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Caterer in the South Bay for an engagement party...

Definitely Lisa's Bon Appetite

Bon Appetite
7111 Lindley Ave, Reseda, CA 91335

Sticky Buns

Sweet Jill's in Belmont Shores on 2nd Street.

Post Funeral Taiwanerse Banquet :Rancho PV?

I am sorry about you father in law. The service at Harbor Palace is rude. The food is great, but not worth the bad service. PV Palace (formerly Regal Palace) is a good choice. It is very close to Green Hills if that is where you will be coming from. The service and food are excellent. Ay of the other places with the exception of Harbor Palace are great.

Is Campos still in business?

Drove by the location on Jefferson and Centinela yesterday - still open.

Bacaro LA (wine bar)

Went to their "grand" opening. Frat party basically. Santos was very busy flirting with coeds while we patiently waited to get his attention. I'm sure it will get it's bearings - but the frat boy atmosphere is a big turn-off. I kept expecting to run into my daughter's friends.

Need Santouka/Asa Ramen/Kyochon info

If you're going to be in the South Bay Kyochon (Casron @ Crenshaw)and Santouka (Carson @ Western), are less than 5 min away. I would skip all three and go to Shisen Ramen on Sepulveda and Western, in the Conroy's Plaza. The best Paiko ramen and chicken karaage. The dumplings are sublime.

Eat like a King pay like a Pauper

Le Chef in Norwalk (?) 710 Freeway at Firestone. Excellent and very reasonable. Full bar and nice wine selection. Six of us had apps, dinner, drinks, and bananas flambe prepared table side for under $250.00 with tip. Outstanding hidden gem, hard to find but worth it. It was chosen based on the distance between Walnut and Rancho Palos Verdes.

HELP! - Where to buy Hershey's Kisses in BULK?

Try Garvey Nut and Candy in Commerce. I buy bulk there for various events that I host, and the selection is great.

ISO coal fired pizza

Port Town Cafe in San Pedro has a wood burning oven. Great little gem and good pizza. Nothing fancy. Pizza runs between $8 - $12.

Where's the best breakfast in Torrance?

The Loft on Hawthorne Bl. for Hawaiian breakfast. On the Torrance/Redondo border is an Original Pancake House. Good food and great service. Split an Apple Pancake and eggs and bacon on Monday for breakfast with a girlfriend. YUMMY! King's Hawaiian, but only for the Hawaiian French toast - don't forget to ask for the coconut syrup. Otherwise they'll just bring the fake maple. Good Dim Sum up and down PCH between Narbonne and Hawthorne.

The ramen at Santouka is heavenly. (Mitsua Market Place) Dessert from the Mochi stand in the market. Or try the bakery - go for the Milk France. Addicting.

Best Happy Hour/Meeting Place Downtown?

The Golden Gopher or the Broadway Bar

Finding an Offal Butcher in Los Angeles??

Seafood City markets and most Asian Grocery stores can hook you up. I'm sure if you go with the Asian and Hispanic chains you won't have trouble. Also try the Top Value chain.

Dark, atmospheric, vintage hidden gems

The Alley on PCH & Balboa is another great red leather booth place. The barkeeps rock. Fun local place without all the plastic surgery victims you usually find in the OC.

Dark, atmospheric, vintage hidden gems

The San Franciscan on Sepulveda in Torrance
Antes in San Pedro - excellent "Slav" food
The Bull Pen on PCH in Redondo Beach
Kelly's 2nd Street in BelmontShores/Naples

All old school, Bull Pen and San Franciscan have live entertainment

Dark, atmospheric, vintage hidden gems

Add another location to the list - La Mirada/La Palma off the 5 Fwy.

Cerritos area

Johnny Rebs in Bellflower for American.

Best ice cream in Los Angeles- an updated poll

Black Cherry RULES! I always have a square in the freezer.

Ring Bologna?

I remember seeing Boars Head made a ring bologna. Not sure if you can find Usingers ring out here. Alpine Market in Torrance or Eschbecks (sp) in Gardena on Western Ave. may have. Sorry - don't know much in the valley.

Tamales & Pastrami


I order several hundered every year to give to my clients for Xmas. The chicken chili verde with cheese are heaven in a husk. Perfect ratio of cheese, meat and sauce. The masa is as light as Hungarian goose down! They also make an outstanding dulche de leche, pineapple cream cheese, and pumpkin sweet tamales. The fresh corn, chili cheese, and vegetarian are also just as exceptional. Even though I live in the South Bay, I find myself craving Gallegos because they remind me of the tamales our "lady" made for us when we were kids. Not a big fan of the Central American-style tamales. Too "exotic" for me!

Original Pancake House in Redondo Beach - Any Good?

Both are yummy - just depends on what you want. OHOP (I love that name), is the best for the Apple Baby. The sourdough pancakes were pretty good and the bacon is always perfectly crisp and crunchy. The service is always friendly and efficient.

Uncle Bill's bacon and cheese waffle is worth the spike in your cholesterol. Parking can be a drag on the weekends.

Pre-cooked Turkeys

Which location BB? I go to the Harbor City store for my red beans and rice fix.

Langer's VS Canter's

I had lunch Thursday at Langer's. I met an associate from Portland who was freaked out over the location. Being the cynic I am towards out of towners, I told him about the rash of recent gang related murders in the area, including the tragedy of a newborn baby caught in crossfire. Our other associate from the OC told him this was the only pastrami sandwich he would risk his life for. After his first bite into the steaming #1, Mr. Portland agreed, he will gladly risk his life again for the best sandwich he had ever eaten in his 46 years.

Pre-cooked Turkeys

I'm sure there are OLD threads on this, but I'm sick of reading post that start out from 2003. Time for fresh blood. No pun intended - see below.

Over the years, my family has supplemented our holiday buffets with pre-cooked turkeys from Vons, Albertson's, Bristol Farms RHE, and Ralphs. This Thanksgiving while in NYC, my daughter decided she wanted her 'Mommy' to cook instead of heading to see friends on Long Island. I purchased a pre-cooked organic turkey from Whole Foods across the street from her apartment on Union Square. After reheating it for one hour in a Reynolds cooking bag. (I sauteed aromatics, added a stick of butter and 3 cups of stock with the turkey breast side down - to soak up the extra goodness.) When I started to carve the turkey, it was still running blood and tough as shoe leather. Not only did this turkey ruin my Thanksgiving, it was expensive!!!

I am hosting Christmas Eve buffet for approximately 45 friends and family members here in LA. I need suggestions for the best pre-cooked turkey in LA to make up for my dismal bird from "Whole Paychex", in NYC. I would love to find a Cajun fried turkey similar to those sold at Popeye's in Harlem. Yeah, I know turkey is easy to make, but I would rather concentrate my efforts on traditional Italian and Filipino dishes.

Red Velvet Cake

I had the most wonderful red velvet cupcake at Buuby's in Tribeca.

Nov 17, 2007
gaylenwaydelich in Manhattan

Okazu - ya in L.A.?

Second on Bob's. Also in Gardena, try Bradda's and Gardena Bowl for that island taste.

REVIEW: Johnny Rebs' Southern Roadhouse, Orange

The fried green tomatoes smothered in petey's pepper sauce, Dixie Voodoo, extra biscuits, that fried chicken and catfish. Ohhh the peach cobbler. Hurry and reopen LBC!! The original location in Long Beach was very authentic in taste and decor. I even didn't mind one night years ago when the tape loop was skipping and played "Chicken Truck" all night long - the food is that good. Fun for birthdays when you have to kiss the pig. Been a family favorite for over 20 years.

Great Jewish Deli/Restaurant in LA

I thought I was the only person that has fantasies about that combo. I love Langers and have been eating there for 30 years. The only complaint I have is the mustard selection. I guess I'll have to buy a jar at Phillippe's and BYOM.

Need to buy Ox Tails on the Westside, near SM

Easily found in Asian or Hispanic markets. I have purchased them from Costco in the past too.

Quick Lunch in Torrance

Shisen Ramen on the corner of Sepulveda and Western in the Spires coffee shop strip mall. Best Ramen, dumplings and chicken karaage I've ever had.

Any Serbian restaurants (a la Three Brothers in Milwaukee) in the LA area?

Definitely Ante's in San Pedro. Most of the dishes run on the Croatian/Dalmatian side. The sauerkraut is to die for. The Perkov family that owns the restaurant and have been running it for years. You can also get excellent fresh cevapchichis at South Shores Meat Market and Sunshine Market here in town. McCowans also has a great selection of "slav" grocery items. Goga's has a good selection, but check the expiration dates before you buy.