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Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

Just called to make a res at Sanford's, and they are closed for the weekend we will be in town-how sad. I will try another one of y'alls suggestions above-thanks!

Aug 19, 2011
convivial viands in Great Lakes

Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

How about Watt's Tea House for lunch or breakfast?

Aug 15, 2011
convivial viands in Great Lakes

Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

We are heading to Milwaukee for a weekend from New Orleans and wanted to know what are some of the exceptional restaurants in the area.

We are either staying downtown or the Iron Horse, so we would prefer not to drive too far of a distance.

Thinking of going to either Harbor House or Bachus one night. (Do not want to do the same restaurant group twice.) Comments?

We are really looking for fine dinning with stellar food. So before I do any further research-I wanted to get some ideas on here first.

Also, any just local, good places for lunch that a tourist may not find? I was reading other posts re eating at the market.

Thanks for your advanced help!

The Iron Horse Hotel
500 West Florida Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Harbor House
550 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Aug 15, 2011
convivial viands in Great Lakes

San Juan, P.R.

We are staying at the Ritz in Puerto Rico, and we would like some dinner suggestions.

We are three girls, and we are from New Orleans, so we have a penchant for good food and 27 and 28 ratings on the Zagat scale.

Do you all have any suggestions especially any authentic cuisine that is in Old Town San Juan and any good restaurants near the hotel?


Thanks for all the suggestions.

I guess I will stick with either Beauty Shop, Encore or Erling Jensen's. Iris looks great, but it reminds me a little too much of our local menus.

As far as BBQ places, this will be a toss up.

Littleman: As far as fav places in N.O., that is a hard one. All of those you named above are great. Here are some of my favorites: MiLA, Patois, Coquette, Iris, Bayona, La Provance, Stella and Cuvee. For a more relaxed atmosphere, I like Stanley's, Surrey's, Baru and Cafe Amelie(the courtyard makes the food). Anyway-I will stop now.


I am staying at the Peabody Hotel for a weekend, and I wanted to know what are some good places to eat around the area. I have been hearing/reading about the following: Iris, Beauty Shop, McEwen's on Monroe and Erling Jensen's. Are any of these Zagat rated? I am from New Orleans, and I wanted to go to one of the best restaurants Memphis has to offer along with another one that has a very local vibe.