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great restaurants north of La Jolla

we will be in area for 5 nights - are looking for good restaurants - not stuffy - no steakhouses either - preferably something with some atmosphere - possibly outside seating (I assume most restaurants have heaters just in case) Italian - seafood - also - if possible not outrageously expensive - we would typically order 1 glass of wine each - 2 appetizers, entrees - rarely a dessert and I would like to stay in the neighborhood of $150 if possible.

May 25, 2008
jgail in San Diego

restaurants at Palazzo-Venetian

Are your prices for one person dining alone? If so they are too rich for my blood - we just don't care quite that much.

May 25, 2008
jgail in Southwest

moderate San Diego restaurants near La Jolla

Are there any good restaurants in the northern part of San Diego that are reasonably priced - by that I mean under $100 for two including two salads, two entrees, 1 glass of wine each and maybe one dessert? We are in the area for a week - have reservations already at Valentines and Georges but want to be casual a few evenings also.

May 11, 2008
jgail in California

las vegas casual near Wynn

We will be in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks for 3 nights after a week in California - we will have dined extravagantly for 5 nights and want to eat a little lighter and more casual if possible in Las Vegas. Any restaurants to recommend on Strip where dinner for two - usually 2 salads, entrees, no desserts and one glass of wine each would be no more than $100-120?

May 10, 2008
jgail in Southwest

carlsbad area restaurants for 5 nights

We are 3 couples going to US Open - staying at La Costa for 5 nights - we are looking for a variety of restaurants - we don't want to travel too terribly far - northern County to La Jolla I think - we are not big drinkers - thinking main courses primarily in the $20-30 range (of course less is ok if it fabulous). We would like to try different things - I don't know if hotel has decent restaurants. Some great views would be good as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Apr 20, 2008
jgail in San Diego

dependable baltimore restaurants

Prime Rib and Tio Pepe are consistently great but on the expensive side.

Outdoor bars in Baltimore

Restaurants with outdoor seats: Wine Market, Donnas, Gertrudes, B, Ambassador, new restaurant in Little Italy where Luigi Petti was (I can't remember name), Bay Cafe I believe has outdoor seating - quite casual- Donnas or Wine Market might be better choices for drinks and dinner. Ambassador setting is beautiful in the garden but the food is Indian.

dinner for 8 in downtown Baltimore

Salt is excellent - only takes reservations for large parties - small restaurant - it is located on Pratt Street in Butcher's hill.

dinner for 8 in downtown Baltimore

Without knowing price, The Wine Market on Fort Avenue is good - nice outdoor patio. There are great bars in Canton/Fells Point. You could try Claddaugh's Pub, Cosmopolitan, Coburn's - all on the square in Canton - Kooper's Tavern in Fells Point or One Eyed Mikes - more bar types although they do have real food.


Their crabcakes are quite good - they also do some really thin pizzas that I like. Quite frankly I am not a big fan except for lunch. Prices are high and I don't think all the food is that great.

Cheap wedding reception in Baltimore.. Do they exsist???

I don't know how cheap you want to be but Martin's caterers is pretty cheap - they have Martin's West and Martin's Westminster.

Looking for good bread in Baltimore

Stone Mill at Greenspring Station has good bread.

best crabs in baltimore

We want to go out tomorrow for crabs - my husband and I don't eat a lot but we absolutely want the biggest ones we can get - any recommendations for places that will take reservation and guarantee crabs - preferably not on the eastern side of town since we live in Pikesville. Friends suggested Costas but it is a really long drive.

Willett House for private party

My husband agrees about buffets. The reason we were considering is because wedding is next night - sit-down meal with a similar menu to Willett - we wanted to do something a little different.

Willett House for private party

were they sit down dinners or buffet?

Sammys Trattoria (Baltimore)

I was there once - food was good - an old fashioned Italian restaurant - prices weren't crazy - my one complaint was that it was noisy. They also have valet parking - at least on week-ends which helps.

caterer for dinner party in Baltimore

Can anybody recommend an excellent small caterer to prepare dinner in my home for a birthday party of about 15-20 people? I have someone I used regularly but she will be away. I know I can hire someone like Classic Catering People but I would prefer an individual/couple who can actually cook the food, serve, clean.

new Pikesville restaurant at The Quarry

Has anyone heard what the new restaurants are going to be at The Quarry overlooking the Lake. I have heard everything from various steakhouses to the Cheescake Factory, We really need some decent restaurants in this neighborhood.

Highly regarded Baltimore Restaurants?

Tio Pepe is Spanish - fabulous - Kali's Court/Mezze are two restaurants next door to each other - one is more formal - serves alot of fish - the other is tapas. Other top restaurants in Baltimore are Prime Rib (Meat/fish), Charleston. Ixia is more of a fusion restaurant.

outdoor dining in Baltimore

Can anyone recommend the best restaurants with outside patios in the Baltimore area. This time of year when the weather is nice we love sitting outside. We had dinner last week at the Ambassador - the setting was beautiful but the service was outrageously bad.

Lunch in Owings Mills?

For an expense account lunch the best would be Linwoods - excellent crabcake but good lunch salads also. Far cheaper but also nice right near BCBS is Artful Gourmet Bistro in New Town.

Owings Mills -- anyplace good to eat?

Artful Gourmet Bistro in New Town is quite good - also has a few outdoor tables - you will need a reservation for Friday or Saturday.

Five guys near JHU?

I believe there is one right downtown in Inner Harbor on Pratt Street - that is maybe 15 minutes from Hopkins.

Willett House for private party

I was at an engagement party there - they did a nice job.