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New Year's Eve dinner recommendations

Every year, the mad rush happens and people have the problem of deciding where to go to eat for New Years Eve. I personally hate being gouged just because it is a holiday and restaurants insist on having a prix fixe menu with the obligatory glass of champagne without the option of using the regular menu. I for one have had a great time at Gaslight in the South End and I just called and they said that they are offering the regular menu with a few extra specials. This to me is the best way to go! I asked the nice person who answered the phone about other sister restaurants in the Aquitaine Group and they gave me the phone number at Union, which is doing something similar until 10pm, when they will offer a 3 course menu. Gaslight is great because there is free parking. If you want to go see the fireworks you can take the silver line over. It will be packed but I have done it in the past and it was fun. If you go to one of the restaurants on the water it will be a bit more formal and $$$ because of the proximity to the fireworks. The South End will be a bit less of a mob scene, and as always, jeans are welcomed.

Om new chef?

I heard that there are big problem$ going on at OM right now and the reason why everyone is being let go is because they are trying to cut back on payroll. It sounds like they are doing what Mantra did years ago. No more emphasis on food and now on to the Euro crowd. Too bad. I hope they do well. It is a great restaurant.

Favorite Restaurant on Charles St

Try Bin 26 Enoteca. The food is great and the wine list is off the hook. Great neighborhood vibe. The tomato soup is fantastic!

Take Out Thanksgiving Dinner?

If you want it done to perfection, call East Meets West catering in Boston. They will cook everything, package it up with re-heating instructions and deliver it to you door the day before. I used them once and they were great. They are a bit pricier then some of the other places but it is truly homemade food and it will make you life very easy.

Goodlife or Kingston Station?

I have had great success at Kingston Station! The food and serivce were great and I really enjoyed the grapefruit martini!

Anyone know whats going on with "Kingston" in Downtown Crossing?

I had a great experience there and am going back tonight to meet some friends that work in the area. I hope it does well. I will report back on tonight's dinner tomorrow.

Help -- Sunday Brunch for 15

JJ Foley's just started serving brunch in the SE and it is great. They will take reservations and it is very affordable. Good amount of selections. I ate there for the first time and was quite pleased. It is a great alternative to the SE Sunday brunch scene, which can be overwhealming. Also, Masa in the SE has a great brunch with a 7.95 prix fixe!! Always a good time at Masa, and they will indeed take a reservation

Fun Brunch for a Group

There is a great new brunch offered at JJ Foley's in the South End. They just started about a month ago and I went last week and loved it. It is a la carte and will not break the bank. They are very amenable there and have been trying to get the brunch off the ground. It is a great option and not a scene like other SE locations.

private party?

where do you want to go? There are lots of places that can accomodate something like that. Stella in the South End has a private room, give them a call. Day of the week is also important, as well as time.

Sultana Bakery, Angela's Cafe, Re-tamale Restaurant, A&L Bakery, Cafe 303

I moved to Eastie a month ago and have yet to explore. I live off of Meridian St and go to Taco Mania at least once a week. The pickled vegetables they have on the tables in the dining room are addictive, very hot but not hot enough that you wont go back for fourths! You can get 3 soft corn tortilla tacos for 5.95. Great bargain. The chicken tamales are fantastic as well and only 1.95. I will try Anna's out ASAP

Wanted: Authentic German Food!!!

This is by no means a German restaurant but the Sunset Grill and Tap in Allston has a crazy Oktoberfest going on. They have a sample platter with bratwurst, knockwurst, weisswurst, metwurst, cheddarwurst, all steamed in beer and then grilled and served with a hot cabbage and apple slaw, German potato salad with egg and a great beer mustard sauce for dipping. They also have the largest selection of oktoberfest beers in the city. They are at 130 Brighton Ave in Allston. They also have pumpkin beer ice cream. Give them a try.

Kingston Station- Good but...

I had a great experience there the other night. The place is new so that is probably why it is quiet. Service was friendly and the food was great. I did not mind the noise level. I will go back again.

Review: Gaslight last night

I went to one of the opening nights and was really happy with what I saw. The space is fantastic and I had an amazing meal. It was a soft opening and I did not have to pay, but for two of us to have 2 apps and 2 entrees it would have cost $44. Wow. I will eating there alot.

Cambridge/Boston for the weekend

Central Kitchen is great as well as the Enormous Room in Central Kitchen. Enormous Room is a scene but the kitchen is open late and they have a great vegetarian platter

Four Seasons High Tea

I recently had afternoon tea at the Wenham Tea House and I was blown away. Everything was delicious and the service was outstanding. A great option for the North Shore!

Douzo report

I have had many lunches there and have been very happy. For $15 you can get an amazing box lunch which includes sashimi, a great salad with miso dressing, a rice dish and some sort of traditional japanese dish (tonkatsu, etc...) Delish! Also, for 8.95 you can get the teriyaki salmon with salad and rice! Great price and very good. I love the place.

Icky experience at Aquitaine

That sounds a bit strange. Are you sure it was the same sandwich? They are super professional there. In the future say something to the manager on the way out. They need to know about things like that. I agree with the other person who said that the fries would have been cold after 10 minutes.

Two Nights in Boston - Where to Go?

If you are coming from New York are you coming from NYC or elsewhere? Blue Ginger is fantastic and Ming Tsai is truly talented, but it is outside of the city in Wellesley. If you do not have a car then you cannot go. If you are staying in the ciy then get the feel of the place. The Barking Crab on the waterfront is off the hook. Commnal dining with rocks to break lobster claws and and A+ atmosphere overlooking the skyline is great. Try it for lunch, not for dinner. Get some steamers and a great crab cake burger and have a sweet afternoon with a couple of beers. Very relaxing and what a great way to see Boston. Everyone that I have ever taken there (and that is LOTS) loves every minute of it! Please give it a try. If you are going for a great meal by all means go to No 9 Park. It is quite expensive so be ready. If you want something great and part of a neighborhood where you can really see how people live in Boston then go to Aquitaine on Tremont St in the South End. Fabulous, incredible French bistro atmosphere, soaring ceilings and great food. It is in a great neighborhood so you will be out of the whole tourist thing and there are great places to go walking distance afterwards for a nightcap. Toro on Washington St is a great tapas place with a killer paiella and sangria. Very lively and not the most romantic but always a fun time and very stylish. Worth the trip. Stella on Washington St is also great and worth the trip. Northern Italian (NOT RED SAUCE) food and great atmosphere. UNION on Washington St is also off the hook. Food is great and service is wonderful. Nice bar area. You will have your work cut out for you to try to sort out what this city has to offer. Welcome to Boston and enjoy. Even though the Yankees suck, you can still come.

Kale soup?

the best kale soup I had was in Provincetown at Tip's for Topsn' on Bradford St. It is owned by locals and they make a mean soup. The bread was not so hot at all ( I am comparing it to the old Arturo bread place on Rte 6i n Truro back in the 80's which totally kicked ass!!) If they had the great bread, the soup would be worth the trip.

Red Fez up, Red Fez down

The owners have been the same from the day it opened a few years ago. The mission of the restaurant changed with the departure of the GM last year. I have to admit that I do not like it now but they are doing a bang up business at night with the out of town over 40 crowd. It was packed the last time I was there. We only go because we know that on a Friday at 7 it is only place to take a group of 5. The food was never anything to write home about and it has not really changed that much. If you want a place to ge guaranteed a seat, then give it a shot. Do not go for the food or the service or the drinks.


My experience was OK but not great. I had more problems with the upstairs dining area than anything else. The food was fine, but unfortunatley I don't remember what I ate. Not a good sign because I remember meals like like I remeber a short story or book. The blue light of the upstairs bar is overwhealming and nobody looks good in such lighting. Lots of servers. The downstairs bar is FANTASTIC and a great place to meet freinds and take people. All in all I would say to go there and have fun, but stay downstairs. The owners are very passionate and talented people so give them a chance and I am sure it will get better and better.

Vegetarian restaurants or Veggie Friendly places?

If you are going to be in the Harvard Sq area then go to OM (across from Grendels and Upstairs at the Square). They are great and offer both vegetarian and vegan Tibetian inspired offerings in a great setting. It is quit nice and lively at night so it is a great and fun option for someone who is in from out of town and wants more than a typical (but I am sure wonderful although often times bland) vegetarian experience. This is true dining, not just tabouleh and hummus. Give it a shot and you will be pleased!!! The chef was named one of the best in the USA by Esquire magazine, just to give you an idea of what is going on there.

Wine store in Boston

I second that! Brix is great and they will talk you through anything. Simply ask and they will steer you in the right direction. They are passionate about wine but not pretentious donkeys. They offer a wine Six Pack and monthly specials. The layout of the store is great so you are not overwhealmed when you walk in. Washington and Waltham ish.

Your vote for boston's best chicken parm?

the best chicken parm in the South End is at Anchovies on Coulmbus Ave. I have been going there for over 10 years and it has not changed (and I think the price has only gone up by a dollar or so). Other restaurans try to do it but at Anchovies it is exactly what you are looking for. Perfectly cooked chicken, CHEESE and great sauce with a great garlic bread. There is nothing fancy about chicken parm but when you want it it has to be great. Anchovies is the place. It is served in a casserole dish and is all bubbly and great. Give it a shot. The meatball sub is also awsome. For $5.95 you can get great homemade meatballs on great garlic bread and have an inexpensive weeknight meal.

Pavilion Club Dining At Fenway Park

I agree. The seats are wonderful but it is totally overpriced and not worth it. The new head chef is Ron from Icarus in the South End and he is a well trained and amazing chef. I have a feeling that the food that the rest of us are fed is not the same as what he is making. Food is not the reason to go, the Sox are. GO SOX!!!


I was very impressed when Brownstone opened up. I had a great time at the bar and the chicken lollipops were great. The service was attentive and I enjoyed myself when I was there. I tole everyone I saw ( I live and work in the SE) that the space was great and to try it out. I was there last Monday for lunch and it was awful. The staff, although very polite and friendly, had NO CLUE what they were doing. The same watress came over 2 times to ask if we wanted to place an order, yet we already had done so. oops. I got the steak salad with blue cheese fritters and sun dried tomatoes. Minimal unflavored dressing on the salad and the steak was ordered medium rare but came out well done and very dry. We were in a rush so there was no time to send it back. The kitchen seemed to be overwhealmed with 6 tables all at once. Not an excuse. I will go back there but a manager needs to be on duty to avoid all of this. This cannot turn into Clery's. If that is the case then knock down the wall and make it one space.