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Downtown Restaurant Recs for Retirement Party [San Francisco]

Hi! I'm trying to scout out dinner places for my dad to celebrate his retirement party. He's in town for a conference with a bunch of colleagues next month and they asked me to help find a place.

We're looking for something that can seat around 40 people and hit the $40-50 per person range, not including drinks. I know he loves Naan and Curry, but it's not really the right venue for something like this. Pretty easy going crowd, food wise (meaning they like indian, chinese, thai, pretty much anything!)

Also ideal is something that people staying near downtown/ Union Square area can travel to easily either on foot or by public transportation.

Thanks in advance!

Know of a Good Butcher- Silverlake/ Echo Park area?

Mu husband and I just got back from three months living in Florence, and are now addicted to getting our meat daily from local butchers.

Does anybody have any recommendations (that isn't a grocery store chain like Whole Foods or Gelsons) for a good, solid and affordable butcher in the Silverlake/ Echo Park area? Looking for somebody who does all the basics- beef/ pork/ poultry.


Dec 08, 2009
daisylind in Los Angeles Area

Best Pizza in Silverlake

Il Capriccio still wins my heart! I've never had problems with surly waiters, but they have had problems finding my house on more than one occasion (although they did credit me with a free pizza, to their credit).

I tried Andiamo on their opening weekend, and was a bit disappointed- (tried the one with the spinach and ricotta topping)- it was pretty bland and flavorless, but when we reheated it and burnt it by accident, it tasted a lot better. I thought maybe if we ordered a different pizza, we'd get a better flavor (fault of ordering a not so great pie? but reading here, maybe it is in the crust). BUT! They delivered lemon gelato on one of those heat wave weekends, so hey. Major props there, and may give them a second try.

My bf and I tried Garage Pizza earlier this week, and I wrote up a full review over on yelp- it was pretty good! Much more of a "new yorker" style of pizza, and it sounds like they'll be expanding their menu in the coming weeks. We had a margherita pizza which was a special with amazingly fresh buffalo mozzarella which was really good, and the let us sample some free banana dessert pizza with mozzarella and honey that they were testing out (which, damn. Was pretty good). Open til 3am (YAY!) and I think a good option to have in the neighborhood when you're not feeling in an Italian mood (a lot more meaty options in their pizza and new york style crust). 'Cause like I said before, Il Cap stlll has my loyalty.

(haven't tried out any others- will have to look into it!)

Jul 10, 2008
daisylind in Los Angeles Area

Bar for a birthday get-together

check out the Prince in k-town;

It's near where the ambassador used to be, and it used to be the Windsor hotel's lobby bar- really neat character and atmosphere- I went there a few years ago and keep meaning to go back- it's mid-wilshire, sorta loungy/retro/old school class/ tack ; ) hope this helps!

Jun 22, 2007
daisylind in Los Angeles Area