchard"....then pray that they're open. We went early on a Thursday morning and nobody was there, but a passerby informed us they'd open around 11:30am. We got back about that time and stocked up. We went again just before heading to the airport on Monday afternoon, but nobody was there...perhaps she'd already sold everything for that day?

We also had breakfast one morning at Gazebo...Mrs. Fred & I split the short stack of mac/banana pancakes and the fried rice & eggs (new one for me). Incredible food. great price and large portions. We ended up taking about half of the fried rice home and using it in our own condo-cooked scrambled eggs w/Maui onions.

Honokowai Okazyua

Sadly, I discovered this on June 11, on my way to our condo, and we were expecting to get dinner there to take back to the condo our first night in Napili Bay.

The fire was a bit more substantial than first thought, possibly damaging some of the structure above other stores in that same strip mall. It might be a while before it reopens.

Maui Eats

Mrs. Fred & I really enjoyed Paia Fish House in Paia. Great food for a very reasonable price (1/3 of that charged by Mama's). It is kid friendly, on the corner of Baldwin Ave. and Hana Hwy.

Jun 25, 2007
TTPFred in Hawaii