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Gohyang Korean Hadley, Closed?

Has this place on 111 Russell St., Hadley closed? A friend told me it had gone out of business and the phone number is out of service?

ISO Lamb Sausage

Fomaggio on Huron Ave. does sometimes offer merguez. A few years ago they offered to make it to order, but I never tried it. The price then was about $10 a pound. Certainly worth a call to see if they still can do it.

If they will special order it for you, you definitely can get them to up the oomph.

One reason I never bothered to order them was that I found this superb recipe in the NYTimes that produced some of the best merguez I have ever tasted.

I offer it, even if you never want to bother making it yourself, so that you can identify the key ingredients that you seek in a store-made product. Obviously supplementing cayenne pepper with red pepper flakes would increase the bite of the sausage. The other addition I would make to the recipe is to be sure to have a good fat content in the basic ground lamb mixture. If you can I would suggest trying to get lamb shoulder, in addition to or in place of the more readily available leg of lamb. The fat content of shoulder can be higher than that of the leg:


March 25, 2009


Homemade Merguez

1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds
1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds
1 pound ground lamb

2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, finely chopped; more for serving
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 teaspoon paprika
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, or to taste

Olive oil, for cooking

Harissa, for serving (optional).

1. In a small skillet over medium-low heat, toast cumin, coriander and fennel seeds until fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer warm spices to a spice grinder and grind well, or use a mortar and pestle and pound seeds.

2. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. Form lamb mixture into desired shape (1-inch-thick by 5-inch-long cigars make nice merguez, but fatter cylinders or patties will also work). Chill for up to 5 days, freeze for up to 3 months, or use immediately.

3. Brush sausages with oil and grill or broil them until browned and cooked through. Or fry them in a little oil until well browned all over. Serve with more cilantro and harissa on the side, if desired.

Yield: About 1 pound of sausages.

Gohyang Korean Restaurant Closed?

Has this place on 111 Russell St., Hadley closed? A friend told me it had gone out of business and the phone number is out of service?

ISO saurkraut for choucroute garni

Got the cabbage from FK. Choose the larger size can with wine added to the cabbage, Good stuff. It made the dish much better.

Unfortunately North Shore Karl's Sausage is too distant to be practical, but I should add it to a future shopping trip.

By the way Spitzkraut's comparison of the two was not clear. Are you saying that FK's brand is better than Hengstenberg?


ISO saurkraut for choucroute garni

I want to add some already prepared saurkraut to a dish a choucroute garni I have made. The cabbage sausage ratio is too sausage heavy. Any suggestions as to who might have a jar or can of already cooked cabbage? I don't want sweet vinegary cabbage, but aromatic preparation to supplement what I already have.

West on Centre, a warning

Three decades ago we used to live in West Roxbury. It used to have some of the worst restos in Boston. Recently, according to the posts I see from time to time, some oases of decent dining have appeared, but I am not surprised that an underlying foundation of bad restaurants has not completely disappeared. I am not surprised by what I read here. There still is an undiscerning local clientele in WR that is not interested in pushing for better food.

ISO Quiet place for a winter drink, Harvard-Porter-Davis Squares

Though the list of recommendations was inspiring, offering many good options that I want to pursue in the future, we wound up at Nubar after all. We were happy with the choice. As it happens the day was dry and relatively warm so a mulled drink was not as high on the agenda. Their list of draft beers while not extensive was well-chosen. We had an IPA from the North Shore which I had not drunk before, Newburyport Greenhead IPA. It is quite good. The vibe was comfortable, the noise level was reasonable to low, and it was not packed, but still well-peopled. Service was exemplary. Truth be told, I did not notice a fire-place, but I forgot to look.

The reason for choosing Nubar was the location. I had to drive there and its area of Cambridge has less traffic and more on-street parking than the belly of Harvard Square at 5:15 PM. That knocks Grendel's Den, Henrietta's Table, the Red House off the list, but when I don't have to bring a car the others sound appealing.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.

Source for Premium Dried Fruit

It is difficult to find dried fruit in bulk. Since it can get sticky and is difficult to handle merchants prefer to package it for sale.

Generally I find that Trader Joe's has the best selection, quality, and price.

However at a higher price Whole Wallet aka Hole in My Pocket also stocks raisins, prunes, but not the white peaches and other more unusual varieties to be found at TJ.

ISO Fresh, White Carrots?

Russo's often has them.

ISO Quiet place for a winter drink, Harvard-Porter-Davis Squares

To meet a friend for a quiet chat I seek a bar in the Cambridge-Somerville, tri-square area, that offers, ideally, mellow quiet, good wines and draught beers, as well as mulled cider and wine.

Not every element on the list is necessary, but quiet is.

The bar at the Sheraton Commander is a good place for a chat, but I don't remember the choice of beverages as particularly noteworthy. Almost nobody does mulled cider and wine these days so I am not optimistic about that detail, but seek and ye shall find.

I do not need fancy cocktails, a hard-surfaced room packed with noisy drinkers, or the latest scene, just someplace quiet to have a drink on a cold winter afternoon.

Market Basket

Do you know if Somerville MB will be open on Monday, Labor Day? I am eager to get your report on the supplies in that store over this weekend.

Best Stuffies Between Barrington and Newport

Going to a high school reunion in Middletown, RI, but planning on a bit of traveling in the neighborhood to score some Del's Frozen Lemonade and stuffies.

Any one have any recommendations on the best place to find some of these clam, onion, celery, linguica (if Portuguese), and bread stuffed quahogs?

A friend and I are planning a stuffie crawl so all recommendations welcome.


H Mart Open in Central Square!

For those who might not know the precise location of the H-Mart, it is 581 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA.

I presume that the store has no parking lot. Parking in Central Square is a hassle.

Caravan King's Cross versus Grain Store, which less noisy?

For a late afternoon dinner, around 5:30 on a Saturday, meeting with two old friends, I am now choosing between Grain Store and Caravan's King Cross. Both seem intriguing, but based on the menus I would prefer the Caravan to the Grain. The choices seem greater.

However the determining factor is, which would be quieter at that hour?

Feb 23, 2014
VivreManger in U.K./Ireland

Avoiding Noisy Over-Priced Lout-Ridden London Restos

In my other recent post on Bloomsbury St. Pancras restos,


I had raised and considered the possibility of trying Shrimpy's. But a careful viewing of the website confirmed by postings from zuriga1 and mjgauer has removed that from my list. At the moment I am replacing it with The Grain Store for a very early (5ish) Saturday dinner. I hope that at that hour it won't be too noisy.

Just now I read a - perhaps too much nostalgie de la boue, Peregrine Worsthorne-like- - article in the Guardian that identified the problem,


It appeared in the Friday, 21 Feb, edition, written by Ian Jack. He contrasted the understated quiet dignity of a good reasonably priced meal in Antwerp with the decadent dining dominating London.

I wonder if any of you share his sentiments.

Feb 22, 2014
VivreManger in U.K./Ireland

Bloomsbury St. Pancras Resto Recs?

Thanks for the other ideas. Grain Store had been on my radar screen. I will check it out.

Any version of Tayyab is worth trying, especially if it is convenient and does not have the never-ending queue.

Any comments on the other ideas, Shrimpy's and Newman St. Tavern. Jay Rayner raved about the lamb at Newman St. Is Shrimpy's more of a scene for drinking and being seen, rather than a place to eat?

Feb 17, 2014
VivreManger in U.K./Ireland

Bloomsbury St. Pancras Resto Recs?


Glad to reconnect now that you are no longer posting as much about Boston. Thanks for the suggestions

Feb 17, 2014
VivreManger in U.K./Ireland

Bloomsbury St. Pancras Resto Recs?

During a quick and hectic trip to London, I will spending most of my time in the Bloomsbury St. Pancras area.

I have identified three places that same convenient and worth trying:

For lunch and quick bites near the British Museum, Gails Kitchen http://www.gailskitchen.co.uk.

For an early Friday night meal on my first jet-lagged day in London, about 15 minutes walk from Bedford Place where I am staying, Newman Street Tavern, http://www.newmanstreettavern.co.uk/b...

For an early Saturday evening meet and eat with two friends, Shrimpy's The King's Cross Filling Station, http://www.shrimpys.co.uk. They are coming from Camden and I from St. Pancras.

I am still looking for a place for quick and inexpensive lunching near the British Library. My tastes run to Fergus Henderson's offal menus and Tayyab's. However I won't have the time to get to St. John St. and I gather that Tayyab is not what it used to be. Another place I like is Patogh, 8 Crawford Place, but I probably won't manage to get there on this trip.

So any suggestions for lunch along any of those lines in the BL St. Pancras area would be welcome.

And any comments on the other ideas would be appreciated as well.

Feb 17, 2014
VivreManger in U.K./Ireland

ISO Quiet non-hotel Resto within 15 minutes walk of Sheraton Boston

The problem is that the time we want, 8 on a Saturday night, is peak chaos. We are meeting an old friend and the three of us would like a place that allows us to hear each other.

As for the choice of food, Indian was the initial preference, but I have not found anything particularly interesting nearby. Kashmir Indian Restaurant on Newbury and Gloucester might make sense. I really like Darbar in Brighton and I have never found it noisy, but it is too far and lacks liquor.

Any information on how noisy Kashmir Indian might be on a Saturday night?

Any other suggestions out there, if we abandon Indian for something quiet in the South End. The food preference would be something fishy and veggie friendly, but not dogmatically so.

My vote is for Peach Farm in Chinatown, but my wife may want something a little more refined.

Kitchen recently?

Looking for a place quiet enough to talk on a Saturday night at 8. How noisy is Kitchen.

Cinquecento Roman Trattoria, Any Reports?

I corrected my search entry by reducing it to Cinqecento and then collected the hits.

Although reports on food and service have been mixed, with most tending to the plus side, the real problem is the noise. No one claims that this is a relaxed quiet restaurant.

My wife and I were thinking of meeting a friend there to eat and chat. Chatting may be impossible.

Scoring a quiet table on Saturday at 8 also seems impossible.

Please correct me if my impression is mistaken.

Cinquecento Roman Trattoria, Any Reports?

Checked out the menu and this resto in the South End, 500 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118 (617) 338-9500, seems worth trying.

But I have seen nothing about it on this site. Am I missing something?


PS For those ISO whole fish, they do have branzino on the menu, but I don't know how it is prepared.

Seafood Lunch between Airport and Turo?

My advise is to get as far away from Logan as quickly as possible. Do not stop anywhere until you get to the Cape.
Belle Isle, however good the food, would be a mistake because it will delay the trip. The later you leave the longer the drive.

Friday and Saturday are the worst travel days, but Sunday can be almost as bad. If you are travelling on a day other than those three, you might have more flexibility, but the likelihood is that you will be travelling then.

I am a fan of Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar, 3580 State Hwy Eastham, MA 02642, (508) 255-2575. It is about 20 minutes (depending on traffic) before you get to Truro, but unlike some of the other recommendations (notably those in Hyannis) it is right on the way.

Bottom line: bring some snack food on the plane for the drive and don't stop until you get close to your destination.

Italian with 15 minutes of BC

Thanks for the advice.

We wound up at Appetito on Beacon St. in Newton Centre. Convenience was an initial reason, but I had not been there for awhile and thought it worth a revisit. The other contender was La Morra, but that is further and more expensive. However of all the possibilities LM has the most interesting menu. Certainly worth a try in the future.

One of the reasons I had not been to A. for several years was that the memory of my last visit had not focussed on the food, but instead on the crowded noise. As far as I was concerned the place had too much business for my own good.

Since then Sycamore and Tartuffo have opened and Bill's has expanded and gone quasi-upscale. Sycamore is packing them in. And last night, Tuesday at 8. it was crowded. What is the word on Sycamore? It offers upscale new American cuisine. As my dc said one of those places whose menu has no capital letters. I had not noticed any CH reviews, but in truth I have not been looking.

A. had few customers at 6:30, though by 8 the numbers were respectable, but not packed and noisy. Clearly when we entered at 6:30 they were not anticipating a crowd since they offered the two of us a four-top booth.

The menu does have red sauce options, but beyond that a few distinctive bows to the current food fancies. The beets, goat cheese, and greens topped with crisp sweet potato chips is a full plate of salad, well-mixed and well-proportioned. By accident or not it arrived undressed, but when asked they offered a choice of balsamic or orange vinaigrette. With that addition it was very good.

Last night the mains included as specials roasted branzino and orata. These are two farmed-raised Mediterranean fish that are worth trying if you don't mind that they are farm-raised. As I recall there were no wild fish oin the menu. As far as I know neither of the Mediterranean fish have had the problems associated with farmed-salmon.

My dc ordered the chicken parm with zitti. I did not taste it, but it was a substantial plate that looked good and quickly disappeared.

My choice was the chicken orvieto. The good news is that the large whole boneless chicken breast was perfectly cooked. Ever so slightly pink-tinged in the center, moist, and tender, this is how breast should be prepared. The lemon-wine sauce was good, with a slight acidic bite. I had not expected the mashed potatoes, but they were creamy and temptingly tasty. In a gesture that struck me as gilding the lilly, the mashed were stuffed into a split roasted acorn squash that formed the platform on which the breasts rested. The menu offered artichokes along with capers, wine, and lemon juice as the sauce. My sole complaint is that I would have liked more artichokes and less potato. There were precious few bottled artichoke hearts decorating the dish. Unfortunately they were more decoration than integration.

Since it was a warm night beer made more sense than wine. They were out of Anchor Steam, but at the suggestion of my beer-brewing dc I tried his choice Sumpin Sumpin, a Califonria super-hoppy brew that weighs at at about 7.5% alcohol. He told me that it is a wheat beer, but the hops certainly hid that flavor. They also offered the Chicago-brewed Goose Island, somthing not usually visible in these parts.

Certainly worth a return visit. The total damage with tax and tip came to about $75. We had neither coffee nor dessert. We did have two mains, one starter, and two bottles of beer, not cheap, but probably worth the price.

Italian with 15 minutes of BC

Carlo's Cucina Italiana, 131 Brighton Ave, is the name I forgot. Any suggestions for something bettewr than that?

Italian with 15 minutes of BC

Any suggestions?

Not interested in a pizza parlor.

One possibility is the Italian-Argentine resto (name?) on Brighton Ave, near BonChon. Several years ago I tried it to some disappointment.

I am taking someone out to dinner tonight who prefers Italian. I suspect that a conventional red sauce place would suit him, but I really don't eat Italian out that often, though I know it and cook it at home. I simply don't follow the Italian resto scene.

Kouign Amann Anyone? A Breton Delice Richer than Croissants!

The only Kouign Amann I have eaten in North America is in Montreal, at the bakery of that name. It is located in the Plateau neighborhood of Montreal, the details: Au Kouign Amann, aka Au Phare Breton, 322 Mont Royal Est, west of St. Denis. Their other pastries are also good. Their croissants may be the best in Montreal. Be warned their closing day is Tuesday or Wednesday so call beforehand.

As for KA in Boston I have never tried it, but I have spied it some place, perhaps Whole Wallet? It looked horrible. If you have never had the real thing, perhaps it might be worth a fling. As I recall it was a miniKA, a contradiction in terms.

ISO Excellent Non-Vegetarian Indian Within 25 miles of Boston

I am a fan of the Pakistani, meat oriented DARBAR

130 North Beacon Street, 02135-2020 Brighton, 617-779-8800, www.darbarrestaurant.net

In addition to chicken and beef they often have goat and lamb. Some of their dishes are almost as good as some of my favorites restos in London.

Advantages, quiet, not crowded, parking is available in the area. Inexpensive.

Disadvantages; no liquor license. It is a halal Muslim-oriented restaurant. The dining room can be cold. The service is inconsistent.

first time at Mulan. What are your favorites?

The smoked pork with leek is something they are recommending on their website homepage, http://www.mulan-ma.com/
but I don't see any mention of it on this old thread.

Is it a new dish?

Bummer Experience at Bueno Y Sano

Never liked them in Noho. No reason to like them anywhere else. BS replaced ChaChaCha on Main St. in Northampton. CCC was a great place.