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recession deals in las vegas

We did the taste of Wynn menu at Switch a couple weeks ago. Not recommended, btw. Stack at Mirage offers similar entrees that were better tasting at half the price on their special menu.

As with most pre-fixe or special tasting menus I made note of the special when making the reservation. Once we got to the restaurant we were given the regular menu and then our waiter brought the taste of Wynn menu. It was up to us to decide what we wanted at that point.

That's been the case at MGM and Mirage restaurants, as well. Although, sometimes, I had to specifically ask for the special menu once we were seated.

Apr 21, 2009
vegasjuhl in Las Vegas

Anyone eaten at Table 10 (Vegas)?

I ate there in Oct, last year. In short, I like Delmonico better and feel it's worth the extra coin. You can view my detailed thoughts via the following link:

Feb 02, 2009
vegasjuhl in Southwest

best burgers in vegas?

my order of preference:

Stripburger - great burgers, atomic fries and shakes. Prices are reasonable. Service is fair.
Brasserie at Paris - all around good, variety of options.
Burger Bar - variety of options, bill can quickly add up, always found buns to be the weak link - very dry.
BLT Burger - bland, pricey, good shakes

One not on your list, is the Kobe burger at Stack with Vermont Cheddar. It's excellent.

Dec 05, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Please tell me about Hash House a Go Go in Vegas

If you get a kick out of large portions and you have your own transportation it's worth the trip. The flapjacks, porkloin benedict, and french toast are a few of my favorite dishes.

FWIW, Hash House is actually on Decatur near Sahara.

Oct 24, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Various Vegas Questions

1) Order from the Issan menu, do not opt for the lunch buffet
2) bus is safe, however, that'll be a long ride. Transport will eat up much of your night.
3) i really didn't see what the fuss was about, but others really like it. Sit on the patio, if it's not too windy or cool.
4) Breakfast is great, however, transportation will be an issue for you.
6) Lawry's is my sure thing when I'm in the mood for prime rib. Service & food is always consistent.
8)only have been to DB. Fantastic duck confit
9) Bellagio and Wynn have the better buffets of the three, Wynn has the prettiest dining area

Business casual will work at all places you have listed. No suits or dresses needed.

Oct 24, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Best steakhouse and breakfast in Las Vegas?

option to dine outside on the patio
Caesar salad was wilted
wet aged steaks
great dessert
meal for two no alcohol $152

gets the nod for better service
fun bread service, tasty, too.
dry aged steaks (my preference)
fresh well prepared sides and appetizers
meal for two no alcohol $181

Oct 06, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Best steakhouse and breakfast in Las Vegas?

I've dined at all the top steakhouses, CUT has been my favorite.

If you don't mind traveling off-strip Hash House a Go Go is a must for a big eater. Shy away from the potato dishes and you can't go wrong. Pork tenderloin benedict, blueberry-pecan or banana brown sugar flapjacks, and the french toast are some of my top picks.

Oct 03, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Las Vegas: Daniel Boulud Brasserie?

Another rec for the duck confit at DB. Fun vibe, medium priced... try Stack at Mirage.

Oct 03, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

3 nights at Mandalay Bay

I had lunch at Giorgio about a year ago. I had the Italian sandwich, my husband chose the chicken parmigiana sandwich and we each had a side Caesar salad instead of fries. Service was a bit bizarre as our food arrived before our drinks, but the meal itself was fine. Bill before tip was $36.

Stripsteak is good, but pricey. Same goes for Mix. Shanghai Lily was pretty good. Also, tried Charlie Palmer at Four Seasons. I was most impressed by the corn bread in the bread basket. Steaks at Stripsteak were superior.

Oct 03, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Best Bread Basket in Las Vegas

Stack served up the most delicious bacon cheddar ciabatta bread their first year. Then they switched breads with Fix. Now, they stopped serving it at both locations supposedly because they couldn't keep a ready supply, it became too popular. Currently, they offer a sourdough and klamata olive breadsticks.

SW served up ciabatta bread very similar to it when we dined there a couple years ago.

Stripsteak serves up a yummy onion focaccia.

Nobhill offers a selection of breads: olive, honey wheat walnut, sourdough, and flavored butters: sweet cream, spice and ginger. The butters change periodically.

Cut had my favorite selection: pretzel, pumpernickel, wheat and onion foccacia.

And for something different I love the Naan and different dips that Seablue serves up. Often a choice of hummus, goat cheese and garlic and baba ghanoush.

Aug 21, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Best cupcake in Vegas?

I'm hooked on Mad Hatter's cupcakes. You can customize them to your liking and they're always moist. Even the next day. We've tried most of the varieties but our favorites are the Red Velvet and Island Joy.

Aug 20, 2008
vegasjuhl in Las Vegas

Milkshakes? In Vegas??

Ghiradelli has yummy shakes, ice cream, and of course chocolates. It located between Harrah's and IP in Harrah's Carnaval Court. Across the street at Mirage, BLT Burger serves up tasty shakes and spiked shakes. Stripburger at Fashion Show Mall also serves up a few varieties and you can add a shot.

Aug 15, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Las Vegas Bakeries

Mad Hatter is my favorite, too. I love the Island Joy and my husband loves the Red Velvet. Each visit we try a new variety, as well. We haven't found a bad combo, but some are better than others. Now that Fuddruckers has opened they've extended their hours to 9pm. We used to miss them a lot when they were only open until 7pm.

Jul 23, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest


Seablue is one of my favorite restaurants. Although, it's the food that makes it a stand out not the atmosphere. There's a bar with tv's when you first walk-in then the space opens up into the dining room. There's tables all around and booths that line the walls. Opposite the bar there's a prep area. Along the back walls there's waterfalls, one time the water smelled moldy so we asked to be moved.

Jul 22, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant Request (Vegas)

a friend had her RD at Grand Lux. They gave them a semi-private room and allowed her to narrow down the menu to several options the guests could chose from. It was a big hit. This was a few years back at Venetian. There's now a location at Palazzo, as well.

Jul 10, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Vegas recommendations

I had a fantastic meal and the best rib eye I've come across thus far at Nobhill. I'll be dining there again soon, taking advantage of MGM's summer menu:

I tried Kokomos a while back. The food didn't warrant the prices, service was disorganized, our steaks were some of the worst I can remember.

Jun 26, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest


The Riverside has a few good choices. The Gourmet room is pretty good. The prime rib room is a step above a buffet. Casa Serrano has great salsa & chips and the food is bueno.

The Golden Nugget has the Salt Grass, it is a chain, but it's decent. The shrimp stuffed jalapenos kept me coming back.

Harrah's has the Range, which is also pretty good.

Jun 24, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Tell me about Carnevino, Vegas

Carnevino was my first Batali experience. I was disappointed. Here's my review from March:

We had a 7 o'clock reservation at Carnevino. They took a minute to prepare the table and then they seated us. The dining area isn't very large, but tables are spaced apart nicely. I really liked that we had personal space, especially since so many restaurants, now, seem to pack in as many tables as possible.

We each ordered an iced tea, and then rosemary focaccia drizzled in olive oil was brought to the table along side butter and lardo. Our waiter forewarned us that the lardo might be a bit salty, but he encouraged us to try it. Next, an amuse bouche of parmesan and gorgonzola cheese puffs were delivered and our waiter answered our questions and shared the specials.

We decided to sample a few dishes and share everything. First, we tried the puffs. Those were better suited for the saltiness warning than the lardo. Then, we snacked on the delicious bread and lardo while we waited for our Caesar salad. Our Caesar was a mix of endive, radicchio, and romaine. It was topped with anchovies and crouton toast. Most restaurants will split a salad for us, but here we were only brought an extra plate. The dressing wasn't too notable, the romaine was wilted and the addition of the endive and radicchio wasn't well received. Neither of us liked the salad much, we hoped it would be the only weak link of the meal.

After a short wait, our entrees and sides were delivered. We had orecchiette with sweet sausage and broccoli rabe. The pasta was delicious, but the sausage was more salty than sweet. The ricotta and egg raviolo in brown butter was singular, the yolk ran out when it was cut into.

The filet was cooked to perfection, it was very tender and flavorful. Although, the crust was too salty for our taste. We've had better steaks, but the filet was the highlight of this meal.

This was my first encounter with zeppole. It wasn't what I expected. I felt the saltiness and fried taste overpowered any hint of parmesan or potato.

The artichokes were grilled and drizzled with olive oil and topped with lime. The lime was much too strong on the pieces at the top. The artichoke at toward the bottom of the dish had only a hint of lime and it was more to our liking.

Dessert was offered, but we passed. A complimentary bite of an Italian energy bar was delivered along with the check. It was nutty with carmel and a strong taste of what I believed to be anise.

Our bill came to $126. Service throughout the meal was good and well timed. Howbeit, when the reservation was made, it was noted that this was a birthday celebration, but it was not recognized during our meal. While that's not pivotal, other restaurants we've dined have gone out of their way to make the experience special. Overall, we weren't too pleased by the food. As you might of guessed, it was just too salty for our liking.

Jun 23, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Anybody eaten at the resorts at Lake Las Vegas

We stayed at Montelago Village last July. We had a fabulous dinner at Como's we had a ribeye, filet, and au gratin potatoes. Dessert (molten cake and bread pudding) fell short and it was the weak link.

We had an excellent Sunday brunch at MiraLago Service, food, ambience were all fantastic. We sat outside. The buffet was served inside and was divided by salads; cheese and crackers, fruits; breakfast items: eggs benedict, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, potatoes; lunch items: orange pork tenderloin, miralago steak, harvest veggies, turkey pot pie, stuffed shells, salmon, halibut; cold seafood: shrimp, crab claws, oysters, sushi; carving station offered lamb chops and prime rib. There was also a plethora of pastries and desserts to choose from.

Jun 23, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Mexican Food in Vegas

Before finding Frank and Fina's and Mamacita's I liked Viva Mercado and Bonito Michoacan. I haven't been to either since we found them.

Jun 20, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Cajun shack in Las Vegas mentioned on NPR

Have you tried T.C's Rib Crib on Desert Inn near Durango? They serve up the best ribs I've come across so far. Their pulled pork and sides are great, too.

Jun 18, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Top 5 $100 per person restaurants in vegas?(drinks not included)

I've eaten at Seablue a bunch, the menu changes regularly because they'll only offer the freshest seafood. We always start with the chilled prawns. We often get a salad, they have a build your own option where you check off all the ingredients you'd like. There's a zillion possibilities. For entrees we've ordered the prawn skewers and halibut most often. We've also had lamb skewers, pork chop, NY strip and seabass. Most entrees come with side that's in season. Everything has been excellent. They have a unique version of tiramisu and the molten cake dessert is delicious. Oh and to start they give you flat bread, the name is escaping me right now... with a sampler of goat cheese, hummus and baba ganoush. Again, very tasty. Also, they don't use butter, and most dishes are light so even when stuffed you don't feel blah or bloated.

Nobhill we only dined at once (it's a little pricey to make it a habit), but I'm itching to go back. We started with cheese fondue and charcuterie board. The selection of meats were very good and the aged parm was the best I've ever tasted. The fondue was divine. We ordered the special, bone-in ribeye. It was delicious! We agreed it was better than those we've had at Delmonico. It was served with roasted potatoes, watercress, and a veggie medley. Also had bacon wrapped berkshire pork loin, which was accompanied by roasted duck, and brussel sprouts. They also delivered a variety of potato puree: horseradish, tomato, pesto, garlic and traditional. Everything was excellent. We passed on dessert, but we received hot chocolate as a complimentary after dinner treat. Reserve a private booth for a more intimate dining experience. Dishes are rich, but scrumptious.

Jun 18, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Top 5 $100 per person restaurants in vegas?(drinks not included)

A few of my favorites are Delmonico (Venetian), Nobhill (MGM), Cut (Palazzo) and Seablue (MGM).

Jun 18, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

So Many Burgers - So Little Time (Las Vegas)

Stripburger is my favorite on the strip (the atomic fries are excellent, shakes are yummy, too). I like Burger Brasserie (try the waffle fries) better than Burger Bar. I don't care for Cheeseburger Las Vegas. I've only had corned beef sandwiches at Hennessey's.

Another option that's not your average burger, that's great, is the Kobe Burger with Vermont Cheddar at Stack inside the Mirage.


Jun 18, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Italian Ices and Custard Vegas

What's the cross street on fort apache? TIA

Jun 10, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

top steakhouses in vegas?

SW served up a wilted Caesar. We had filet and bone-in NY. The NY was not prepared as requested so it was sent back. Au gratin potatoes were tasty. Our check was $152.

I've dined at many LV Steakhouses here's a list in order of my preference:

Lawry's Prime Rib
Charle Palmer
Prime Rib Loft
Triple George Grill
Mon Ami Gabi
All American
Canal Street
Ruth's Chris

The best steak I've encountered was not from a Steakhouse, it was from Nobhill.

May 09, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Chicago CH coming to vegas for Four Dinners(and a couple other meals)

thanks! I hadn't heard it changed.

May 07, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Chicago CH coming to vegas for Four Dinners(and a couple other meals)

Where is Yellowtail? I'm pretty familiar with most restaurants, but I've never heard of that one before.

From those you've listed, I've dined at Isla and SW. Isla is not traditional mexican fare, but it's decent. Service was terrible. We had a carne asada burritio and tamale. The bill was $36. SW served up a wilted Caesar. We had filet and bone-in NY. The NY was not prepared as requested so it was sent back. Au gratin potatoes were tasty. Our check was $152.

My top steakhouses:
Best steak we've had was a bone-in Ribeye at Nobill.

Nobhill, Seablue, Onda, Grand Lux, Canter's Deli, Carnegie Deli are a few of our other favorites.

Palazzo restaurants: I have tried Carnevino, but I wasn't fond of it. Dishes were oversalted. My experience at CUT was far superior. I prefer Palazzo's Grand Lux to the Venetian. Waits are shorter and service has been more prompt.

May 07, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Las Vegas Mex food

Viva Mercado's was previously located at Flamingo and Jones. They moved and have been open at their current location (rainbow & spring mtn) for a few months. Food is great, just as it was before, but the dining area is a huge improvement over the former restaurant.

Jan 28, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest

Seablue @ MGM in Vegas?

Might be too late now, fwiw, I've dined at Sea Blue four times in the last few months. Prawns, halibut, lamb and prawn skewers, pork and steak... all fantastic! I don't think you can go wrong at any of Michael Mina's restaurants they're all great!

Also, I went by Carnevino last night, it's been added to my must-try list. It is now open. you can view the menu here:

Jan 28, 2008
vegasjuhl in Southwest