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Flourless Cupcakes Toronto

Bunner's in Kensington Market specializes in vegan and GF baked goods. I'm very much a omnivore and have no issues with gluten but liked the things I've tried: cinnamon roll, cupcakes and cookies. They also have a location in the Junction.

Foodie take note: Great news! Michelin Star Chef backed restaurant opening up in April!!

I actually started hearing about this late last year. The location was originally only rumoured to be where Strada 241 was:

But just last week Karon Liu at Now confirmed it:

It's too bad the Rubino bros. couldn't make a go of the place after such a large renovation. Glad the space will be finally getting a second life after being dormant for a while.

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Just noticed opening soon signs up in the old Quiznos space on Queen and Richmond for Kupfert and Kim. Love how Queen and Spadina is burger central, but then right nearby is now a growing veggie hub with Fresh, Freshii and Loving Hut (plus Grasslands is not too far away).

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Just read on Toronto Life about a fried chicken and waffles place opening in Kensington Market. Sounds promising:

Road trip to Toronto, weird shirts, art, coffee, and doughnuts.

Little Nicky's makes to order mini doughnuts. Nothing fancy except for a dusting of cinnamon sugar. But they're so good fresh and warm. The coffee is not bad either.

And right around the corner is the Spacing Store They sell unique Toronto-centric goods, including t-shirts. It's also in a cool building that has galleries and the very good design store Swipe.

You should also checkout the Kensington Market neighbourhood. Lots of small eateries/cafes like Seven Lives, Rasta Pasta, Jimmy's, Moonbeam, Sanagan's, etc. And for good fries, there's the newish Moo Frites. Plus there's Good Egg which is an amazing cookbook store that also carries lots of other stuff like kitchen accessories, toys and I believe t-shirts.

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Tried it once and thought it was just so-so. I don't know about authenticity, but compared to not too far away Smoque n Bones, just wasn't as tasty.

But I just read on Post City that Caplansky has got a new person running Baju:

Has anyone tried Jason Rees bbq before? Is this a promising change?

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Anne's Magic Kitchen is another new place within Spadina-Dundas Chinatown serving mostly mainland Chinese food. It's right next door to Asian Legend and above Ka Chi on Dundas. The front part looks like a bubble tea place but the rest is a full sit down restaurant with an extensive menu. There are cold dishes, skewers, dumplings, hand sliced noodles, whole fish dishes, stir fried main courses, soups, some desserts and so on plus a separate bubble tea menu.

The standout from my two visits is the cumin ribs. If anyone is familiar with the legendary Hunan spareribs from Guyi in Shanghai, these are close. They are generously dusted with cumin seeds and chill pepper flakes. The spicy, savoury and just a touch of sweet combo is really addictive.

Also tried their hand sliced noodles with fish. Liked this better than the new Handmade Ramen restaurant that's around the corner which I posted about last week. Not as salty and it was a more generous portion for a few dollars less.

Initially I was worried that they were trying to do too much with the bubble tea and such a large and varied menu. But so far so good. Look forward to eating through their menu.

The Best Of The Kensington Market

Moo Frites is worth a try. Just opened a few months ago. Right next door to Sanagans.

They specialize in Belgium style frites. They have lots of different dipping sauces. But the cool thing is that you have a choice of having your frites fried in beef tallow (hence their name). For this thicker style, it's neck and neck with Clubhouse Sandwich.

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...


I never stepped into Kuni so don't know how much or little the interior has changed.

2015 Restaurant OPENINGS in Toronto, to June 30...

Just tried a new place on Spadina called "Handmade Ramen". They actually specialize in Chinese hand-pulled noodles. The only time I have ever seen and tried this is up at Pacific Mall.

Had the pulled noodles in soup with braised pork belly. Can see the chef do his thing slapping, twisting and pulling the noodles for my order. They seem to be a bit thinner than the ones at Pacific Mall. Hit the spot especially with the frigid temperatures. Also had the fried dumplings. Didn't like these. Assumed they would be potstickers and fried on a pan/griddle. They were deep fried and the filling wasn't remarkable.

They also have hand sliced noodles plus a few other side dishes like meat skewers, cold dishes, etc. Very focused menu. The reno is a step above the usual Chinatown places. Nice to addition to the Spadina strip. Across the street from Goldstone.

Chowfind of 2014 (anywhere in Ontario)

I discovered Royal Boonsik earlier this year when I meant to go to White Brick Kitchen but it was closed. I continued walking west and noticed this place for the first time even though it's only a few doors down. I think they must have renovated or changed their sign or something in the last year or so.

I don't know a lot about Korean food beyond the popular stuff like bibimbap, bulgogi, etc. So was really pleased to learn about kimbab, Royal Boonsik's specialty. For anyone else who doesn't know, it's a Korean version of maki. But they're huge (around 8 inches long) and they have ones filled with meat, like bulgogi. Their mandu are also great.

Downtown lunch suggestions?

For a serene lunch, I like Gallery Grill at UofT's Hart House:

Schnitzel Queen ???

Karon Liu just tweeted that Schnitzel Queen needs to move due to condo development. And a link to a Kickstarter campaign to help them relocate:

Food Events - 2014 (Toronto area and rest of Ontario)

Remember the "3 Game Changers"? The place on Queen West that had the constantly changing food concepts which turned out to be one big gag by the owner of Khao San Road? Well they're doing a popup this Saturday, Oct 18 they're calling Bro Appetit.

They've invited other restos to come in and riff on one of the various food concepts they originally joked about. For example, Barque will be doing "Smoke n Mirrors" and Come and Get It will do "Sammy's Sammies". And, of course, Khao San Road will be doing "Thai Tanium".

Other than this popup, I wonder if the place will finally open.....

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

According to this Instagram post they will be opening this Wednesday (Sept 24). Looks like in addition to the retail butcher side, there will also be takeaway prepared food like the rotisserie chicken in this image:

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Lucky Red has closed temporarily to change up the concept to be more of a full-service sit down restaurant:

I think they didn't differentiate it enough from their Banh Mi Boys concept. When they first opened they had things like lo mein and desserts. Then very shortly they brought in the whole BMB menu. I wonder if they simply started off as another BMB it would have done any better? Or maybe a casual sit down resto is better suited to Chinatown? Hope they find the right approach.

Cotton Candy Grapes?

Queen and Portland last weekend. Maybe it was 3.99/lb not a bag.

Cotton Candy Grapes?

Bought them at Loblaws for 3.99 a bag. That is, after I sneaked a taste before. Didn't know anything about them before seeing them. I was so skeptical. But they really do taste and even smell like cotton candy.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Just noticed Butter Avenue is open on Queen St W right next door to Urban Outfitters. Very starkly modern looking patisserie in the vein of Nadege. Didn't go in but saw they mostly specialize in macarons. They also had small selection of cakes and tarts. Googling them now I see that they have a location on Yonge near Lawrence.

What happened to El Gaucho Sausages?

You're thinking of Sausage King in the main south market.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Noticed right in between Rose City Kitchen and Kinton on Queen West a coming soon sign for a seafood sandwich place called Fresh Off The Boat.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

A new place is finally taking over the former Chocolate Addict space on Baldwin in Kensington Market. I think it's called "Mare Italian". The lettering painted on the outside listed stuff like pizza slices and meatball sandwiches.

weekday lunch options near adelaide and brant?

There's the new food truck spot behind Zoe's. You can check out how veggie friendly the truck options are each day here:

And there's L'Eat on Adelaide west of Spadina. Salads, sandwiches and daily specials. The price/value proposition isn't the best, but the quality/freshness of ingredients is high.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Just noticed a sign for "Nam Sandwiches". It's where Parkette used to be on Queen just west of Trinity Bellwoods Park. I guess it'll be a banh mi place. Interesting to see if they can get close to Banh Mi Boys' price to quality ratio.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Just spotted this tweet from Kanga saying they will be opening this Friday (i.e. Pieday, May 23):

The Bacon Nation

Just noticed the signage as well. It's definitely in the old Come and Get It / Ackee Tree location. Also noticed that Adam Vaughn's Liberal campaign office will be next door in the condo showroom / old Blockbuster space. I guess they won't be tearing these down just yet.

Also saw that their food truck is parked in the alley just north.

Best Fries ?

Thick cut style has to go to Clubhouse Sandwich Shop. They triple fry their fries so the outside is very crispy, yet the inside is nice and "fluffy" like a baked potato.

Patties Express Jamaican patties

After stuffing myself with Chinese buns at Lucullus on Elm Street, I noticed this new place right near Yonge Street. It's tiny and they only serve Jamaican patties and coco bread. Speaking with the person behind the counter it turns out this is from the same people behind Tastee Bakery up in North York. I only had one spicy beef patty but it was very good. If I had room I would have had the patty with a coco bun. Great place to grab a snack to sneak into a movie at YD Square.

Saturday breakfast around queen/Bathurst?

If you want a greasy spoon, bacon 'n' eggs kind of breakfast, there's UFO on Niagara and Adelaide. I usually get their homeburger deluxe that they'll make even at 9am. If you don't mind the idea of eating inside a convenience store, then this is a modest, hidden gem.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

Sigh. Noticed another sign change. Only posting this for completeness sake.

New concept is called "The Masters". Menu will be full of dishes from the world's best chefs.

More interesting is that for the first time I saw workers actually going in and out with equipment/tools.