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Saratoga Dining

I take an annual trip to the races in Saratoga with a group of 5 friends. In past years, we have enjoyed going to the Beekman St Bistro and Sperry's for dinner. Planning to go to Sperry's again this year. Last year, after the closure of Beekman, we went to Mouzon House, which was fine, but not as interesting as Beekman. I'm still looking for a Beekman-esque kind of place in Saratoga. Any ideas?

Hound Help - Paris (I picked 5)

Hi Lrob5388
I am, like you, a lover of restaurants and dining, in an amateur but enthusiastic way. I like great food, but can tolerate the simple quite happily. We go to Paris every couple of years and one of our favourite spots is Gallopin. Great atmosphere, friendly but formal service and very good food. Not Michelin star, but just good food. I recommend it highly. I always feel good there.

Apr 04, 2012
corporal nym in France

Niagara on the Lake

I second the motion on the Stone Road Grille. As a NOTL resident and frequent visitor to "The Rest", I've never been disappointed and just about always delighted with the food, the staff and the atmosphere. It's a special place in that it has those 3 primary elements (food, staff, ambience) down really, really well - and not over-priced. Don't let the odd location, in a strip mall, deter you.

Stone Road Grille
238 Mary St, Niagara-ON-the-Lake, ON L0S, CA

Le Traversiere in the 12th. Any comments from recent visitors?

Has anybody dined at Le Traversiere lately? What's good? Not so good ??

Sep 28, 2009
corporal nym in France

Niagara on the lake

I always recommend the Stone Road Grille. Don't be deterred by it's quirky location in a stripmall. Food, atmosphere, personality, service are all top notch. Other good spots are winery restaurants at Peller Estates or Hillebrand. Anna Olson's place in St Davids, a 10-minute drive from NOTL, is great for lunch. The Charles Inn on the main street, by the golf course has a nice patio and verandah, and good food.

Kid friendly in Niagara/NOTL

I think the Old Winery is much more suited to a family dinner that the kids and you would both feel comfortable. Actually the Stone Road Grille would probably be fine too. Not stuffy and very active, excellent food and you can get split portions of main dinner items.

I don't agree with the Pillar suggestion.

How do you define Bistro, Brasserie, Restaurant?

Hi monchique
Tx for reply. Actually "bistro" is from the Russian word for "quick" allegedly as Russian mercenaries pounded their glasses on the table demanding to be served in a hurry. Red in Russian is Krasny"

Jul 16, 2009
corporal nym in France

How do you define Bistro, Brasserie, Restaurant?

I'm interested in your comments on the definitions of the various "restaurant" styles in Paris/France. I think of a Brasserie as a large, bustling place with a traditional menu, where the food is good, but does not necessarily aspire to cutting edge. In terms of a stricter definition a Brasserie is open all day, more days of the week. I think of a Bistro as a small personal restaurant with the intentions of creating original imaginative cuisine. Not open all day or all days. For Restaurant I classify the high-end destination places. Not all places fit these definitions, of Chez Denise a bistro? Is Balzar a Brasserie? Is Le Reminet a bistro or what I've termed a Restaurant ? I know this is all idle speculation, but I'd like to know how you all explain these types of establishment classifications.

Jul 16, 2009
corporal nym in France

Stone road grille in NOTL

Don't let the location discourage you. The atmosphere at SRG is warm, exciting and altogether extremely comfortable - and classy without a hint of pretension.

NOTL/Port Dalhousie patio as travelling with dogs

The NOTL Golf Club has a fabulous patio, which looks directly out onto Lake Ontario. The food is merely average, but the location, setting and view are marvellous.

Le Cameleon in Montparnasse?

I had dinner at Chameleon in October 2007. The food was very good, but the attitude and service were truly abominable. I have never really felt that I was just so much foreign (Canadian) trash as they made me feel.

May 06, 2009
corporal nym in France

Domaine des Hauts de Loire - or other starred Loire recs?

We stayed at Hautes Roches 4 years ago and had a wonderful time. The rooms, literally carved out of the "soft" rock are unique, huge and beautifully furnished. We enjoyed a marvellous dinner on the terrace. I'm not a rabid foodie, so all I remember is a fabulous dinner, incredibly good service and the largest cheese platter I've ever seen. I think it took two waiters to carry it over to our table. It was one of those nights that you remember and hope to duplicate.

Mar 17, 2009
corporal nym in France

September Dinner in Paris with Family

Last fall, I had a wonderful 25th Anniversary dinner party at Le Gallopin - a brasserie on the Bourse on the Right Bank. Great atmosphere, a classic Parisian brasserie with true character and excellent food. We were a group of 14 and they treated us very well. Classy, but not at all snooty,not outrageously expensive and best of all, not touristy.

Aug 25, 2008
corporal nym in France

Niagara on the Lake's Best

Of the restaurants you listed, I would place Peller first, followed very closely by Hillebrand. My favourite NOTL spot is the Stone Road Grill, known locally as "the Rest" - short for Restaurant - there is an amusing story behind that. The Stone Road Grill is not as elegant as Peller or Hillebrand, but the food is absolutely top-notch and the atmosphere is much more interesting, busy, full of character. Also don't be put off by the fact that the SRGrill is located in a stripmall, across from the gas station. It really is a great spot as many other posters on this site have noted

Stratford: Dine Before Theatre-Italian

Pazzo is great - and it about a 45 second walk from Mercer Hall.

NOTL "Hi-Five" for Stone Road Grill

They are open for lunch. Ph 905-468-3474.

Help me w/ NOTL Planning..

Epicurean has great soups, salads, made-to-order sandwiches, ideal stuff for a picnic. Or, they have a terrific outdoor patio where you can have your lunch.

Help me w/ NOTL Planning..

Don't be too seduced by recommendations for Treadwell and Vneland Estates. Yes, they are great spots, but they are distant from NOTL. Vineland is 40 minutes towards Toronto and Treadwell is 25 minutes. If you're looking for a picnic lunch to take out, go by the Epicurean. As much as I love the Stone Road Grill, their take-out is pizza (fabulous pizza) and heavier fare. I had a fabulous dinner at Peller this past Sunday eve. One of the great things about Peller is that their wines are marked up only $10 - which means that the final price ends up being quite reasonable. More restaurants should do this, especially the ones that are selling their own wines. Go to the NOTL Golf Club for a wonderful late afternoon cocktail. The terrace offers one of the best viewing spots in Niagara.

Which of the 3 Vintage Hotels restos to eat at in NOTL?

Best spot of the 3 is Queen's Landing. P&P is a tiny bit tired and PoW is overdone. QL has a great location, near the Shaw Theatre and definitely has the best food. You can walk to Zees which has the best food in the immediate downtown. Best overall resto experience, other than the high-flying Peller or Hillebrand (which are great, but expensive) is, as others have noted, The Stone Road Grille, which is in town but further away from the centre about a 20--minute walk (from QL) through the lovely neighbourhoods of NOTL.

Niagara area - corporate dinner

I second the motion on Hillebrand. Better atmosphere there. Peller is nice, but too formal, in my opinion, even for a corporate nosh. But they do have a nice private room, that might be a bit small for 20. You might also consider having a catered meal at one of the wineries. Lots of good restos and caterers who do this a lot. Consider Inniskillin as your first choice - they have a fabulous room for that in their cellar. Jackson-Triggs is a great location too. The wineries all have lots of contacts and experience in setting up this kind of thing.

Niagara Eats

Best places to eat outside in NOTL are the patio at Zees, right across from the Shaw Festival big theatre and at the NOTL Golf Course, which is open to non-members and is now under new, much better management.

NOTL - Your favourite wineries?

FYI, Most of the places you've decided to go are miles away from Riverbend - and there are many, many great spots much much closer. You are going to spend all your day driving, wondering how much wine you can legally consume.

Restaurant in the 7th for first night?

I'd suggest either L'Affriole or L'Ami Jean, both of which are on rue Malar, close to rue de l'Universite. Excellent food, great atmosphere and not overpriced. You can find lots of comments on both of these places on this website.

Apr 04, 2008
corporal nym in France

Culinary Getaway in Ontario?

Check out the Niagara (Ontario) region. There are a couple of very good cooking schools - one is The Good Earth and the other is at Strewn Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. They are both in the heart of the Niagara wine region, so there is lots to explore and taste, such as theatre - The Shaw Festival - and many wineries, restaurants and the countryside. Neither Good Earth or Strewn have accommodations on-site, as far as I know, but there are many terrific inns, B&Bs, hotels, cottages for rent in the area.

Niagara Falls dinner - where to go

I second the notion of driving up to Niagara-on-the-Lake. It's only 20 minutes and a world apart from NF. Your best bets are the Stone Road Grille (unpreposessing because it's located in a strip mall) but a fabulous place with atmosphere and excellent food. Also Peller Estaes Winery and Hillebrand Estates Winery, both of which have fine restaurants. Tony de Luca, as recommended by Gourmando is excellent as well.

La Fontaine De Mars - Upstairs ??

Is the UPSTAIRS at La Fontainea comfortable place to dine ? I have enjoyed dinner at La Fontaine in the past, but nenver seen the upstairs. I'm leery of upstairs at any place as it can seem remote, separate, not part of the ambience etc. We have a group of 12 and La Fontaine says we can only be upstairs. Any advice on this?

Aug 01, 2007
corporal nym in France

Upstate New York - Dinner (moved from Elsewhere in America)

Looking for a place near Utica (perhaps) as we are enroute to Saratoga Springs from Toronto. We are looking or a good spot for dinner - and then to stay over before heading on to SS in the morning.

Niagara on the Lake - Stone Road Grill

I live just around the coner from the Stone Road Grille and go there frequently. The prices are very reasonable and the service, atmosphere and food are great. An excellent value and experience in a town where you can pay more and not enjoy yourself as much.

Niagara/NOTL Romantic getaway suggestions

Great places to stay in NOTL, recommended by me - who lives right here in NOTL.
These two are techicallyB&Bs, but are really beautiful small country inns. Both are in the centre of the old town of NOTL. The nicest hotel property is Harbour House, followed by Shaw Club. There is a spa at The Pillar and Post hotel and at the Oban.
Most interesting winery visits right in the NOTL neighbourhood are Inniskillin, Jackson Triggs, Stratus and Coyote's Run.
Best restaurants in NOTL for quality and value are - Stone Road Grille, known locally as "The Rest" (an interesting story there) and Zees, which is at the Shaw Club hotel. These 2 are not as expensive as others such as Peller Estates, Hillebrand Estates (which are at those wineries) and Tony Deluca's at The Oban - which are great spots, but pricey.

Niagara Falls - Canadian Side

If you are looking for good food and good value when you're wiiing to pay a bit more - AND if you have a car, I'd suggest taking the beautiful drive down the Niagara Parkway (20 minutes) to Niagara-on-the-Lake, where there are several excellent restaurants - Stone Road Grill, Epicurean, Zees, Charles Inn, Peller Estates (Winery). Hillebrand Estaes (Winery) etc.