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ISO: Small or Pee Wee Sized Eggs


Just wondering if anyone knows places to buy small or pee wee sized chicken eggs in the GTA (not quail eggs). Any ideas would be much appreciated.

My wife's parents are here from Mexico, and they want to go to Mandarin... again.... How can I convince them otherwise?

Never thought anything special about Mandarin, even for a buffet. It's really just ordinary. Frankly I don't know what people see in it. I'd gladly eat there though as I'm not a food snob.

Let them have their day. Then go to another place when you eat out again.

Awesome NEW "MICRO-BAKERY" in Cabbagetown: Cafe Olya !

$2 for a good croissant is very very fair, and is pretty much standard. Bakeries make very little margin and the labor involved can be exhausting.

ISO : Freeze Dried Mangoes

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows of a place in the GTA which sells freeze dried mango, preferable cube shaped. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

ISO : Ube Powder

Hi all. Does anyone know where I can find ube (purple yam) powder in the GTA? The powder specifically, and not frozen. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

ISO : Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Hi everyone. Just wanted to know if there are any reliable sources of freeze dried strawberries in the GTA. I went to my nearest Bulk Barn and they said that they discontinued it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

ISO : Hazelnut Paste

Hi everyone. Would just like to know if there are places in the GTA that sell smooth roasted hazelnut paste. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Santouka is coming

Went today and had the Toroniku. Broth was nice and creamy with a hint of sweetness. The entire dish though was overly salty ... and I have high salt tolerance. My companion who has even higher salt tolerance said the same thing. I expected the pork jowl to be more tender, but it was alright. Noodles had good flavor but the texture was a bit off for me. It wasn't overcooked but it lacked bounce. As other posters have said, the bowl looks small, but don't be deceived because it is deep enough and the richness and saltiness of the broth will quickly tire the palette. It's best to order it with pickled veg like kimchi. Halfway I felt a bit dizzy which has never happened to me eating tonkotsu ramen. The place is relatively small so be prepared to wait in line. From a value standpoint, it's quite expensive, but definitely worth trying.

Disappointed by Frenchie

Thanks for naming a few. I booked dinner at L'Apibo for next week. You are the man!

Oct 15, 2012
uberathlete in France

Chicken vs Turkey

Chicken. Or better yet, Capon.

Oct 07, 2012
uberathlete in General Topics

ISO: Hong Kong Flour

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get big bags of Hong Kong flour, which is used to make steamed buns. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

ISO: Lamb Neck

Hi 1sweetpea/ Is there a halal butcher you would recommend?

ISO: Lamb Neck

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows a good place in the GTA to buy lamb neck. Never been to one of em halal butchers but doesn't matter really. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

Next Toronto Underground Market - August 25, 2012 - Brickworks

Yikes. Sold out. Next TUM would probably be crazier since it'll be the 1st anniversary. So for those who missed out for this one, be extra quick for the next one!

ISO: Dry Ice

Hi crawfish. So ice man sells to the public? Do they have a minimum order quantity?

ISO: Dry Ice

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows a place where I could but dry ice. I am going to use it to make a sorbet. I don't need a lot, maybe just 2 lbs or so. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

The Croissant Chronicles

Wow, another one for the tasting! Thanks for letting us know of this place.

ISO: Scallops

Hi everyone. Would like to know if anyone knows a good source for frozen scallops, preferably dry packed frozen. I read somewhere that Costco might have them. Can anyone confirm? Suggestions for a good source with fresh would be welcomed as well.


ISO: Whey Butter

Hi estufarian. The cultured butter you mention ... is that the 84 churn butter by Stirling?

PF Changs

PF Chang's is food court food in a restaurant. Simple.

ISO: Whey Butter

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows a reliable source for whey butter in the GTA area. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


ISO : Lamb Shanks

We have a couple of commercial sized ovens, so it's not too much of a concern ... at least I hope it won't be.

ISO : Lamb Shanks

Hi everyone. My mom is turning 60 in a couple of weeks so the rest of the family would like to surprise her with a sit down dinner party of arounf 40-50 people. We're thinking of doing a main using lamb shanks. Does anyone know a reliable source that ideally wouldn't cost an arm and a leg? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Brick Street Bakery Refuses to Slice Bread!?!?

Mass produced bread has quite a bit of preservatives and dough conditioners.

Cheap Eats Suggestions near FCP?

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for affordable eats in and around First Canadian Place. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Loblaws @ Maple Leaf Gardens

I just read a little article about it on Toronto Life. Has anyone been? Would love to hear opinions about it.

La Tortilleria

How about locations? Which one is the most consistent. The Kensington location seems to get a lot of flack.

La Tortilleria

Would it be safe to say that the tortillas are much more superior to the frozen/refrigerated stuff we get in some stores? Bizarrely I read a review that said that the frozen ones are better. Also, I noticed that they have 2 options in terms of weight for the tortillas. I think it's half kilo and kilo. About how many tortillas are in a half kilo?

La Tortilleria

Hey folks. Just wondering what your thoughts are of this place. Been meaning to make the trek just to buy fresh tortillas so I'd like to know if it's worth it. Also there haven't been many recent reviews.

OBSCURE OR RARE Cuisine in City of Toronto

Well, native indian food is rare. Only place I know that does it or at least an interpretation of it is Keriwa Cafe.