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seeking healthy zucchini blossom recipe

I grow a Sicilian zucchini just for its huge and plentiful blossoms. One of my favorite ways to use them is to make a standard risotto (any good recipe that begins with cooking some chopped onion in a little olive oil, adding the rice and stirring a bit to coat, then a little white wine for brightness, and finally the gradual additions of hot chicken broth. You add the squash blossoms and some parmigiano when the rice is just about done. A good dollop of butter at the very end is quite nice, but you could leave it off. Hope a rice-based dish is okay on WW these days.... Oh, if you're short on blossoms add some diced zucchini at the beginning with onion.
Also, you can stuff blossoms as you would for frying (with cheeses, etc) and simply bake them in the oven without a breading, brushed with a tiny bit of olive oil, until the the cheeses have begun to melt. I must admit I love the fried version, but this can be a nice light change. Finally-- and I haven't tried this one-- I have seen recipes that don't cook the squash blossoms at all-- simply stuff them with a little soft cheese, herb nuts, and chopped nuts.

Jul 12, 2007
cen in Home Cooking

canninng the great salsa

Awhile back, a homemade version of Papalote's great salsa was circulating around Chow. I'm wondering if it's safe to can the recipe. I'm thinking of trying it with fresh romas this summer, but I think using canned fire-roasted would work equally well. What do you think home canners-- enough acid in this recipe to can it safely without a pressure cooker? Would freezing be an option? Here's the recipe again-- Thanks!

Jul 12, 2007
cen in Home Cooking

Papalote-Inspired Salsa

This is a great salsa and I'd love to can a big batch with fresh romas this summer.
With all the acid in it, seems it would be safe to process in a waterbath canner. Anybody know for sure?

Jun 24, 2007
cen in Recipes