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Watering Hole without a TV -- too much to ask??

Simon's in Andersonville - there's a little tv up in the corner, generally muted, usually playing some random movie on cable.

On Clark just north of Foster.

Sep 15, 2007
mjm47 in Chicago Area

100 hungry wedding guests

Hey all,

I've got a wedding full of people coming into town Friday & staying through Sunday.

Guests are quartered at the Talbott (Gold Coast), Lincoln Park Days Inn (Diversey & Clark) & Chicago Hilton (900 S. Michigan) and I wanted to give them a nice range of restaurants/bars - these are neighborhoods that I'm not too familiar with. I know that there's a ton of stuff around all three, I'm just not sure which is best.

We've got everything from college friends prone to misbehaving to old ladies prone to complaining about everything, so any and all suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Aug 05, 2007
mjm47 in Chicago Area

Alfresco dining on the north/northwest side (BYOB a plus!)

Anteprima, on Clark in Andersonville, has a great patio in the back and a great wine list. A bit north on Broadway (just south of Thorndale) is Moody's - the perfect place for a beer and the best burgers in town - also, very easy on the wallet.

Jun 20, 2007
mjm47 in Chicago Area