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Good food AND good design?

I'm meeting my sister and her bf for dinner tonight, and after a lot of travelling and eating out my sister asked for a restaurant with good, wholesome food. This I can do.

Her architect boyfriend, on his first trip to NYC, requested a place with good design. huh? I'm totally stumped.

What are your recommendations?
location: I'm in meatpacking; she's in west village, but for a great place we can go anywhere in manhattan.
price: I can spend some $ since I want my sister ot have a great dinner. but I can't afford like a $500 dinner. My first thoughts were eataly or cookshop.

Thanks in advance - I trust the wisdom of this group!

May 16, 2013
spygirl_63 in Manhattan

Menu help for a vegan and veggie-hater

thank you both for your suggestions! They're excellent ones (asian is of course a good route), and I'll look up the restaurants you recommend.

Menu help for a vegan and veggie-hater

Hello, my family and I are visiting san francisco, and I'd like to take my sister and her friends to dinner - either we can eat out or cook in our amazing rented kitchen.

The problem is:
- one friend is a vegan and
- another friend "hates vegetables".

how do you create a menu that accomodates both people? Do we just cook two separate entree choices? even more - where can I go for good vegan recipes?

thanks all!

Where can I buy ddeok / korean rice cakes?

This weekend is a korean holiday (Chu-sok), and I was hoping to bring in some sohn-pyong dduk to work for a "diversity lunch".

So. does anyone know where I can go to buy fresh dduk? I think I need the name (and possibly number) of a dduk-jip, or a business /bakery that specializes in making and selling just dduk.

Please, if you say "flushing, ny", let me *where* / the name of the place. I'm going to try to pick some up on Thurs morning (or better, have it delivered) so I can let my coworkers partake on Thurs afternoon. this is an rsvp kind of event, so although I know H-mart / the korean grocery store has them sometimes, I need to know it'll be definitely be there Wed morning.

Sep 28, 2009
spygirl_63 in Manhattan

Where would you eat if $ is no object?

Thank you, everyone! this has been a really great list, and I'm touched by all your responses! I will admit I love food, but I'm definitely not the kind of person w/ such a refined palate that I could really justify paying $400 for Masa.... with that said, I would still love to eventually try all the places you recommend!

Jun 26, 2007
spygirl_63 in Manhattan

Where would you eat if $ is no object?

HAHA, I actually love momofuku and go back whenever I can't resist the calling of their pork buns! it'd be funny to spend our 1 year anniversary in there....!

Jun 26, 2007
spygirl_63 in Manhattan

Where would you eat if $ is no object?

Hello! I have a first year wedding anniversary coming up, and since we both like food (and excellent service) I thought it'd be nice to go out to and *really* treat ourselves to dinner.

If money is no object, where would you eat? I'm thinking Per Se? Of course, there could be other places that I have no idea of.... we usually try to be kind of frugal in our dining.

Please help!


Jun 25, 2007
spygirl_63 in Manhattan