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Athens, GA - Cozy Yum Yum

I have no frame of reference for Asian places. We just don't eat enough of it to really know what's authentic or not (we just know what we think tastes good). Based on the suggestions here, my wife and I went last night, and I have to say that we will definitely be back. I had extra hot pod thai, and my wife had drunken noodles. We also shared an order of Golden Rangoons and each had a glass of wine.

At the end of the meal, we were both full (neither of us finished our bowls), and the price was very cheap (less than $40 including 20% tip). There was one minor screw up with the service (the appetizer came out with the meal), but overall, the place had a really comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Definitely reccomend!!

Nov 09, 2008
littlecsr in Southeast

Pizza in Athens, GA

Has anyone here tried Your Pie in Beechwood? I know that the description makes it sound awful (built like Subway), and it can take a while to get your pizza, but the food is actually pretty good.

The toppings are all authentic, and it has to be the only place in town that offers fresh mozzarella, whole wheat crust, and 6 or 8 different types of sauce.

Let me know what you guys think.

Athens, GA: Heresy!

The frogmore stew seems to be a permanent fixture and one of my favorites.

When in doubt, go with whatever the special is.

cakes from Cecilia V. in Athens GA

Pound for pound, I think the Grit makes better cakes.

Jul 17, 2008
littlecsr in Southeast

Searching for best breakfast in Athens

I have a serious trans fat phobia, so I don't just order biscuits anywhere. While they may not be the most popular, Big City Bread has great biscuits if you are worried about the partially hydrogenated oils used at most places.

Grit has the best pancakes.

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

Saturday, they are only open to clear out the week's stock, and they close once they have sold out. The owner told me that Friday and Tuesday are the best days to go.

Wilmington NC - Where do YOU dine?

Actually cooked breakfast pretty much every day. For other meals, we went to Michael's (pretty good but pricey), Big Daddy's (terrible), and the place across the street from Big Daddy's (can't remember the name, but it was great).

Wilmington NC - Where do YOU dine?

My family and I went to Carolina Beach last week and spent one afternoon in Wilmington. This means that I have been in Wilmington for about two hours out of my 34 years of life so take this for what its worth.

We had dinner at Fat Tony's in the River District (or area?), and thought the food was great. Would definitely go again when we're in the area.

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

I also went this weekend. The prices cannot be beat in the area. I went on a Saturday, which is the day that they get rid of the week's stock (they advised that Fridays are one of the best days to go for selection).

All of the meat (chicken, Boston butt, NY Strip, bacon, and sausage) that we purchased was very good (especially considering the price). This will be where we do most, if not all, of our meat purchases from now on.

By they way, they also told me that they can get marrow bones pretty easily.

Athens, GA: new businesses news.

I'm not sure. The main thing that I remember from last week was the sort of "minty" scent (and thus taste) coming from my broth. You know what I mean-- the scent where your nasal passages seem to open just a bit wider? Between that and the mint looking green leaves in my soup, I just assumed it was mint.

I don't want to dwell on anything that might appear negative. My point was that the soup tasted very fresh, not too salty, and unless they masked it very well, did not seem to come from bullion.

Athens, GA: new businesses news.

The menu is very limited, but it seems like I saw something LIKE that under appetizers. I was in and out pretty quick just doing pick up. Would love to hear your opinion.

Athens, GA: new businesses news.

Knowing absolutely nothing about Vietnamese food, my wife and I really enjoyed it. She definitely did NOT skimp on the sprouts and herbs. If I had any complaints at all, it was that there was too much of one herb in the broth (some sort of mint flavor).

On the day that I went, they actually created a purely vegetarian (tofu) option. They are still working this out as apparently this is unheard of back in the motherland.

I'd give them a shot. I'd be interested in UJ's opinion as I have zero frame of reference for this type of food.

Athens, GA: new businesses news.

I've never heard of it. What is it?

Athens, GA: new businesses news.

Athens only needs one good Italian restaurant. Unfortunately, out of the ten or so that we have, there aren't any good ones.The 3rd Mirko will be on Baxter near the library. My wife tried the one on the east side and said that while the food was very good, it was the same hassle just to sit and get a meal.

Best Eats in Athens GA

This is my wife's favorite restaurant (I'm still partial to 5&10, but this place is definitely in my top 2). Try the marinated almonds-- great snack before going to see a band/movie.

Apr 13, 2008
littlecsr in Southeast

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

The guy who owns the place had a post for about 5 minutes before it was taken down. He was specifically replying to this thread but could no longer find it. According to the thread, he will be open in mid-April, and while I don't remember the specifics, prices were insanely cheap for (according to him) very high quality meat.

We'll see.

glum food in Athens, GA, or: are Latinos going to save the South?

Those restaurants that you say do the best business are the very same restaurants that do the best business everywhere. Olive Garden has one of the biggest restaurants in Times Square, and I'm sure we'd agree that there are other Italian options in NYC.

For a town our size, I think that we have a decent set of unique choices at all price ranges. I would agree, though, that there are some really bad overpriced "pretenders" out there (especially downtown).

Incidentally, what would you say is the "good" sushi place? There is only one that I have not been to and I'm wondering if I should try it or settle for my current selection for "least bad".

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

You must be kidding!!

I've never really had bad service there, but if that happened to me, it would be the last time that I (apparently tried) to shop there.

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

If nothing else, I'm not willing to invest the money to prove you wrong. So I must at least think that you're "a little" right!!

I, too, have had terrible steak from Earth Fare, but in fairness, my wife picked up the best NY strip that I've ever seen there this weekend. Taste was perfect.

The seafood is great, but without having anything to compare it against, I suspect we're getting raped on the price.

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

You guys don't think that restaurant sales alone could keep a good butcher afloat?

I know of more than one restaurateur that really wanted to use Athens Fish Market, but they just weren't very good. I personally had been there more than once, but never bought anything because the selection and service was so lousy.

It just seems to me that if Earthfare can get away with what they charge for meat and fish ($19/lb. Tuna last weekend), someone could make a living here.

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

Anything that you can buy prepared, you can also by raw.

As I said earlier though, its not quite what you described at the top of the screen.

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

Go to He also usually has something at the Taste of Athens, which is at the end of the month.

I've not bought a whole lot there, but have always been very pleased with his lamb chops when he has them.

Could Athens, GA, support an "indie" butcher shop?

1. That both seafood shops on Baxter closed would not bode well for a LOUSY butcher. Both of those places were just awful.

2. The Grillmaster has been open on Epps Bridge for years. It's not exactly what Liana is describing, but I think it provides ample evidence that a trained butcher can do well here.

Best Eats in Athens GA

I really want to like Farm. I have tried it many times, and it just never lives up to its potential. Food is never cooked appropriately (too done-- have their Tuna sometime), service is never good, and oftentimes the menu does not offer an adequate description of what you are ordering. For example, my wife ordered the "cornmeal gnocchi" a couple of weeks ago. It actually had no resemblance to gnocchi at all-- they should have just called it polenta cubes. My last gripe is that I don't think that I have ever left there a) spending less than $120 and b) full.

Jul 06, 2007
littlecsr in Southeast