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Slow Hand BBQ in Pleasant Hill - Any reports?

I've done a thorough review of nearly all BBQ places in SF and east bay. My friends and I have decided that Slow Hand makes some of the best ribs. Their brisket and pulled pork are also good but its really the ribs that standout. They have a great rub and don't completely fall of the bone into a mess.

For other people interested in BBQ -

Brisket - Bo's in Lafayette, KC as a runner up (not much bark)
Pulled Pork - cathead in SF, Loonies as a runner up

Jan 13, 2013
rblomq in San Francisco Bay Area

Top 5 Bay Area Sandwiches?

Star Grocery on claremont is hands down the best "deli" type sandwich you are going to find. People like to rave about Genova but Star uses La Farine rustic bread and only top quality cold cuts. Keep in mind, I'm not reviewing some high end sandwich from a restaurant, I'm talking about a $6.50 sandwich that makes you wish you were in New York.

I normally go for the GodFather.

La Farine
6323 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

Oct 10, 2011
rblomq in San Francisco Bay Area

Who's got Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA on tap?

No to Beer Revolution - just there the other day and they didn't have it. Chance of Cato's having it is near zero.

Possibly Toronado depending on what they are feeling like pouring.

Beer Revolution
464 3rd St, Oakland, CA 94607

Sep 02, 2011
rblomq in San Francisco Bay Area

Smokey J's Q House - BBQ in Berkeley

I've been here three times now. The first trip was some of the best ribs and brisket I've been able to get in the bay area. Was a little smokey but the bark was amazing and the fat was completely rendered. I was really happy with my meal and thought it would become my official go to spot for BBQ.

Unfortunately, my second trip proved to be completely sub-par. The brisket had zero bark and was total fat. None of the fat was rendered out which I assume means they didn't smoke it long enough or cook it at the right temp for the right amount of time. On top of this I got the rib tips which maybe just aren't my thing but I found them to be overcooked and fatty too (I expected the cartilage).

For my third trip I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Assuming maybe it was just a bad day. This time the ribs were fatty and not even juicy. None of the fat was rendered making them pretty much tough and not enjoyable to eat. The brisket was just a fall of fat without any meat. To me it was inedible.

Overall, I think Smokey J's was a one hit wonder for me. I'm not willing to gamble the money on possibly getting those amazing ribs and brisket I got on my first trip. I'll stick to trying KC BBQ ribs down on San Pablo. I found them to be great.

Ohh yeah, I do like the BBQ sauce at Smokey J's. It's very good with a nice a tomato consistency and balance of tang with sweetness.

Aug 08, 2011
rblomq in San Francisco Bay Area

Black & White Cookie

If you go to Market Hall on College they have them sometimes. If they don't have them you can ask who the baker is that they buy them from. I asked one time and they gave me the name but I forget. I just make these cookies at home now when I have the craving. There isn't enough demand for them on the west coast so they typical go stale.

May 19, 2011
rblomq in San Francisco Bay Area

Sandwiches in the East Bay

no question about it - I don't even bother with the lines and wait at Genova anymore. Although it's a pity how they sell out of bread.

May 19, 2011
rblomq in San Francisco Bay Area

Need B'day cake for Oakland foodie's 30th.

I would highly suggest Crixa Cakes -

Crixa Cakes
2748 Adeline St, Berkeley, CA 94703

Sep 19, 2010
rblomq in San Francisco Bay Area

Reno Bachelor Party

Wow Thanks.

Imperial Bar looks like a great choice. Easy to please everyone at a place like that.

Really appreciate the posts.

Jun 22, 2007
rblomq in California

Reno Bachelor Party

What about the Brewpub in the ElDorado? Brewbrothers. That might be a good spot.

Jun 22, 2007
rblomq in California

Reno Bachelor Party

First Post from a frequent and avid reader. I'm looking for a place in Reno to have a bachelor party dinner. So far I notived a couple of places that are posted consistently but I don't know if the atmosphere would be suitable.

1) La Famiglia
2) 4th St Bistro
3) Louis' Basque Corner

Just to give you a background. I like my good food but most of the other people could probably settle for something a little less with a better atmosphere. I think there will be about 10-12 people so I would like something with a big table that would be fun.

Any ideas or sugesstions?

Thanks for the help.

Jun 21, 2007
rblomq in California