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Sunday brunch for Easter

I promised to report back to you about our Easter brunch. We had made reservations at Big 4, but unfortunately, my husband was too sick to keep the reservation. Oh well, better luck next year.

where to get flours for bread baking in East Bay?

King Arthur has a free shipping offer happening today.

Candyfreak - where to find obscure candy bars?

http://www.groovycandies.com/ has a lot of the old fashioned candies and candy bars.

Brunch @ Navio [Half Moon Bay]

Mr. Smart, we go Navio about 3 to 4 times a year, and I would consider myself a fairly demanding customer in terms of food and quality. I disagree that the price does not offer good value. We have always found the food to be B+ or A, so I would love to know what eatery are comparing this to. Did you know that you can also order a cooked to order omelette --or anything else that is not on the buffet--served at your table as part of this menu? Maybe they had an off day on the Sunday that you chose?

Looking for exceptional birthday cake with milk chocolate as the star...

I appreciate the suggestions, Smatbrat. I will check on both websites.

Looking for exceptional birthday cake with milk chocolate as the star...

Thank you, Rubadub.

Looking for exceptional birthday cake with milk chocolate as the star...

I am having a milestone birthday in early May, and I plan to serve two cakes at my party. One will likely be a Princess cake from Victoria Bakery. For the second one, I want a cake which is made with milk chocolate--probably a milk chocolate ganache or milk chocolate mousse interior, with yellow or hazelnut cake, and milk chocolate frosting. I have looked at Schuberts and a number of other bakeries, but all of their cakes seem to made of dark or bittersweet chocolate. I spoke with a few places, and they are not willing to alter their recipe to accommodate a milk chocolate lover. We live in lower Pac Heights, so something in northwest SF would be the easiest for us to retrieve, but we will go further for the right sweet. You are the experts, and any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

Quince 21 course menu? [San Francisco]

Heeney, we dine at Quince about 3 times a year. This video seems to show a sampling of many of their favorite menu items. They are showing 4 amuse bouche items here, and we have been served all of them, but on different occasions. Their luxury menus for holidays such as Valentines Day and Christmas eve typically include a few more courses, but never 21 courses. Quince is our favorite restaurant in the city.

Best place for a party of 12 under $100 per person

Plin on Valencia Street has a private dining room that seats 12. I am sure that you could work out something with them.

We just dined there last Saturday, and were extremely happy with the food and the outstanding service.

Amazing cocktails. I had the best Corpse Reviver 2 here--better than I can remember in SF in a long time.

It is not on the website, but they have a Bites menu where most little plates can be ordered for around 5USD each.
Alexander Alioto is the chef, and his dad Nunzio assists him with front of house operations when he is not busy.

There is a paid parking lot about a block away.


Sunday brunch for Easter

Magali, sounds like fun, but we already have plans for Saturday, April 4.

Sunday brunch for Easter

So we have made reservations at the Big Four for Easter sunday brunch. I will report back in early April. Thank you for all of your help, SF chowhounds.

Looking for Best Yogurt in the Bay Area

I have two to recommend. Noosa Yogurt and Liberte yogurt. Both are thick and creamy with delicious fruit or flavorings. Both are made in Colorado. I buy mine at Safeway, but I am sure that other grocery purveyors carry them.

Looking for Best Yogurt in the Bay Area

Have you tried Noosa's yogurt? Creamy, thick with fresh fruit.

Sunday brunch for Easter

Foodseek, I will check it out. Sounds like it has the atmosphere we want.

Sunday brunch for Easter

Sfoodie, we were just at Navio for Valentine;s brunch, and they said that they will do a dinner instead this year.

Sunday brunch for Easter

smartbrat, thank you for your suggestions.

Sunday brunch for Easter

Looking for a Sunday brunch for Easter Sunday, preferably in SF, but other Bay Area options are welcomed. Group of 4 adults.

Comfortable upscale surroundings preferred. No hard chairs that make you want to rush out.We typically eschew places with hard surfaces because it is too noisy to speak in a normal tone.

It needs to be a place where we can make reservations in advance, and not wait for a long time.

We do lots of brunches, but I want to make sure that I am not missing any great places. I know that you are the experts.

Great food--quality over quantity-- is also important. One of us is a vegetarian who does not eat meat, fish, or fowl, so a selection with great egg dishes is ideal. Excellent bread and pastries are also a consideration.

Favorite is Navio at RC Half Moon Bay, but they are only doing dinner this year.
We have tried Murray Circle, Garden Palace, Ellas, Presidio Social Club, Wayfare, Bar Tartine, Greens, Olympic Club. We liked Grand Cafe before it closed.

Campton Place, Vitrine and 4 Seasons look ordinary for breakfast/brunch, but maybe some of you have had good experiences there recently.
A buffet isn't necessary. As a vegetarian, it is sometimes wasted on me.
Has anyone had any wonderful experiences with Sunday brunch that they would like to share?
Thank you in advance for your help.

new wine experiences in napa or calistoga

WE have been to Bremer and Salvestrin and enjoyed them both very much. We will make sure to include Failla in our visit. Thank you for the information.

new wine experiences in napa or calistoga

Onion Tears, thank you very much. We haven't been to either one in quite a while, so we will check them out.

new wine experiences in napa or calistoga

Thanks, Goldang. We have been debating about Kenzo.

new wine experiences in napa or calistoga

Long time wine aficionados staying in Yountville and visiting Napa and Calistoga for 5 days in January for new wine tasting/ food pairing experiences. We enjoy everything from big cabs to zins to pinots to burgundy style whites. We live in San Fran, and visit frequently. We like to think that there are still some unusual experiences still to be savored. Last visit we did Hess Cab tasting, Larkmead, Hourglass, Long Meadow Ranch, and Maisonery. Members of Biale, Seghesio, Rubicon. Any new suggestions from this august group?

Need recs on wineries to visit in Napa Valley for 11 people in 2 weeks!!

these might have space because they are lesser known. Taylor Family Winery is a great outdoor tasting experience, and they take reservations.
Maisonery is a lovely terrace experience offering wines from small producers. http://www.maisonry.com/

Thin sliced bread for tea sandwiches

Josey Baker bread is quite firm. I have used it for tea sandwiches to rave reviews. The packaged stuff from the grocery store is not good. Looks like what you want, but tastes like cardboard.

Dixie SF?

Dixie is now closed according to the owner.

Vegetarian Restaurants with a View?

If you are willing to drive a little, I recommend Navio, the restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. Request a table by the water. They have a separate vegetarian menu, and it certainly feels celebratory.
If you are willing to forgo the view, Coi, La Folie, and Quince both offer outstanding vegetarian food. Fleurs de Lys also offers a vegetarian menu, but we were not impressed on our recent visit.

Good or bad experience at Ala Romana? Looking for birthday restaurant with homemade pasta.

Has anyone had a good or bad experience at Ala Romana? Looking for a birthday restaurant for May 1 with homemade pasta, white tablecloths, and vegetarian selections. We have done the usual suspects: Acquerello, Perbacco, Flour & Water, Cotogna,Quince, Seven Hills, Ideale, SPQR, Da Flora, North Beach Restaurant. Other recommendations welcomed. Thanks.

Very specific New Year's Eve request

Have you considered La Folie? I have spent a few NYE there, and really enjoyed it. It feels like a very special time on NYE.
They have two seatings.
The food is wonderful--certainly stellar enough to satisfy foodies, and there is an optional wine pairing for 100 USD per person.
Most people dress to the nines, including a few in black tie. They decorate with streamers, balloons, and offer party hats and noisemakers.

Bottled hard cider from Normandy?

I appreciate suggestions from you both. Thanks.

Bottled hard cider from Normandy?

Thank you for the suggestion.

New Year's Day Brunch in San Francisco

Hi, I am looking for a place for a sophisticated and romantic brunch for New Year's Day, and I would prefer not to go to a hotel buffet.

Does anyone have any recommendations where the food is delicious, the atmosphere is romantic and quiet enough to talk with my husband, and the surroundings are tastefully decorated rather than ultra minimalist/ warehouse? Menu items should include selections like eggs benedict, omelettes, waffles.
Would like this to be in SF, but will travel for the right place.
I have looked at open table, but the places that seem to offer breakfast that day are either hotels, or less atmospheric than I seek.
Thank you.