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There are a number of restaurants in DC that will let you bring in bottles at very reasonable corkage. Many places do not mind if you are simply wanting to drink better wines than they like to stock. Etrusco, Sette, Hanks, Dino, just to name a few.

What is your goal in this? Are you wanting to drink special wines?

San Francisco on Friday for dinner

I will be in SF on Friday. This is my first visit. I am looking for a place for dinner. My preference is not heavy food. Great wines are essential, but I would prefer a list that is not to heavy on Ca. wines. I live in DC. The type of place that I am looking for would be the equivalent of Obelisk or Komi, if that helps. I would be willing to try any restautrant that is highly recommended no matter the food or wine choices. Above you will find my preference, just that. $100-200pp.

Thank You,

Veritas wine bar in DC??

Yes, weird. I went back and the wines I was serve were fine, but a friend that he had a similar problem and the managers got upset. I did some research an the owner is not someone who is well respected in quality circles. Anyone have some insight?

Veritas wine bar in DC??

I was at Veritas with a small group a couple of weeks ago. The wine list was nice so we were very excited to try some of the wines. Unfortunately, we were served two corked wines and two that were dead during our visit. The bartenders replaced the wines and apologized, but seemed unhappy to have the wine sent back. This, in my opinion, is usually a bad sign. I will try Veritas again and hope for better, but if you are going to visit you may want to be weary of trying the more obscure wines as they may not be fresh.

Disappointing experience at Stephanie's

I agree; Stephanie's is not a good place to eat. The food is at the very least bland and uninspired. The beer and wine selections are some of the worst I have seen. However, I agree that the gratuity is fair since many tourists and commuters have a hard time with the prices. When do not want to pay m hourly rate of $350 I tell them to find another person, servers do not have that option. I think this place is best left alone.

Best Seafood, DC Area?

Hank's is great for food. I have always been happy with what I have gotten be it from the sea or land. My only complaint is the beer and wine selection. The beers are typically poor examples of what they are and the wines are either very bad examples of what they are or old vintages of wines that do not benefit from ageing, or out of stock. When i asked why they did not offer more in the way of beers and wines iI was told that it takes a lot of time to find new wines and beers and people don't seem to care. my concern is that it also takes a lot of time to keep the fish rotated. Hank's is a great place, but people need to be more vocal about the beverages.

birthday dinner

Asia Nora

wine glasses at 2 amy's

The wines at 2Amys are often misunderstood. I hear people talking about this all of the time. @Amys is, actually, a great place to buy wine. I have gotten some bottles there that other restaurants sell for a very price for a song. The Li Veli Pezzo Morgana comes to mind. The wine list here is southern Italian and the style is often different than in other parts of Italy and certainly from California and Australia. I hear the table next to me one night complain because the wine they got was too strong. I have heard others complain that the bottle of Fallanghina they got was too light. The difference between stylistically true wine from Italy or France and many of the wines that young or inexperienced drinkers are used to can have a lot to o with alcohol and extraction and wood. Many wines today are very oaky or very extraced and both are often high in alcohol. I suggest trying to learn to identify and appreciate more wines and realizing that you would not want to drink Layer Cake Shiraz with fresh pizza, slices meats and cheeses, or suppli.

Sette Was Pretty Bad

I think many of you have missed the best of what Sette has to offer. The pizzas are good. It may take trying a couple to find what you like as some are very different in their taste profiles. The fennel salad, sausage and brocholi rabe, and meats are better than average, and the wines by the bottle are very good and many are well below average on price. One writer said that it was too bad that a good glass of wine is $7, and most of the good glasses at Sette are priced above, but $7 is a more than fair price to pay for a good glass of wine. The beers leave much room for improvement. I do not usually spend my money in places that are so lazy and passionless with their beer selections that Heineken, Amstel, and Stella make up half of the list, but this can be a great spot al fresco snacking. I have taken the same guys to Sette that I enjoy Esca and Babo with. It is not as good as 2Amys, but if you live in the neighborhood or are staying in the area it is a nice place to try.

Jun 25, 2007
trebiccherri in Outer Boroughs