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Fresh Mangosteens

I saw them, fresh at the Asian Market on Old Ox Road/606 near Ashburn Brambleton area. I believe is was $7.99/lb.

Foster's Grille "Home of the Charburger" Now Open in Chantilly

Yep, they have in NOVA:
Vienna, Warrenton, Chantilly, Ashburn are the ones I am aware of...pretty good circle your order and comes with fries and a drink for one price...

Best Shrimp Po-Boy, Andouille, Low Country in NOVA?

My sentiments exactly, when they're open, I get the half and half and then run over to sonic for a drink...something about their crushed iced drinks and those po-boys...heaven!

Best Shrimp Po-Boy, Andouille, Low Country in NOVA?

I agree food is good but the shrimp po-boys were weak. They used small sized shrimp and weren't seasoned enough. The oysters po-boy was much better. I would say, go there for the entrees not the sanwiches, however.

Comparing any po-boys in this area to the ones I am used to in Lafayette, LA is tough...but I am determined to find a place with great rolls and slightly larger, seasoned crispy, not battered shrimp. Looking forward to reading other responses.

Great Chinese between Reston and Chantilly/Fairfax?

You would never guess you can get terrific Chinese homemade noodle soups at a mall, but try Fair Oaks Hunan Chinese Gourmet. My favorite is the shrimp and black mushroom noodle soup with chilies.

Filipino banana sauce

They sell Jufran hot banana sauce at a couple of the Filipino groceries around NOVA. Not sure about any in Baltimore but you can order the stuff online as well.

Lucky 3 dimsum in Falls Church

Had to try this place since I was in the area last night. Had many horrible chinese buffets and this place wasn't bad at all and found out they have a new owner who has been there less than 1 month. They did have the usual suspects, I think to appease all types of diners, like bad fried rice, stir fries, and fried wings and fries for the kids. But they are doing more than just typical chinese food, but you have to look carefully. Obviously the Viet rolls as noted above, but also have Filipino style spring rolls, lumpia shanghai, which are first off smaller, tasty pork and water chestnut filled rolls with a different thinner, crispier wrap. According to the owner, they also have Filipino style lechon, which is a whole roasted pig on Sunday brunch. Will have to try that next time. I was delighted to see in the big stainless steel rice cooker/warmers, they had Tahô made of fresh soft/silken tofu, and a sweet ginger broth. They also had a simple version of ginataan, which is coconut based sweet soup with taro and sago (tapioca)
All in all, I was pleasantly surprised for my $12.95 dinner including hot tea, or soda and will be back for the lechon!

Best Onion Rings?

Johnny Rockets is on my list this weekend...forgot about that place, it's been a long time, thanks!
PS...that's a peeve of mine too!

Good Southern Cuisine in the DC Area

It was and it looked so good, with fresh blueberry sauce...but I had a couple of martinis by dinner time and had too much "sweet stuff", it was also a HUGE slice...I promised myself I would come back for the tomato salad and shrimp and grits...and the coconut cake next time!!!

Good Southern Cuisine in the DC Area

Really enjoyed Creme last weekend! Went on Sat evening at 10pm, ate at the bar with a pal and had the Beef short rib! Amazing flavor and the mixed veggies were very good as well. Didn't enjoy the potatoes au gratin...bland and no crust on the top. Friend got the surf and turf, good flavor on the steak, overly breaded shrimp...But overall, food was delicious. Music starting at 11 was fantastic!

Best Onion Rings?

Hi All, just wondering where one can find the best onion rings in DC/NOVA? It doesn't have to be beer battered, or thick, or thin, as long as they are hand coated, well seasoned, and very crispy. Doesn't have to be high end, fast food places will do.

Il Fornaio Reston

Anyone been yet? I think it opened 2 weeks ago in the town center and haven't heard anything on it. Heard from a buddy that it's a chain out of the west coast...tasty but pricey.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Sterling area

How about Landsdowne Resort? Just up the road from Sterling, maybe 5 miles or less. They always have a huge Sunday brunch, and have other holiday specials, so wouldn't be surprised if they had something for Thanksgiving.
Also, what about Westfields in Chantilly about 12 miles out of Sterling? Prices are sure to be more than $25pp, but it may be worth it.

place to take the in-law Thurs nite?

LOL, I'll never tell :)

place to take the in-law Thurs nite?

Thanks Elyssa, I know it's hit or miss during RW...but I at least got the out-law to chat with me, due to a couple extra glasses of wine I bought her...LOL!
Thanks for the Acadiana tip!

place to take the in-law Thurs nite?

Had the in-law dinner last nite. Quick review of 701, as I am sitting at work so I have to be quick...I was not impressed. First, it was warm in there and when we asked why, they said the air wasn't working. Strike 1.
I felt so rushed. Literally the moment we sat down, they gave us the RW menu and asked what we wanted to drink, I mentioned water with lemon for now and we'll glance over the wine list for dinner pairings...less than 2 min later, our server asked us again, if we were ready to order. I asked her to please give us 5 min to make our choices...she came back and told us since we are getting the RW menu, go ahead and give her the dessert choice as well...she wasn't so much rude, but all too hasty.
I asked for recs on the main entree, she told me the encrusted salmon was a bit "salty tonight" and we may want to go with the roasted grouper or the ribs.
The first course was the best, I had the heirloom tomato salad which was delicious and my guest had the grilled asparagus and enoki salad...excellent.

We went with the ribs and grouper...all I can say is...meh. The ribs came with a mango slaw which was ok, the roasted grouper I hear was over done and not memorable. The dessert selection was nothing to write home about either...I had the warm chocolate cake with what was supposed to be ice cream, but because of the warmth in the place, it was just sweet milk and my guest had the cherry tart...
Saving grace was the wine selection and 1st course...
all in all...I would rate this place a 4 out of 10...I have reservations for Acadiana tomorrow...wish me luck :)

place to take the in-law Thurs nite?

will do! Please do the sam re: Circle Bistro. I always love reading your posts!

place to take the in-law Thurs nite?

thanks! just booked the 7:15 slot...wish me luck!

place to take the in-law Thurs nite?

Looking for an easy good place in Arlington or DC to take the mother in law...somewhere with simpler foods, not really frou frou and about $20 a plate...more for ambiance, maybe some music playing and a nice Circle Bistro or 701 or the Press place a good spot considering it's RW?

Strawberries in Nor. Va.?

Best by far are at Whole Foods in Fairfax, they may still be on sale too. they also have a small farmer's market on sunday's...but the 2 vendors that sell strawberries aren't half as sweet.

Manila Cafe Report - Springfield, VA

Thanks Ellen, being a Filipina, there aren't too many places around DC/NOVA for good Filipino food besides my Grandmother's house in Burke. But the buffet at Manila cafe is ok. Meat Stews get oily but still very tasty. The breakfast is the best bet, but I believe they only serve buffet style on weekends. On weekdays, for $6.95, you can get 2 dishes off the buffet and a heaping mound of rice.

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns

Banh Mi DC in Falls Church and some cafes in Eden Center carry these as well, sweet roast pork and pork or chicken with egg. Sio Bao (sp)
Also, Grand Mart in Centreville or Sterling carries them in the freezer section.

Negril - Silver Spring, MD

Not sure if this is the place, but a buddy of mine mentioned the patties were dried up? Seasoned, but overdone...
Has anyone heard of this?

any extraordinary local chain rest recs?

Just wondering if anyone has chain rest. specific menu items that y'all enjoy out in the burbs?
Here's my initial list...

I like Houston's for their smoked salmon, soups, burgers

PF Chang's Seabass with Spinach and brown rice, fried banana dessert

Legal Seafood's Oyster po' boy

Coastal Flats fried dough, fish and chips, chocolate waffle dessert

Popeye's onion rings

Cheesecake factory mashed pots, iced tea, chocolate cake

Any recs?

Bethesda Restaurants

I enjoy Houston's for their burgers and smoked salmon...

Sterling, VA: Fresh seafood alts. to Red Lobster

Something told me you're Pinoy! me too! we don't have any good pinoy restaurants around here :(
Luckily, I have many relatives in the area!
Happy 4th!

Sterling, VA/Dulles Towne Ctr: Ethnic cuisines

Hi Again, there is a kabob place in the mall that is pretty good, considering it's a food court. Have tried the other kabob houses around the area, and this IMO is the best in the area. Lines are long sometimes but worth it, and they give plenty of food.
Pacific restaurant isn't bad for better than average chinese food, not Joe's or Full Kee, but not bad. There is also a Vietnamese place in the same strip mall that has good spring rolls and spicy beef noodle soup.
If you like Jamaican food, there is a small hole in the wall called Jamaica Jamaica in herndon off Sunset Hills where I pick up beef and curry chicken patties wrapped in coco bread.
And if you haven't tried Pollo Campero fried chicken in Herndon is pretty good as well.
There is also a pretty decent Indian buffet called Jandara (sp?) in Ashburn.
Looking forward to other responses!

Sterling, VA: Fresh seafood alts. to Red Lobster

Not too many options, besides the typical chain, but Sweetwater has pretty good seafood choices sometimes. Haven't tried it yet but there's a seafood/sushi store, not restaurant in Great Falls Plaza off of Algonkian called Hooked...just looked at the menu...looks pretty good, might try the sushi tonight and will let the board know...

Thanks for the Dino recommendations!

I am pretty new to this board and just wanted to thank you all for the Dino recommendations. It was my turn to pick a place for dinner for SO and me. I made reservations for Sat. evening and the first thing that the SO mentioned, was "wow...what an awesome wine list" after Dean greeted us at the door and seated us. From there, food and service was great. We had the burrata, meatballs and croquettes to start and lasagne and wine by the glass for dinner. We shared a glass of limencello to top it off and walked around the area before heading to Coldstone across the street to finish the dinner. Headed to see ratatouille to complete the whirlwind food tour.
What a great evening and please keep the awesome recommendations coming...

My next stop...Ray's in Arlington :)

Charlie Palmer 2-nite, what to order?

Special occasion this evening and taking BF to CP. I haven't been to CP in about a year, I usually get the rib eye...anything else I should try? Also, what or where should we get dessert, after dinner drink?

Thanks so much!