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Long Beach Island, NJ?

Hi. Don't know if this is too late for you. I agree with pretty much everything here and would add that the happy hour deal at Daddy O's is worth checking out - $3 microbrews and well drinks and tasty plates of Kobe sliders and mini hot dogs starting around $5. Also, Plantation is a little more civilized and fine dining than Daddy O's, but the happy hour deal there is $2.50 mojitos - a steal.

Also, Black Whale is just off the Blvd in beach haven and is owned by the much loved mud-city crab people. They have a full bar and casual paper tablecloth style, but are still in a nicely outfitted space with usually a good variety of healthful (read: not just fried) fresh fish, as well as a tasty fish and chips.

Sadly, the only place that was removed from my list for at least the rest of the summer is former favorite Green Gables, AKA - the Gables, which was previously a favorite BYO. I spent $135 there, food only, with my wife and in place of the "heirloom tomatoe burrata salad" she got a hard, gray tomato that was a produce crate beefsteak for sure. I could have found a better tomato at the ACME. The pesto on the dish was so bland it tasted like a big $12 plate of water. We each ate one bite and the server never even asked why we left this mess untouched.

The Nieman ranch pork chop was a beautiful piece of double chop, but the chef cooked it into oblivion and it was a dry mess heaped with pineapple and no sauce. Maybe it's because we were never asked a temperature, but well-done destroyed this gorgeous chop. The local scallops were nicely done, crispy on the outside and a generous portion, but the tiger shrimp app looked like 3 medium-count shrimp for $14. Basically, you're lucky to get 50% of your food edible with the new chef, and I think the "local and sustainable" angle is mostly BS. The place is beautiful, but that's little concession

Lastly, Sweet Vidalia is another very good BYO on the Blvd in Beach haven. Slightly less expensive than Gables and I would now rate their food much better. It's not a huge room, so toough to walk in during prime time, but worth reserving.

cheers, Jeffery

Jun 25, 2007
jeffery212 in New Jersey