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Los Feliz / Silver Lake - 12 people including 1 vegetarian

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here, but I thought I would give this a shot:

I'm looking for a restaurant in the Los Feliz / Silver Lake area for 12 people before a show at the Greek Theater. One of the twelve is a vegetarian. Looking for a place that can do about $100 per person all-in.

Any suggestions? I saw some recommendations for Malo but that was for a group of 100. Hopefully 12 is more manageable and yields more options.

Thanks in advance!

4326 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Pasadena for one?

Housesitting for the weekend, looking for a place to go in the Pasadena area (also La Canada, La Crescenta, thereabouts). My friends are not interested in driving up here, so it would be just me.

Cuisine, price, and scene don't matter. Just looking for something good on a Sunday night. Can anyone help?

chinese delivery in calgary

Ginger Fried Chicken or Beef is great. The fried dumplings. Beef and baby corn (that's a nostalgic choice), salt and pepper squid or salt and pepper prawns/shrimp (one or the other), chicken chow mein (skinny noodles), chicken with black bean sauce (ask for asaparagus).

Crap, got back to LA just now and am hating the fact that it will be a year before I get to have it again...

chinese delivery in calgary

Peking Dragon on 4th Street. I avoided eating any sort of Chinese in Los Angeles just so I could fully enjoy that place. So good (I think). Black pepper chicken.

Christmas Eve Dinner Suggestions?

Looking for something for two people on Christmas Eve. Prefer no prix fixe.

Any ideas? Have called a ton of places but no real luck so far.

Thanks! Happy holidays everyone!

Studio or Loft at the Montage Laguna Beach Resort

I've eaten at Studio a couple of times and it has never disappointed. It is really expensive but they really do take care of you. Everything was phenomenal. The space is pretty great too.

I think you should trust your instincts (and the glowing recommendations) and go to Studio.

Eats Near Loyola Law?

I know that there was a posting on this on the old site, but for some reason it was either deleted or the search isn't picking it up. Hopefully this thread doesn't suffer the same fate.

In any event, any suggestions near Loyola Law? Olympic and Union, more or less. Not really feeling Langer's or El Parian today, so I'm looking for other options. I remember mentions of some nuclear chicken nearby but the name escapes me.

Any suggestion welcome!


LA Hound In NYC Celebrating Engagement of Two Good Friends. Recs?

Going to be in NYC on MLK weekend. Primary reason is that two of my good friends are getting married and I'd like to take them out. Looking for some place fun that doesn't break the bank (not completely, at least). Hopefully get out of there for around $100 - $150 per person (including drinks). Cuisine doesn't really matter as long as it's good!

Looking in Manhattan, preferably lower east side or either village (although if there's a place anyone really wants to suggest NOT in that area, I'm more than happy to hear it).

Hope you all can help.


Nov 20, 2006
Biff Wellington in Manhattan

I need to build up my arsenal of local restaurants - HELP!

Cobra Lily = RIP
Wahoo's doesn't deliver...
Also, Mandarette (Beverly and Orlando I believe) for Chinese (they deliver) and Tawanna Thai (in same strip mall as Wahoo's. They also deliver).

Staying at Hotel Monaco for wedding - any nearby recs for LA hound?

This is awesome! Thanks all of you. By all means, keep the suggestions coming, but if nothing else, this is a massive list. Looking forward to trying a couple of these spots.

Staying at Hotel Monaco for wedding - any nearby recs for LA hound?

Hey everyone,

Coming into DC next Thursday and staying through the weekend. Staying at the Hotel Monaco. As I've never stayed there (indeed, I've never been to DC at all), I was hoping you all could pass me some recommendations for places nearby that would be worth checking out in my brief stay.

Wouldn't mind some Chinese food (LA is barren unless I want to drive way out in to the San Gabriel Valley), but I'll eat anything recommended.


Very Best Porkchop

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Jiraffe. Their pork chop is gigantic and very tasty. I also agree with the Josie and Jar recommendations.

Gemmels in Dana Point

Admittedly, the first time we went to Studio, we thought the food was fantastic all around. However, the second trip was a let down - everyone agreed that the food was not very good.

I'm more than willing to concede that it was simply an off-night, but the dad argues that if he's going to spend that kind of money, he'd rather try some place new. Me, I'm just glad to get a free meal.

They also ate at Stonehill and thought it was just OK. Wow my parents sound snobby.

I think 162 or Gemmel's might have to be it. Price isn't an issue, although the lack of wine selection at Gemmel's may present a problem. In any case, I'll report on whatever restaurant we ultimately end up at and on how the food was.


Gemmels in Dana Point

Parents are making an impromptu appearance this weekend in Laguna and were unimpressed with Studio on their last visit. Would Gemmel's work as an appropriate followup?

How's the wine list?


Sopra?? Any recent experience?

I agree with the sentiments shared above. I thought the drinks were pretty tasty, and the service was nice (although it was literally empty when I went), but the food itself left a lot to be desired.

I'm actually surprised that they're still there, which isn't to say that I hate it, but when you go somewhere at 7 on a Saturday and you're literally the only table in the place, you have to wonder...

What Restaurants Have Lived Up To All The Hype?

Is this the Krua Thai in West Covina or in North Hollywood? Not sure if it's the same owners or what...

Sangria at Cobra Lily

It is pretty tasty, but unfortunately, the Cobra Lily is no more...guess you can't ask her again.

I lived down the street from there and I'd consumed many a cocktail. Evidently not enough to keep them in business, unfortunately. As for the food, well...

Best Restaurant By The Water?

Hey all,

Have a friend coming down in the next few weeks who wanted to eat at a nice place by the water. As much as I may consider taking her down to a place like the Montage, for now I would like to stay closer to home. So, any coastal area (Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu, etc.) would be great. Price not important at this point, nor is cuisine. Any help would be appreciated.


has anyone been to Chinois lately?

Went there a couple of weeks ago when my dad was in town. It remains a favorite of mine in this city. We ordered a lot of different stuff, and nothing disappointed.

In sum, it's great and worth the price.

Where do you like to eat in Redondo Beach?

I've said it before, but I really don't see the appeal of Chez Melange. I've only been once, but I was so thoroughly disappointed (it felt to me like a Denny's that served liquor) that I will not be returning any time soon. Am I missing something?

CHOZA MAMA - short report

I work really close to Choza Mama and have been a couple of times. The rotisserie chicken is really good, and the place as a whole is nice and affordable. A great lunch spot if you're in the area.

Pearl Jam tonight...pre-show food?

I looked at older posts regarding the Forum, but I'm hoping there might be some more recent revelations as to where to eat before the Pearl Jam show tonight. If it has alcohol, that would be dynamite. It doesn't necessarily have to be walking distance from the Forum. Maybe on the drive over from BH (ideally closer to Inglewood but I won't lose sleep if it's not)?

Suggestions welcome.