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Grass fed butter and cheese [Buffalo,NY]

Hit up Nickel City Cheese and Mercantile on Elmwood in Buffalo. Jill the owner will take care of you. Cheese, meats and more (butter I'm not sure but most likely).

Buffalo Restaurant Recommendations Please

Where did you go? Hopefully you got some local insight and were impressed. Anchor bar, Gabriel's gate, duffs, bar bill are the top 4 wing joints around.

Day Trip to Buffalo - Review

Oh boy... Please ask for suggestions next time you come down. We can ensure you have an amazing time. You hit the typical touristy places most Canadians know here. Gabriel's Gate or Bar Bill for wings (and better beef than schwabels). Let us know if you'd like specific suggestions and I can supply.

Buffalo weekday lunch? Family occasion

Trattoria is a great choice for a large party looking for a quiet space. Quality, innovative Italian with good service. They also have a parking lot right next door for those who can't walk far. Bistro is close by also and a phenomenal choice also. Cannot go wrong with either, but by the sounds of your crowd Aroma may be a more reliable choice (size of restaurant, quiet, easy to park). Oh, and the patio may be open then, too. Enjoy!

Healthy not over the top expensive (Vero Beach)

One year later and still no replies. My wife and I are headed to Vero next month and curious if you guys found anything worth scouting out. Right now I'm stumped!

Apr 14, 2013
rwalley211 in Florida

Dinner spot in Albany near Palace Theater?

Not walking distance - just a short 10 min drive out Delaware (off 87/787 also) - is New World Bistro. Relatively new. Great urban scene, good local use of foods, somewhat inventive in their menu. Small plates so you can try many things.

I don't think you would be disappointed if you are in any way a foodie.

New World Bistro Bar
300 Delaware Ave, Albany, NY

Best restaurant in Buffalo.

Olivers - #1 best, for special occasion (always for a birthday or anniversary, it seems)

Kuni's - sushi or for good city vibe. Always busy, great Elmwood feel.

Falafel Bar - great falafel for takeout or eat in (Allen St closed, but Sheridan Dr open)

Marco's (Hertel Ave) for best sandwiches

I could go on and on. As you say, there are tons of great places - too many in fact - so best to post a specific topic for Buffalo.

226 Lexington Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

What are the 10 most essential things in your spice cupboard?

Penzey's is opening up a storefront location in Buffalo, NY's Elmwood Village market - just a quick drive from Toronto. Check them out this spring! We can't wait here in Buffalo for them to open up.

Dec 26, 2009
rwalley211 in Home Cooking

Wyoming food?

Looking for GREAT food in Wyoming. Traveling from KC to MT.

Anything worth driving out of my way for? Unique?

Sep 04, 2007
rwalley211 in Mountain States

Great roadfood near NE, SD, WY (I-29)

Traveling from Buffalo, NY to Helena, MT in October. Definitely going to hit Lexington and Louisville, KY and BBQ in St Louis and KC. After that, I'm kinda stuck. Should I travel north through Omaha and Sioux City or Denver?

Looking for hidden gems out west. Please help!!!

Elmira-Buffalo, NY BBQ

Sure there are more places.....

In Buffalo - Buffalo BBQ and Brew (Elmwood and Great Arrow) gets my vote for best BBQ. There's Fat Bobs on Virginia St, Lee's on Fillmore Ave.

Closer to Elmira is good-old Dinosaur-BBQ in both Roc and Syr. Great places that have been there for ages with tons of local flavor. And some bikers...

best places to dine in Portland, ME?

We were recently in Portland and could have stayed another week there was so much good food.

I would highly recommend Fore Street. Great atmosphere and service when we were there. The duck confit was awesome.

Best lobstah roll goes to J's Oyster House on the water. Low key, beer in plastic cups, great water view and the roll... just lobstah meat (mayo on side). And its a steal at $10.50.

We had apps at 555, which were good.