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Salt Plate

Just got a salt plate from Sur La Table...any great use ideas for me?

Dec 16, 2011
hungrymom in Home Cooking

basil drink recipes please!

For the first time ever here in Montana we have an ABUNDANCE of basil in the garden. I have exhausted all recipes and am in desperate need of some good drink recipes. At the local wine/cocktail bar in town they have a drink with muddled basil that's great...very savory. What can/should I do?

Aug 24, 2011
hungrymom in Spirits

Bad rhubarb experiences. Any recipes to convert me?

What size bottle rum or vodka? Do you have a preference of one over the other? I am really excited about this recipe...I'm being over-run by our rhubarb plant!!!

May 28, 2011
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Phad Thai sauce

I actually think it was from some Bobby Flay show on TV? We don't get cable, but it was some Pad Thai dual or something...anyway, it was as close as we've been able to come to replicating one of our favorite meals while we lived in Seattle. I might have to give the above one a try, too! Thanks!

May 23, 2011
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Phad Thai sauce

We had used a recipe from a previous thread on Chowhound that produced probably the best results we've ever had, so would LOVE to have another dinner with it. It was fish sauce, tamarind, lime, maybe brown sugar? I can't even remember it all...but I think we'll give it a go tomorrow night and cross our fingers! Thanks...I feel better about it already. ;-) We do what we need to do here in Montana to get good Thai food at home...

May 23, 2011
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Phad Thai sauce

We made a large batch of Phad Thai about a month ago for a party and had about two cups of extra sauce left over. We had the best intentions to make another batch that week or next. Well, of course, I just found it in the fridge. Is it still good? Do I dare use it? From what I can tell it smells and looks okay...I hate to throw food out, but would rather not get my family sick either...

May 23, 2011
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Looking for awesome bean recipes

We love the black beans and rice recipe out of Joy of Cooking. Also, this black beans and quinoa recipe as burrito filler and then the next day as a cold salad:

1 tsp. canola oil
1 onion, chopped finely
3 cloves garlic, minced
3/4 cup quinoa
2 cups vegetable broth (I've used chicken and it's just as good)
1 tsp. cumin
1/4 tsp.+ cayenne
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup frozen corn (NOT the super-sweet variety)
1 15-oz. can black beans, rinsed and drained (I use low sodium)
1/2 c. chopped cilantro

Heat oil, stir in onions and garlic, saute' until lightly browned. Mix quinoa in and cover with broth. Add cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper, and bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Stir in frozen corn, continue to simmer 5 minutes until heated through. Mix in black beans and cilantro.

Feb 08, 2011
hungrymom in Home Cooking

easy to bring delicious dessert

I'm in charge of bringing dessert to a retreat next weekend. Beef Burgundy is being served and it's quite a drive. So I would love to make something amazing that can travel 3 hours. I could pack a cooler if necessary. Any ideas? Please?

Sep 11, 2010
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Indian Cooking -- ISO My First Cookbook

Just wondering what your staple curried chicken recipe is?

Apr 27, 2010
hungrymom in Home Cooking

black bean recipes

We're cutting back the grocery budget and have discovered, or rediscovered, black beans. One of our favorite meals is the black beans and rice recipe out of the Joy of Cooking cookbook. Then, use the leftovers (we usually soak and cook a whole bag) in tacos and enchiladas...what other tasty (and cheap!) things can we use them for?

Mar 28, 2010
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Take out in San Clemente

Hi! We'll be coming to San Clemente mid-march with a couple of families and renting a house. There will be a bunch of kids, so eating out will most likely not happen (unless we can sneak away and leave the kids with grandma and grandpa) but we'd love to get some good take out. Maybe Thai? Any good suggestions out there? I'd love to hear them...

Feb 11, 2010
hungrymom in Los Angeles Area

Leftover smoked bbq pork loin

My husband has built himself a smoker and is turning out amazing things. Occasionally (not often!) we have leftovers. Like tonight. We have quite a bit of leftover pork loin in the fridge. It was AMAZING and I want to do something equally amazing with the leftovers but am stumped. It has a rub on it but no bbq sauce. Any ideas out there? I'm thinking a white sauce and pasta, but would love some help...And, any other leftover bbq ideas as well!

Nov 11, 2009
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Denver finds

We'll be staying at the Denver Hyatt Tech Center (near I-25 and I-225) this weekend and I'm looking for recommendations for good food. We love Thai, Indian..anything, really...good pizza...We don't know Denver well, so would prefer to stay close in the area of the hotel. Also, we have three kids to consider, though they are well behaved and used to restaurants. Anyone have any good tips? Thanks!

Jul 06, 2009
hungrymom in Mountain States

Good Eating in Billings, MT?

I live in Bozeman, and I agree with Melly, you want to love the outdoors here. It's amazing. My husband and I moved back from Seattle and realized early on that there is a tradeoff as far as restaurants/mountains are concerned. We've also gotten better at cooking ethnic meals at home.

My main reason for posting is to say that I think Bridge Creek in Red Lodge is wonderful. We used to drive there (2 hours) about once a month to eat there, then drive back. We have a 2 year old and a 3 year old now and haven't gone recently. I hope they haven't lost their knack for interesting and chowish dishes. I say go down and give it a try sometime. There are few places in the state with such a great wine selection.

And, if you ever make it to Bozeman, I'd say try Plonk and La Tinga, both on Main. Enjoy MT!

Oct 04, 2006
hungrymom in Mountain States

taco seasoning from scratch

I'm cooking for a group with numerous food allergies on Sunday and need a taco seasoning that is gluten (wheat), dairy, and egg free. McCormicks (my normal standby) has whey (milk) and I think I'm going to have to make my own. What all goes in? Cumin, I'm sure of, but what else? I figured seasoned ground beef and/or chicken, corn tortillas and flour ones for those that can have, and numerous toppings will make a feast for all. Thanks!

Sep 15, 2006
hungrymom in Home Cooking

please help me plan my wedding dinner...

My suggestion is for wine selection: once you find your two entree preparations, invite 10-12 people over and have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite wine in a certain price point (for us, it was $10-15). Make the meal, taste all the wines and have guests help choose your wine offerings for the reception. We were invited to one of these while engaged and had so much fun we did it ourselves. It was a great way to choose the wines and test the dishes. And best of all, it was the most fun we had making a decision regarding the wedding.

Sep 13, 2006
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Easy skillet meals

My best friend is living in London for 10 months for business. It's difficult for her to cook much in her kitchen--not many dishes, small stove, etc. She's looking to me to help her out of the repetition of eating eggs and pasta with prepared sauces. I'm hoping to get a little help from some of you. What are some favorite stand bys? They need to be easy and using few ingredients. She's also eating out--some amazing meals I might add--but needs to cook more on her own.

Sep 12, 2006
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Any new, fun ideas for fresh homemade pesto?

I love pesto and goat cheese. Tossed with a little penne and it's so easy and good. My kids love it, too.

Sep 08, 2006
hungrymom in Home Cooking

Is there good pizza in Seattle?

Personally, my favorite pizza in the state is in Ballard at Madame K's. Try the Artie Parmie if you love artichoke dip as much as I do. It's incredibly rich and yummy. Great atmosphere, all pies are excellent, but save room for the dessert! She serves up the chocolate orgasm and you do not want to miss it.

Sep 08, 2006
hungrymom in Pacific Northwest

SEA - Looking for good Thai if I can't go to Issaquah...

Two thoughts here:

1) Even within countries food can be regional. Just because you can't find much in the way of grits and okra in Seattle doesn't mean they aren't "American". Granted, I've never been to Thailand, so it may very well be that they don't have peanut sauce anywhere there. But, I know whenever I go to Norway to visit family they all puzzle over "uff-da" and lutefisk. But, here in America those are both seen as Norwegian things.

2) Just as quesadillas are not authentic Mexican, you can find them everywhere and quite frankly, I'm glad they exist. I had an excellent one the other night with smoked gouda and jack and pepperjack cheese served with a roasted pepper salsa that was out of this world.

I will continue to make and enjoy both peanut sauce and quesadillas, thank you very much. But, please, no lutefisk! :-)

Aug 21, 2006
hungrymom in Pacific Northwest

Oregon Coast

I don't know much about salmon at this time of year on the coast...just have two recs for Newport. For dinner--Sharky's (or Shark's?--I'm having a brain drain at the moment). They steam cook everything and it's truly a unique and tasty (not to mention healthy) experience. Plan to return if you're there two nights. And, the Whale's Tale has amazing breakfasts. Pancakes and bacon are both especially good.

Aug 21, 2006
hungrymom in Pacific Northwest

SEA - Looking for good Thai if I can't go to Issaquah...

Nobody has mentioned Tup Tim Thai in Lower Queen Anne. It's always been my favorite. Of course, the phad thai is good, but so is the peanut sauce (is there bad peanut sauce?), spring rolls, and panang curry.

At 9 in the morning my mouth is watering over thai food. ymmmmm.

Aug 14, 2006
hungrymom in Pacific Northwest

My experience at Pizzeria Bianco (long)

It does appear that Chris Bianco does love what he does and is very good at it. I think the place closes down when he's on vacation. For quality control, it's really the only way. I used to live in Seattle and read a thread on the NW board the other day that Tom Douglas doesn't spend as much time in his kitchens as he used to and that they've suffered because of it. Kudos to Bianco for taking ownership of his product.

I agree with the Wiseguy rec but would also suggest not adding anything. I think they have found the perfect combinations through much research and adding anything just tips the balance of flavors one way or the other.

The crust is fabulous, but I'd have to say the cheese makes it for me. I read somewhere that they make there and smoke it with the pecan wood. Hmmmm....

Jul 24, 2006
hungrymom in Southwest

Seattle - lower Queen Anne

I'd second Tup Tim Thai.

Jul 14, 2006
hungrymom in Pacific Northwest

KID FRIENDLY Seattle Dinner Recommendation

I'd recommend Tup Tim Thai in lower Queen Anne...on Roy, kiddy corner from KFC. Fine for large groups as long as you get there early. It gets busy fast. Not chinese, but in my opinion, better!

Jul 13, 2006
hungrymom in Pacific Northwest

New York Hound Not Fooling Around

When at the Space Needle/Science Museum, I would suggest lunch at Tup Tim Thai--lower Queen Anne, on Roy, I believe (kiddy corner from KFC) my son loves the pad thai noodles, so your 7 year old should be fine there, too. I also go for pad thai there and my husband is all about there Panang curry. It's better than Wild Ginger any day of the week. For a dinner I'd recommend Osteria La Spiga on Capital Hill. Fresh made noodles...I'd go lasanga or if they have it, squash ravioli. Another fun lunch place would be Red Mill Burgers--found on Phinney Ridge and lower Magnolia...and maybe one more location that I'm blanking on. Get a chocolate/peanut butter shake--they use chunky p.b. and they're fabulous.

Jul 13, 2006
hungrymom in Pacific Northwest

seattle: lunch near the westin + dinner recs

I used to work at the 6th and Stewart building right across the street from the Westin and always thought the best lunch in the are could be found at Pamela's right across the street. On Stewart, just a few doors east of 6th on the south side. They used to make amazing turkey and havarti stuffed brioche on Wednesday and we'd get over there early to make sure we snagged some before they sold out. They also serve breakfast and note that seating is limited.

Jul 11, 2006
hungrymom in Pacific Northwest

Best bites in Seattle

At Safeco I would recommend the garlic fries along with the hotdog. Also, if you have a car at Safeco, a short, out-of-the-traffic trip over Beacon Hill into Columbia City would get you to La Medusa for a nice rustic Italian experience. Though, you cannot go wrong in the International District.

Jul 07, 2006
hungrymom in Pacific Northwest