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Good food around Pearson airport?

Thank you, Charles. Your recommendation resulted in a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner for me and my parents, who found themselves staying at a hotel nearby because there was no power in their home as a result of the ice storm. I had horrible visions of having to take two Asian seniors to some loud chain restaurant serving bland food, until I luckily came across your post.

The Grand made my parents extremely happy. Not surprised, though. I figured that if it's good enough for a connoisseur like Mr. Yu, it would be good enough to cheer up my parents who were headed for a miserable Christmas Eve.

Thanks again, Charles. Happy Holidays, good sir!

Return of Cafe Brussel!!!!

This is wonderful news! Have been a fan for over 20 years.

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Le Canard Mort est mort.

Ryoji - Izakaya and Ramen on College

That's because the servers know Everybody Loves Raymen.

Need a foodie friendly "lux dive"

Totally agree re. Bistro Camino! Old-school Continental menu, well-executed.

Was there last Saturday for the $28 prix fixe. Their first course is the hors d'oeuvres plate of the day. On Saturday the selection was: soup in a tiny, tiny cup (choice of cream of mushroom or shrimp bisque), beef carpaccio, smoked salmon, potato salad rolled up in ham, and fish escabeche.

I had beef stroganoff for my main course - tasty and tender! Avoid the shrimp gratin - heavy and greasy.

The dessert selection varies every day. On Saturday: creme caramel, ile flottante, banana spring roll, profiterole with ice cream.

The decor is frozen in the 1970s, but not in a fun/kitschy, Ron Burgundy way. It's just old. The chef's repertoire seems frozen in that era too, except he does it so well at such wallet-friendly prices that I will return several times a year. I won't find any reclaimed barn boards or loud music or obscure tequilas there, but that's not the point of Bistro Camino.

Maroli Restaurant owner charged after scuffle with alleged thief

This is very upsetting. I've enjoyed Maroli for several years, and the owner is the sweetest, loveliest person. Will be dining there next week to show him my support. "Administering a noxious substance" - WTFF?!

The best Schnitzel

Thanks for the recommendation, YVR flyboy. After years of avoiding Schnitzel Queen due to the location, I finally went in today. Had the schnitzel dinner, which comes with mushroom sauce, potato salad and sauerkraut. $10 including tax. Delicious and huge, although oversalted. The potato salad is excellent. Split the food with a friend if you want to remain alert and productive for the rest of the day.

Finding Meyer Lemons

Organic meyer lemons are available at Golden Orchard in the St. Lawrence Market (upper level, west wall). Lovely, big ones. Can't remember the price.

2012 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Passed by Le Rossignol on the streetcar this morning and was surprised to see a big, round sign on the window saying Toucan Taco Bar, complete with a picture of a toucan.

According to Le Rossignol's website, they've "moved in" with Le Canard Mort (same owners) and are looking for a new space.

New on Queen East??? - Ruby Eats, Tavern, Olive & Olive

The Commissary, coming soon to the southeast corner of Queen and Logan (in the old Sophie space). Judging by the look of the website, could it be a concept similar to Goods & Provisions?


I cosign that (as the kids used to say 5 yrs ago)! Kings Crown nachos late, late at night.

New on Queen East??? - Ruby Eats, Tavern, Olive & Olive

Yup, we're talking about the same place. 1111 Queen E. is at the S/W corner of Queen and Caroline. Thanks for the link!

New on Queen East??? - Ruby Eats, Tavern, Olive & Olive

At the southwest corner of Queen E. and Caroline, where the framing shop used to be, there's a liquor application posted for what I assume will be an Italian place. Can't recall the name, but there was "Enoteca" in there.

Can we revisit the PATH?

Another vote for the soba-chicken-spinach-cucumber-carrot salad bowl at Cereal Bar in the Commerce Court food court! Good portion, delicious, and just under $6 with tax. A refreshing lunch option during summer.

A huge thank-you to all those recommended this hidden gem. A bizarre but delightful discovery. I don't know how this place stays in business, btw.

Yummy Yummy Kitchen - Re-discovery of a Chowhound Hall-Of-Famer

estufarian - this post is even better than your Wink adventures. Sir, you are a nutter in the best possible way.

New Longos on Bloor

January 2010, according to their head office. Yay!

fresh curry leaves?

I always get my curry leaves at this grocery store on Parliament, east side of street, south of Wellesley. A generous bunch, green and fresh, refrigerated, $2 or $3. Can't remember the name of the store - I think it says "East and West Indian groceries" on the window.

ISO: curry ketchup

Dutch Toko, a Dutch grocery/gift shop in downtown Guelph, sells it. I recall seeing several brands.

Chowfind: Marrakech (Moroccan) 1326 Danforth

A friend and I ate there last night. Harira (a comforting soup of chickpeas and noodles) was good, albeit a bit heavy on the black pepper. Chicken couscous was lovely, and pretty much as Vinnie describes above. Very generous portion.

They didn't have any bastilla last night, so ordered beef tagine instead. Dark and very sweet sauce, and topped with two hard-boiled eggs. The beef itself was dry and stringy, which ruined what could've been a delectable dish.

Finished off with sweet mint tea.

Two harira soups, one chicken couscous and one beef tagine (both of which were accompanied by a chopped tomato salad that resembled pico de gallo) and two mint teas came out to $28. Maybe the teas were complimentary, because we didn't ask for it. The owner/server is a really, really nice man.

Marrakech is a good Mom & Pop antidote to the appalling Sultan's Tent/Cafe Maroc.

Rumford Baking Powder

I used to buy Rumford in Buffalo, but now I just get Bob's Red Mill aluminum-free baking powder in Toronto:

Bob's Red Mill products are available at any well-stocked supermarket, as well as natural food stores (e.g., Noah's).

I know epi's doing it, but what are your 5 favorite kitchen things?

immersion blender
8" chef's knife
12" cast iron skillet
8-qt. dutch oven
microplane rasp grater

Feb 04, 2009
TheGloaming in Cookware

How do you define trashy?

If Ferran Adria used potato chips in a dish, would foodies call it white trash, or just brilliantly playful?

Jan 22, 2009
TheGloaming in General Topics

Zucchini (Courgette) Flowers in TO?

Saw them today at the Wednesday farmers market at Nathan Philips Square. If you're walking north on Bay St., it's the first vendor on your right.

Is there ANY good places to eat breakfast in TORONTO?

Morning Glory has awesome homemade ketchup. I can eat a jar of this stuff.

Where to buy Spanish Jamon (dry cured ham)

Cross-border grocery shopping picks... (moved from Ontario board)

Wegmans. You want to go to Wegmans. I'm surprised there are 11 of these supermarkets in the Buffalo area, because I didn't think a city like Buffalo could support such an upmarket chain. It's like a larger, hopped-up Loblaws or Whole Foods. I have friends in NYC that pine for a Wegmans in their area.

Last time I was there, I brought back a dozen cans of Muir Glen organic fire-roasted canned tomatoes, along with all sorts of snack foods in flavours not found in Canada. I draw the line at the buffalo wing-flavoured cheese, though.

Tops is not as fancy as Wegmans, but if you happen to come across one, I'm sure you can find your fire-roasted tomatoes there as well.

Early morning soccer in a pub?

Of course they'll be open. They're always open extra-early on weekends for the morning games. The games list on their website isn't always updated. If you don't see the Chelski-ManYoo game there, check back in a couple of days.

I don't know about this season, since so many games are now available on Setanta, but in previous seasons Scallys has been standing-room only before 8am for the big games.

Early morning soccer in a pub?

There's also the Duke of Gloucester at 649 Yonge (between Bloor and Wellesley), for those wanting a more downtown location. They should be open early for this match, as it's a huge one. I find the place a bit divey, and somewhat depressingly "authentic". They serve a greasy, semi-edible breakfast on early-game days.

That said, I'm so glad Setanta is now available in Canada. It was tough having to go to pubs as a lone woman to watch important games.

Die, Chelski, die.

So what's coming next in Leslieville?

I'm moving to Leslieville supposedly next year, or whenever the condo construction is completed. My wish list for the immediate neighbourhood is simple: a 24-hour supermarket (Dominion? Sobey's? even a Rabba?) and an LCBO. Groceries and booze are basic necessities of life for me, and rank much higher than yet another bakery or hipster restaurant/lounge.

I never eat _______ out because nobody makes it right but me.

Brownies. I have a long, joyless list of requirements re: ingredients, textures, etc., which is soooo unlike me, but I'm like the Soup Nazi when it comes to brownies.

Apr 21, 2008
TheGloaming in Home Cooking