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Peter's Denial - Chicken Sandwich at Burger's Priest

In the Port Credit location yesterday I sampled this little number...and it was delish! Wondering if other hounds have sampled it yet?

Patios and rooftops

El Catrin in the Distillery has a great patio...

Please help me like chicken breast!

Ok, I will weigh in...because I have used the following recipe for months now and it has never failed me.
Take a boneless chicken breast....remove the tendon in the tender or even remove the tender completely...and then butterfly the breast and pound to make it even...just with your hand. Season both sides with salt, pepper and herb du provence, and seed a fresh tomato, cut into dice and spread over the chicken. Spoon 1/8 cup of Boursin cheese over the tomato, and then fold up the stuffed breast and wrap in 2 or 3 slices of proscuitto. Roast in a hot convection oven for 12 minutes...and devour after a few minutes.

Falasca or Ciao Roma - Roman style pizza

I thought Falasca was overpriced and bland for the two times I tried it. Will not return.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Yesterday at the Dixie/Dundas location I bought a really sweet cordoruy sports jacket for $129. The brand is Marc Nolan...mens suits and jackets by the books. Great value and looks like quality as well...

Local Public Eatery in Liberty Village

Had a business lunch there yesterday...pretty great! And they were packed...

Local Public Eatery in Liberty Village

Any Chowhounds been yet?

Which is the best vanilla ice cream?

I love the Kirkland Vanilla ice cream....delicious and a great value.

Jul 13, 2014
stephen in General Topics

Best 'early morning' weekday brunch downtown?

School in Liberty Village....

Burgers Priest to open West End Location

Was there with a friend for lunch today...and it was very busy. My first time at any location and it was delicious! Fries and double cheese burgers were sublime...

What happened to Via Allegro?

It's literally become a cliche...I live nearby and would never go again. Dated...overpriced...and of little interest now.

A quick look around the Cheese Boutique

I asked for Cantal, my absolute favorite cheese and too hard to find. The clerk made a big deal of going to a walk in and getting me something not out in the front. It was very expensive and not at all the Cantal quality I was getting from other's too poofy and fraudulent for me.

weekday breakfasts, beyond bacon and eggs

School in Liberty Village...opens for breakfast and has some interesting items...

20 Years of Curdled Au Gratin Over

I use light cream just barely to cover the sliced spuds in a dutch oven...a couple of cloves of crushed garlic also. Used on round of Boursin for about 8 potatoes. It was tasty!

Jan 30, 2014
stephen in Home Cooking

20 Years of Curdled Au Gratin Over

Why didn't I do this before? For so many years I made potatoes au gratin and they would frequently break...the sauce going all fatty and gross. Last week I made them again, but par cooked the sliced Yukon gold spuds on top of the stove in light cream...till the cream thickened and they were almost cooked.

The layered them with good grated cheddar and some Boursin cheese...into a hot oven and PERFECTION. I will do it this way from now on.

Jan 29, 2014
stephen in Home Cooking

Food at VIP theaters

Anybody have some reviews of the menu now available at your seat at Cineplex VIP theaters?

Great soups...high end to low end

In Liberty Village there is a great little spot that does a range of good soups and chili (some of them vegan) very well. It's called Liberty Village Market & Cafe and it's at 65 Jefferson Avenue. Decent sandwiches also...

New job in Liberty Village

I've also had a couple of nice breakfasts at School

The Chase Fish & Oyster

Drinks and some shared apps last week...for a business dinner/client meeting. I was in a the "too many suits" rant is moot, but sweet jesus was it LOUD. And it was clearly the hot spot on a rainy Thursday night.

Service was very good. Wine by the glass, the same. And the food was just right. Fresh, clean...nothing aggressive in seasoning, but fresh delicious seafood interestingly served.

I will go back. But probably with a client...and on the expense account.

Best Fish & Chips in Toronto?

Another vote for Penrose here...old school and not cheap, but oh so delicious.

A Five Guys Vow

I make excuses to go there...for the Cajun fries, but always need a friend to come along since they serve SO much.

Oct 14, 2013
stephen in Chains

New job in Liberty Village

So last week I started a new gig in Liberty Village and was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I took a buddy to lunch at Maizal; it was absolutely some of the best Mexican food I have ever eaten. Any hounds want to weigh in on some must eats here? Especially for lunch...

ISO: A Decent Cheese Steak

Thanks folks....will check out I went to Philly very soon!

ISO: A Decent Cheese Steak

So it's been awhile since I've had a great one like back home in NJ...wondering what hounds have to say now about getting a good one in Toronto?


What a cool selection for a wedding cake!

Best bang for your buck

Another vote for Ruby Watch Co here...

New Five Guys Burgers Location coming soon!

FYI, There is a new location open now near Dixie and Dundas in Mississauga also....a friend and I christened it on the second day it was open. He had me try the hot dog, which was surprisingly good.

Hard Pretzels

Well, that prompted me MGZ....I have to order a shipment to Toronto. It costs a bit more to cross the border...but so worth it. I love Canada...but not for the pretzels!

May 08, 2013
stephen in General Topics

Hard Pretzels

The extra salt ones are REALLY salty...but I love them. Luckily for my blood pressure I live in Ontario and only have them when I get back to the states, or have the gumption to order them shipped.

May 03, 2013
stephen in General Topics

Hard Pretzels

May 03, 2013
stephen in General Topics