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2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

well, 13 short blocks then, only 0.83 miles each way, supposedly they have a Free shuttle, but I didn't wait for it and the walk is only about 15 minutes for me, but I do like walking.

2014 Oakland Eat Real Festival, Sept 19 - 21, Jack London Sq.

3rd yr for me to Eat Real Festival. I was looking forward to it like last yr.

Walked to JLS from 12th St Bart about 5 short blocks.

They had Farmer's Market on Sunday, nice to see. I didn't get anything.

At Starter Bakery, Oakland which was outside this yr I got 3 kouign amanns - 2 chocolate & something else filled $4.5 ea, but if you followed them on Instagram they gave $1 off if you bought 3. My total was $12.50! Not cheap, but so yummy.

Sweetdragon candies made in San Jose - love her candies! I got black sesame caramels 4 caramels for $4. $1 ea!!

Went to:
How to make Amazing Bagel - missed the beginning, but got to dump the bagel into boiling water for 12 seconds each side, then top it with any topping you want, then gotta bake it. I need a recipe to make my own - gotta look for a starter and something else.

Three Trees - went to a cocktail demo using her almondmilk, not a fan of alcohol, got to try a White Russian, but her almondmilk is Yummy! Sold at Bi-Rite and other places in SF & Berkeley, soon Berkeley Bowl. I also went to her Vegan Dessert demo - vegan carrot cake & chia pudding - recipes will be on her website soon.

Got a private oyster shucking because missed the whole thing, then got to eat one - nice. Guy said Jacks that just opened in JLS has $1 oysters!

Got to make a butter crust for pie from PieTisserie - learned to use 3 cups flour, tsp salt, iced cold water (don't use ice!) and Cold butter. I need to get a recipe and practice at home. Got some samples afterwards. Tasty!

Tried Maille Mustard sample w/ 1 long pretzel stick and tiny pickle. Tasted fine. Honey mustard my fav.


Fat Face strawberry coconut popsicle $3.5 - tasted fine. From Davis. They were there last yr.

Chairman - got the pork belly steamed bun $4 - tried it before, fine.

Late July sea salt tortilla chips

Pizzeria Delfina now open in Burlingame - any reports?

Sunnyside, I'd wish I'd know about that party, I would have loved to go!

Sep 08, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Chilaquiles in the south bay?

I haven't been to these places yet, but they are on my list when I'm down that way. Please report back if you try them:

Zona Rosa, 1411 The Alameda, SJ

Los Garcias Restaurant, 1390 Oakland Rd, SJ

Adelita's Taqueria, 1896 Curtner Ave, SJ

Sep 08, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Farina Pizza Happy Hour $7 SF - who's been?

I saw a sign for Farina Pizza on Valencia St, SF in the Mission has a Pizza Happy Hr, all pizzas $7 plus toppings, M-F 4pm-5pm, or Fri-Sat 11pm-12AM, Dine-In Only.

Who's tried it?

Aug 24, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Da Kine Island Grill, Downtown San Jose Report w/ PICS

Tried out Da Kine Island Grill in Downtown SJ first time Sun 8/10/14. Went for the $25 AYCE buffet Sunday dinner and Hawaiian/Tahitian dance show. You get a shell necklace so they know who is doing the buffet dinner.

Tables have both Hawaiian punch & water - Pass on the punch folks.

You can learn to dance the Hukilau - you can go on stage w/ others & learn it.

Pay attention to what the Announcer talks about, you might win a CD if you know the answer to the Trivia, don't shout out answer, go to him.

Dinner buffet started at 5:30-6:15pm. It's all you can eat but most people only eat 1 plate, maybe 2 plates of food. Food was just kinda meh for me. There was:
green salad - dressing on the side
ahi poke - good, though too much chopped up onions
lomi-lomi salmon - it's salmon salsa, tiny amount of salmon, lots of chopped onions & tomatoes
mac salad - fine
rice - ok
kahlua pork - salty, but tender
chicken soup noodle - slotted spoon, how are we suppose to get soup using that? glass noodles were fine.
teriyaki chicken - nothing special.
Haupia - Small square of coconut pudding like jello, brought out after some dancing started, I liked it.

I wish I had come for the Happy Hr menu instead Sun 3-5pm! I would have been happier.

Show was good, was almost 1hr long. They have a musical show around 9pm and if you stay for that they charge $10 & wristband given to see it. I didn't stay for that.

Separate bathrooms - women's is just a Single toilet/sink. If it's locked, someone's in there!

Happy Hr:
Tues-Thurs 3-6pm
Fri-Sun 3-5pm
Subject to change due to special events

Da Kine Island Grill
23 N. Market St - next to Sonoma Chicken
San Jose

Aug 12, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

CREAM SF now open in the Mission (16th & Valencia) report w/ PICS

CREAM in SF Mission, 16th & Valencia, had their grand opening on Sat 8/2/14 where they gave out free ice cream sandwiches from 12-8. I decided to go and try it out again, I tried it before at Berkeley.

Line was around the corner, but it moved pretty fast. I think it was only about 15-20 min wait.

I picked Snickerdoodle cookie & chocolate chip with Strawberry ice cream inside. Snickerdoodle was hard & not very tasty, I ended up tossing it after a bit. The chocolate chip cookie was only slightly better. Strawberry ice cream had a chunk of strawberry that I could see, but didn't have much flavor at all.

I liked it ok because it was free, but probably won't be back.

I read on Y$lp that one ice cream sandwich is $2.99, didn't ask how much the normal cost was. There was a sign if you buy 10, get one free using Five Star.

Aug 04, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NEW: Burma House, Milpitas report w/ PICS

They now have a Burmese restaurant in Milpitas!! They are off Dixon Landing Rd & Milmont Dr by Barrio Fiesta.

Waitress said they've been open for about 6 weeks and still had the Grand Opening sign out front.

I got:

Tea Leaf Salad $9.99 - it's Huge enough for about 3-4 people, but 2 of us ate it all plus our meal. Waitress brought it out all pretty, then tossed it for us at our table. It's good, though lots of crunchy pieces that might mess up your dental work.

M. got chicken curry masala w/ a side of white rice $8.99 - it had lots of curry taste a bit spicy, but not too much, lots of chicken pieces, and lots of cut up potatoes. He seemed to like it.

I got Chicken coconut noodle without the crunchy noodles they usually put on top $8.50 - it was a good size bowl, a bunch of chicken meat cubed, noodles, raw red onions, some slices of hard boiled egg. I liked it.

I need to go back to try more dishes maybe for dinner one day.

They take credit cards. I saw one unisex bathroom in the back.

Burma House
1810 Milmont Dr, Milpitas

Closed Mondays
Lunch T-Sun 11-3
Dinner 5-9; F & Sat until 10pm

Curbside Creamery, Oakland NEW ice cream shop- soft opening Thurs 7/31/14

Read on FB Curbside Creamery is finally opening a new ice cream shop today, Thurs 7/31/14, around 12 Noon is the soft opening. Grand Opening party Fri 8/1/14 from 5-9pm during First Friday.

What do hounds think of her ice cream/ ice cream sandwiches?

Curbside Creamery
Temescal Alley
482 49th St @ Telegraph, Oakland CA 94609

Jul 31, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Shihan Phool (Eritrean meatless breakfast) at Alem's Coffee, Oakland - Who's tried it?

In the Oakland Magazine July 2014 Best of Oakland Food & Drink issue there's an Editors' Choice Best Meatless Breakfast: Shihan Phool (Eritrean dish) at Alem's Coffee. It's has fava beans, diced onions, chili pepper, & feta cheese for $8. Who's tried it?

Alem's Coffee
5353 Claremont Ave, Oakland

Jul 27, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Try the Pomme D'Amour Pastry from Knead Patisserie, SF Mission (PICS)

Edit: Best thing to get at Knead Patisserie is the Pomme D'Amour $3.75 ea. It's a fat pastries that has a creme brulee top, flaky outside, and cream inside.

I got 2 the last time I was there and ate one right away. So good. The one I took home didn't really make it. It was in a takeout box that got squished in my backpack.

Best to eat it right away or bring your own containers that are more sturdy.

If you really want the Pomme D'Amour call them before going to ask them to hold them for you, otherwise they can sell out & won't make more!!

Closed Mon
Tues-Fri 7:45am-3pm
Sat & Sun 10am-3pm

Phone (415) 655-3024


SF Sunset Villa Romana closing Sun 7/20/14 due to Retirement

Sfgate article on SF Sunset Villa Romana closing Sun 7/20/14:

Jul 17, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Chowdown Report: Lunch at Nido in Oakland

Wish I could have attended, what is that dish that's held up by hands?

Where did Felice get the fresh mochi w/ black sesame & peanuts?

Jul 16, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Fenton's in Oakland & Vacaville celebrate 120yr this Sun 7/20/14 - free scoops & sundaes $1.19 from 12-3pm

Fenton's celebrating 120 anniversary, free scoops & sundaes $1.19 on Sun 7/20/14 from 12-3.

More info:

Sfgate article:

Jul 16, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Sour cherries

Milk Pail Market said they have sour cherries on their FB, supply is always very tight, don't wait.

Milk Pail Market
2585 California St, Mtn View
Hrs: 8am-8pm

Jul 15, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple 68th Annual Temple Obon Festival - did anyone go Sun 7/13/14?

I just heard about the Seaside, CA Obon Festival, has anyone ever been? How's the food? It was only for one day Sun 7/13/14:

Website with schedule:

Jul 14, 2014
hhc in California

Oakland's Mr. Dewie "ice cream" a Cashew milk ice cream- have hounds tried it?

Found out my WF Fremont now carries it, what do hounds think of Oakland's Mr. Dewie "ice cream"? Any favorite flavors I should try?

Good write-up of the brother's here:

Jul 08, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Weekday late lunch near SFO

I haven't been to these places, but they might work, check Y*lp reviews/pics or their websites. All in Burlingame:
Taste In Mediterranean Food
Mediterranean Kebab

Jul 01, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

SF Dish of the Month (July 2014) - Nominations/Voting


Jun 30, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NOW OPEN: Matcha Love by Ito En inside Mitsuwa Market, San Jose (Matcha ice cream/Black Sesame ice cream, etc)

2nd time to Matcha Love - this time got Matcha & Black Sesame swirl Large $4, with tax $4.35, CASH ONLY. Tasted pretty good.

Got a Caramel Obanyaki $2 from the special booth Sweet Potato (only this weekend)- Cash Only. Mine was undercooked so tasted pretty bad, liked the caramel inside though it's very sweet.

Jun 20, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Business Lunch [San Francisco]

One Market Restaurant - 1 Market St, SF
Boulevard - 1 Mission St, SF
Kokkari Estiatorio - 200 Jackson St, SF
Hakkasan - 1 Kearny St, SF

Jun 19, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Ramen Street Festival part of J-Pop Summit, SF Japantown July 19-20, 2014!

Exciting news of a Ramen Street Festival July 19-20, 2014 in SF Japantown from 11am-6pm. Admission FREE, $8/bowl ramen.

The Bold Italic has more info:

Official website:

Jun 18, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

The Ramen Bar opening 6/30/14 & Pabu opening 7/1/14, SF 101 Calif Street

The Ramen Bar is opening June 30, 2014 & Pabu is opening 7/1/14. Both are at 101 Calif Street, SF.

Info on the Hana chef & Michael Mina partnership:

EaterSF mentions new chef for both will be Paul Piscopo:

Jun 17, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

World Cup 2014 Viewing and Eats

Il Casaro Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar, SF North Beach - I haven't tried it yet, but read good things on Y*lp.

Jun 17, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area Check Please 6/12/14: Hana, Rohnert Park; Cocotte, SF; Sakoon Restaurant, Mtn View

Bay Area Check Please aired on 6/12/14 these 3 places: Hana, Rohnert Park; Cocotte, SF; Sakoon Restaurant, Mtn View. Any recent reports in the last month?

Check Please blog w/ reviews & video:

Jun 15, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NOW OPEN: Matcha Love by Ito En inside Mitsuwa Market, San Jose (Matcha ice cream/Black Sesame ice cream, etc)

CASH ONLY. It's inside Mitsuwa across from the Food Court. They only got 3 flavors:
Black Sesame
Hoji-cha - Roasted green tea

Small size $3; Large $4

Ask to try all 3 flavors. I liked Black Sesame and Hoji-cha, matcha tasted too powdery for me. You can get Black Sesame & Matcha swirled together, but not Black Sesame & Hoji-Cha. If you want all three flavors you can get in waffle bowl $4.75.

They also sell Hot Tea $2 - Sencha, Gyokuro, Hoji-Cha, Jasmine, Oolong, Genmai Matcha

Hot Latte (12oz) $2.50 - Matcha, Black Sesame, Hoji-Cha

Shake (Cold-12oz) $2.80
Matcha, Black Sesame, Hoji-cha, Mango, Apple or Peach

Boba Tea (Cold - 12oz) $3.20
Matcha, Black Sesame, Hoji-cha, Mango, Apple or Peach


Jun 05, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area Check Please: Lanna Thai, Livermore; 20 Spot, SF; Chalet Ticino, Foster City

Bay Area Check Please aired Th 6/5/14: Lanna Thai, Livermore; 20 Spot, SF; Chalet Ticino, Foster City. Any hounds been to any of these in the last months? All of them sound interesting & I hope to one day try them all.

Website w/ reviews & videos:

Jun 05, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet (May, 2014)

I paid $2.59 for 28oz at 99 Ranch for the Huy Fong Sriracha a few weeks back and a friend said she saw it for $2.19 at 99 Ranch a week before I bought mine, not sure the oz for what she saw.

For the Snapea Crisps what flavor was it? I paid $1.79 & $1.89 for the Washabi flavor & Caesar flavor at Walgreen's so if it's the regular flavor maybe a good price.

Jun 01, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NOW OPEN: Matcha Love by Ito En inside Mitsuwa Market, San Jose (Matcha ice cream/Black Sesame ice cream, etc)

A friend posted a picture on Instagram of her ice cream from Matcha Love by Ito En inside Mitsuwa Market, San Jose. They opened Th 5/29/14. Hope some hounds will try it & report back.

Flavors on their website that hasn't been updated:
Matcha ice cream
Black sesame ice cream
Hoji ice cream
& more tea sweets

Matcha Love inside Mitsuwa Market
675 Saratoga Ave, San Jose
408-255-6699 is the store number (they couldn't give me the Matcha Love phone number
)Store Hrs daily 9am-8pm

May 30, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area Check Please aired 5/29/14: Pinole Creek Cafe, Pinole; Shanghai House, SF; Murray Circle, Sausalito

Bay Area Check Please aired 5/29/14 these 3 places: Pinole Creek Cafe, Pinole; Shanghai Cafe, SF; Murray Circle, Sausalito. Any new reviews of these places in the last few months?

Bay Area Check Please link w/ reviews & videos: