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New BBQ in Cranston

Went here last week. Pulled pork was delish. Really tender and moist - best I've had in RI. That said, all the sides ARE microwaved, and that is pretty disappointing. The mac and cheese ended up being really gloppy because of it. The sides were tasty, but were either too hot or too cold or just mushed out due to the microwave. I really hope they do well, but the microwave is messing them up!

Jun 17, 2011
bastaya in Southern New England

Friendship Cafe - Providence

I've been there several times. They make a yummy corn muffin for breakfast, and have excellent granola you can buy in packages. The folks are really friendly, and the space is bright and warm. All around nice place to support.

Mar 30, 2011
bastaya in Southern New England

Providence: Chicken & Waffles???

Broadway Bistro is Providence *used to* have it on their menu. My DH ordered it and was in love. That was a while ago though - not sure if it's still available. We used to live on the same street as Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in LA, so we get you!

Broadway Bistro
205 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903

Mar 09, 2011
bastaya in Southern New England

ethiopian/eritrean coming to providence!

Hip hip hooray! I used to live three blocks from Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles, so I have been dying for Ethiopian since moving here. Any updates as to when they will open?

Jan 06, 2011
bastaya in Southern New England

First visit to Denver - need a specific recommendation please

I'll be in Denver for the first time in a few weeks, and am setting up a dinner for 8 grad school friends who'll be having a bit of a reunion there. We'll be staying at the Hyatt Regency. We're looking for a place within walking distance that is tasty, affordable, and not a scene. We are all thirty-somethings who appreciate tasty food of any variety, in a quiet venue. We haven't seen each other in quite a while - so we aren't trying to shout over a bar scene. Also, we're meeting up on a Sat night, so a place that takes a reservation would be great. Any thoughts?

Apr 10, 2010
bastaya in Mountain States

CSA's in RI

We've done CSAs for a few years and love them. You really do get quality that is hard to imagine if you're used to grocery store produce. It was a lovely realization! That said, be choosy about where you put your money. Not all CSAs are run the same. For exrample, some provide you with a pre-filled box, while others allow you some selection as to the foods you receive. To us, the choice is really important, as some veggies will simply waste away in the fridge (say, turnip), and we'd rather not waste. On the flip side, some folks love the surprise of receiving "farmer's choice", so its really about your preference.. We've just switched to Big Train ourselves, so we're thrilled to read the positive review above. FYI- It might be helpful to swing by the Winter Farmers Market in Pawtucket. Some of the CSA farmers are there, and it might be useful to meet them in advance or check out their wares.

Mar 30, 2010
bastaya in Southern New England

Toddler appropriate, Portland

Wow! Thanks for all the recs. We are so excited to visit! We are New England transplants from LA, and these options just thrill us! Thanks for the suggestions- more welcome!

Feb 28, 2010
bastaya in Northern New England

Toddler appropriate, Portland

Foodie husband and I are taking our first trip to Portland with our two year old. We are super sensitive to the fact that foodie places and babies don't often mix, so we are wondering if folks could recommend Chowish places that are appropriate for the younger set. Mexican, Thai, funky hole in the walls, local food specialties, you name it, we're interested. Lunch and breakfast options most appreciated as well.

Feb 26, 2010
bastaya in Northern New England

Humoring Picky Kids

Last year, I lived for a month with a family in Mexico. There were three kids - aged 3,5 and 6, in the family . At meal times they all ate what the adults were eating: goat, nopales, spicy salsa, stuffed chiles, pickled veggies, you name it. They ate every bite they were given, and then cleared off their plates. No special meals, no whining, no commenting on other peoples' choices. It is all what you are used to. It was a really eye opening experience for me (on many levels).

Jan 15, 2010
bastaya in Features

Spiced Pear or Castle Hill?

I am a big fan of Castle Hill. Some of my best meals in RI have been there. The service is polished and the atmosphere very mellow and quiet, which I appreciate (hate restaurants where you must shout over the din). Food wise, I appreciate that they use local vendors and everything seems fresh. I was pregnant last time I went (perhaps why you can't drink?) and they were very thoughtful about pregnant lady concerns (raw cheeses, cooking meat beyond bloody) and even made me a fancy non-alcoholic drink, so I could at least look the part.

Dec 17, 2009
bastaya in Southern New England

Loie Fuller... FAIL (long)

I actually don't think Jennifer's experiences IS out of the ordinary. I went to LF once, and never went back due to the service. We went VERY early on a Sat night and were the only patrons in the place. The waitstaff was all sitting at the bar, and when we entered, no one said anything to us. We stood in the entry for a minute, wondering if it was a private party! Finally, some one approached, and still said nothing like hello/welcome/how can I help you? Just looked at us! It was totally odd! That began what was just an off experience all night. Everything took way too long. There was no real warmth or interest from the staff. Unfortunately, the vibe we were getting is one we frequently felt when we lived in Los Angeles - this cool indifference. I wish I had a different picture to paint, as I LOVED my roasted boar and would love to have it again. Too bad - its a beautiful place.

Oct 27, 2009
bastaya in Southern New England

Providence Hound Visiting- Ideas for Washington Circle area?


I'll be heading to DC this weekend - staying at One Washington Circle. We're traveling with a baby and looking for baby-friendly places for breakfast and dinner that would be within walking distance (figuring we'll pick up lunch around the Mall). I'm not a chain girl, so diners/holes in the wall/ neghborhood joints that are fine with a well behaved infant would be most appreciated. Pretty much any kind of ethnic food works great too - soul, thai, mexican, peruvian, ethiopian, etc.

Thanks for your help!

Driving from Boston to Pawtucket for game; Vegetarian options?

Definitely Rasoi, right in Pawtucket, maybe 10 minutes to the park. When we go to the PawSox, we go to Rasoi first. A ton of veggie options, inexpensive and delicious. Its in a little strip mall - so definitely not fancy. I believe they have a web site if you want to look them up.

RI/SE MA May Day Breakfasts?

Time to introduce my husband to the lovely tradition of May Day breakfasts. Any places folks suggest? Would love a place with johnnycakes, but not necessary. Churches, lodges, halls- we're equal opportunity. Will travel anywhere in RI and nearby MA.


A Rhode Island Moment

I am an RI native who has been stewed in DD since girlhood. A true testament to my DD upbringing requires a story. I went to Bangok a few years back, and upon stepping out of a subway car, told my husband that I swore I smelled DD. He, not surprisingly, thought I was crazy. We are in the middle of Bangkok after all. As we walked down the subway platform - voila! - the familiar DD logo loomed. Yes dear friends, you can get DD in Bangkok. And iced coffee. The grease smells the same no matter what continent.

Feb 19, 2009
bastaya in Chains

Dewolfe Tavern

I couldn't agree more. My family had Thanksgiving there. While the food was fabulous, the service was dismal. The host was having a full out spat with another employee, there was mass confusion over reservations, and we felt like they had totally overbooked and were trying to hustle us out. The whole vibe was a bit too self-important for us. Shame.

Providence, RI: SKIP El Rancho Grande!!

From my previous apartment, I could walk to Rancho Grande. Low income does not equal nasty. Or unsafe. Just low income.


Went to Twist yesterday, after the wait was too long at Laiterie. Mmm.... nothing to write home about. We split a pizza and had a thai salad. The salad was high concept/low taste. The menu said it was served with chilcken satay, which wasn't really the case. Grilled chicken on a stick does not a satay make. We also had the "fresh baked" chocolate chip cookies, which were surprisingly untasty. Really cakey, and buttery to a fault (almost greasy). They were undercooked as well, which make the centers particularly gooey, in a bad way. We ended up not eating them (and who passes up hot cookies!) Wouldn't return.

Durian in New England?

I just saw them here in Providence last week. Really! The fresh ones. They were at Sunny Market, which is on Resevoir Ave, on the Providence side. Near the 4 Seasons Restaurant and I believe a Job Lot. They were smaller than ones I saw in Asia, but definitely durians!