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How Is Brunello Trattoria in Culver City?

i really like brunello! very nice people, great service and delicious food. the thursday night cannelloni is fabulous & they have excellent specials. the clincher for me: italian cheesecake.

Mar 12, 2011
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

Smokin' Joint BBQ on 3rd

i went a week after it opened. the beef ribs that i had were delicious - tender & smokey - but the baby backs were kind of dry. mac & cheese was disappointing but the beans were wonderful.
our server was pretty bad and our ribs were cold when they arrived. sent them back and the chef came out to apologize profusely - he also sent us home with complimentary dessert: a giant piece of cherry pie that was absolutely amazing. i'll give them another shot...

Sep 10, 2009
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

Florence, help --

It's been a few years, but my sister and I enjoyed it so much we went twice in one week! Had some lovely lamb and chicken dishes and outstanding desserts. Service was very friendly as well...

Mar 31, 2009
pbswordgirl in Italy

Florence, help --

I've been to Florence only twice, but these have been my faves:
1. Alle Murate
2. Trattoria Boboli (across the Arno)
3. La Baraonda
4. Pallotino
5. Osteria dei Macchi (i think that's the name!)

Enjoy wherever you go!

Mar 23, 2009
pbswordgirl in Italy

WEST LA: Tacos and Soup?

They only make it on the weekends now, but the Albondigas Soup at Tia Juana is first rate. Big chunks of fresh carrots and zucchini and dandy, little meatballs floating in delicious broth. I eat it there and get some to take home, too..

Sep 07, 2007
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

Scene-y Italian

I know this is too late for your Italian night, but next time try Cucina Paradiso - it's on Motor in Palms. The food is FABULOUS and the service is wonderful. Not to miss:
Grilled Polenta with ragu of mushrooms and fontina sauce, Ravioli di Zucca, Papardelle with Ossobuco Ragu.

Aug 20, 2007
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

555 East Steakhouse in Long Beach?

I've been going to 555 East for years and have never been disappointed. Great steakhouse.

Jul 05, 2007
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

Pizza and Pitchers of Beer

Pitchers, Pizza and lots of other good food:
Rocco's Italian Kitchen
6335 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Really nice people there, too...

Jun 25, 2007
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area


Very good choice... everything I've had at Hatfield's has been excellent!

May 19, 2007
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

Katana,Koi or Katsuya Brentwood-best for less

Had my first dinner at Koi last night. Yes, it is a scene and there are scary Hollywood stereotypes at almost every table, but it was easy to get a reservation and everything that we had was delicious! I highly recommend the Crispy Rice topped with Spicy Tuna, Seared Albacore with Crispy Red Onions and the Eel & Avocado Roll. Very good desserts as well...

Mar 15, 2007
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area


I've never had a bad meal at Il Buco! The baby artichoke appetizer is wonderful as are the pastas and veal dishes. Great specials as well. I love having this place in my neighborhood...

Oct 26, 2006
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

Lamb in Long Beach?

Thanks Hounds! Baa!

Sep 18, 2006
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

Lamb in Long Beach?

Hi All,
I'm looking for a restaurant in Long Beach that serves lamb chops or rack of lamb. Broiled, grilled, roasted, whatever!

Sep 18, 2006
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

Barneys Beanery---What To Order?

Burgers and Onion Rings. Big and Good.

Aug 18, 2006
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area

Getting El Coyote

The Coyote is fun! It's not a hound destination, it's a happening. Sure, some of the food is vile, but there are some things on the menu that are definitely edible. The a la carte crispy, shredded beef tacos, for instance. A word of advice: if you order anything stuffed with cheese, ask for the white cheese instead of the "orange"... you'll thank me.

Jul 19, 2006
pbswordgirl in Los Angeles Area