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MASAMI Pure Japanese Bloodline Wagyu

Alittle Cattle 101 for all of you...

There are three types of cattle, work, dairy, and beef. The roots of Wagyu cattle are in the work cattle category. Overtime in Japan, the Japanese bread their way into what we know as "Kobe Beef." There is no such thing as 100% Wagyu, as even the Japanese imported beef has Hollstein cattle in the bloodline, and if you go even further back there is a breed of Angus. Hence the claim of 100% Wagyu can never really be true.

I believe the legality is that you can make the claim of 100%, if it is at least 60% of a specific breed. So there is beef out there you can get that is closer to 100% Wagyu, and some closer to 50% like the Snake-River "American Kobe." Angus Cattle = the best mothers because of the largest milk sacks, therefore faster growth.

Masami Ranch's "pure" Wagyu is as close as it gets, as close to US raised cattle. As their cattle is of all pure Japanese bloodline. So essentially the Masami Ranch cattle is probably somewhere close to a F8, which represents stability in genetics after 8 generations of back crossing.

Jun 23, 2007
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