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Review: Sweet Fingers, San Leandro - Good Oxtail and Ginger Beer w/ PICS

First time to Sweet Fingers in San Leandro for dinner Sat 6/27/15. Got there before 5pm and there was one other person there. It always pays to eat early, service is always better and you get the place to yourself.

Music was loud though. Hate loud music.

I got Half size Oxtail meal $12 and it was Good! Lots of tender oxtail with bone, sauce, little bit of salad, big scoop of rice & beans. I didn't want the plantains so none was on my plate. The jerky jerk sauce is a sweet bbq sauce that you can get on the side, I didn't like it.

B. got the "award winning" jerk chicken half entree $11. We both thought it was dry, so get the Oxtail!

Glass of their Homemade ginger beer $5 is Spicy and a bit sweet. I liked it! Wish I got a glass of water too because it's spicy!

Charged it.

Separate bathrooms in the back.

I'll go back just I'm calling in my order and taking it To Go!

Sweet Fingers
464 E 14th St, San Leandro

Jun 29, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Review: Tadu Ethiopian Kitchen, SF Tenderloin w/ PICS

I tried out Tadu Ethiopian Kitchen one day for lunch. It's a tiny hole-in-the wall in the Tenderloin, Ellis St & Leavensworth St.

I got the Vegetarian Combo $11.95. You gotta eat with your hands eating Ethiopian food - Right hand! You can wash your hands in the sink area in the back. 4 different veggie dishes on top of injera, a small salad with 2 dips on the top. More injera given in a small basket.

I liked my dish, red lentils were my favorite. Would like to try some meat dishes next time.

I paid Cash, not sure if they take credit cards.

Tadu Ethiopian Kitchen
484 Ellis St, SF

Any spottings of blenheim apricots in East Bay or San Francisco yet?

It might have been Everything Under the Sun Tues 6/9/15 Ferry Bldg Farmers Mkt, price was $3/lb for Royal Blenheim Apricots from Winters, CA.

Jun 09, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Honeymoon Ice Cream made in Tiburon - anyone try them?

Anyone try out Honeymoon Ice Cream made in Tiburon? The Whole Foods Market in Fremont carries some of their ice cream, it's 16oz for $10.49 so I haven't tried yet. Any flavors that are hounds favorites?

I saw:
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Laurel
Southern Pecan
Almond Toffee
Coffee Caramel
Blueberry Lavendar


May 31, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Greek bakeries in SF?

They have it at the SJ Greek Festival only 1 weekend every year, May 29-31, 2015. Picture attached. $3 small square.

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
1260 Davis St, SJ 95126

My review for 2015 of the festival

Review: San Jose Greek Festival 2015 w/ PICS

Went to SJ Greek Festival Fri 5/29/15. You can't park close to the church, they block of the streets for workers of the festival and residents. There is plenty of free parking on W. Hedding St and The Alameda, or you can take the FREE shuttle that is on their website.

I had FREE pass from when I went to Souvlaki in SJ so I didn't have to pay the entrance fee of $5. Seniors/students $3. Get tokens after the entrance, but if line is really line there is another booth by the large food booth more on the Right and another token booth by the Stage.

Food I got:

Athenian salad $5 - tomatoes, bell pepper, feta cheese, some olives, red onions. I liked it. In a small bowl.

2 Dolmathes for $3 - ground beef & herbs wrapped in grape leaves & topped w/ lemon sauce. Both were still warm and full of meat. I liked.

Lamb chop dinner 3 chops $15 - comes with rice and slice of bread and slice of lemon. One of my lamb chop was really burnt, but the other 2 were pretty good.

Galatoboureko $3 - Greek custard dessert. It's small square, I liked it, one of my favorite thing to get there.

Sugar cookie $2 - like a Mexican wedding cookie. Wasn't very melty or delicious, i still ate it.

Frappe $4 - Greek coffee, just ok, looks like from a mix with 2 small ice.

I took a picture of the Loukoumades Small $5/Large $8 - lady said they were really good, I asked permission to take the pic.

I stayed a bit to see Mythos play and some people did Greek line-dancing. On the weekend, but not Fri they have a Church Tour - would like to see that one day.

Bring lots of Money!! Cash is easier. I did see one ATM machine.

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
1260 Davis St, SJ 95126
Website for more info/schedule:

May 30, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Chicha Peruvian [Alameda]

I saw a Peruvian restaurant on Yelp is it Tambo, 1414 Jefferson St, Oakland?

May 25, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Review: Souvlaki Greek Skewers, San Jose w/ PICS

Tried out Souvlaki's Greek Skewers on Sun 5/24/15. It's near Hwy 87 and pretty quick place to order to go & head out. They are in a strip-mall so some parking in the front and back and street parking.

I got a Lamb souvlaki $8.99, it's a bunch of cubed lamb chunks, some tzatziki sauce, some tomato slices, & red onions. Next time I need to get without red onions. I told the girl I didn't want french fries so I asked for side salad for extra $2.99 with also comes with a drink (fountain soda drink).

Side salad had greens, cucumbers, slice of tomato, some onions, & feta cheese. I liked it ok.

I also got a container of the powdered sugar cookies 2 cookies in the container for $3.25 after tax.

You can charge it here. One unisex bathroom in the back.

They have Free passes to the SJ Greek Festival if you want to go May 29-31, 2015 by the register. Metro Newspaper on the back table.

Souvlaki Greek Skewers
577 W. Alma Ave, SJ
Daily 11am-8:30pm

May 25, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events, Spring 2015

I happened to be at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Wed 5/20/15 and one of the artist Pratchaya Phinthong has an exhibit giving away "Nam Prik Zauguna" Thai chili paste made by a collective of women from Southern Thailand-it's a way to generate money & awareness of the ongoing violence in the region. Their is 2 Thai chili paste on the floor of the main gallery you can get: one has cashews & dried fish and other stuff; other more hot. I tried a tsp of the hot one at home and it does have nice heat. Lucky for some folks that can get to YBCA tomorrow Thurs 5/21/15 because from 5-8pm the gallery is FREE, so you can get your Thai Chili Paste if you want & walk around & see the other artwork too, there's a cool outside exhibit with lights I hope to see soon. Otherwise, it's $10 adult fee if you can't make it Thurs night, not sure how long the paste will be there, there was maybe 50 of each when I left 3pm Wed.


May 20, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Don Bugito seen at Sat SF Ferry Bldg Farmers Market: chocolate covered crickets, superworms, chile-lime crickets

I saw a young boy selling Don Bugito items: Chile-Lime Crickets; Chocolate covered Crickets; and Chocolate Covered Superworms in the back during Sat SF Ferry Bldg Farmers Market. Anyone try them?


May 17, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Little Apple's Original Apple Cider Caramels

Walking around at the Ferry Bldg Farmers Market Sat 5/16/15 almost closing time I found the Little Apple Caramels. They had 3 kinds of caramels in the big glass jars: apple cider caramels, red rose cocoa nib caramels, creme fraiche caramels $1.50 ea. I got 2 of the apple cider caramels. I liked the piece though they are pricey and small.

May 17, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet May 2015

SFRunner: i don't know if you want to drive to Fremont GO but they had Bono Mondo pastas Sun 5/17/15 4 kinds: mushroom fettuccine, spinach, 7 herb, garlic fettuccine $2.49/pk. I bought spinach & garlic fettuccine not sure what I'm going to do with them, maybe garlic & olive oil? What flavor do u like and how do u use it?

I got Cheez-It cuz i love them: Asiago new to me, Reduced Fat, and White Cheddar $1.69 ea.

Best Foods Mayo w/ 1 small bag of Knorr Dip Mix inside on the side $2.99

Fremont GO
4949 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont

May 17, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

San Jose without a car

These are the places I used to go when I worked in Downtown SJ. There are all on Yelp where you can see pics and read reviews:

Amir Restaurant
86 N. Market St, SJ

Back-A-Yard for Caribbean food
80 N. Market St, SJ
oxtail, jerk chicken, jerk pork, salmon, etc

Dosa & Curry Cafe
345 S. 4th St, SJ

Pizza Bocca Lupo inside the San Pedro Market Square food mall:
87 N. San Pedro St, SJ

Punjab Cafe
322 E. Santa Clara St, SJ

Tofoo Com Chay
388 E. Santa Clara St, SJ
vegetarian, vegan, Vietnamese take-out food

Com Ga Nam An-everything chicken here w/ rice or noodles
348 E. Santa Clara St, SJ

Downtown San Jose Farmers Market
W. Santa Clara St & San Pedro St
Fridays 10am-2pm

VTA Light-rail will take you to San Jose Japantown - lots of restaurants over there
or you could walk less than 30 min each way.

Vegetarian House
520 E. Santa Clara St, SJ

May 11, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Lottie's Creamery in Walnut Creek

I finally got to try Lottie's Creamery in Downtown Walnut Creek. It's up the street from the Lesher Center for the Arts.

I was lucky to get into the shop and no line. It's a small shop with no tables, there a long bench area to sit, didn't see any outside.

I got to try 3 samples and they were all pretty good. Check flavors on their FB page before going. They do run out of flavors during the day so best to call if you want a certain flavor.

I picked 2 flavors $5.75 and handmade cone .75c - vanilla honey w/ candied kumquat and vanilla salted almond toffee. Both were good. Cone was good too.

Charged my total $6.50.

Water is available free on the table, paper cone cup to use.

Single scoop $3.75
double $5.75
triple $6.75
waffle cone .75
waffle cup $1
toppings .75
whipped cream $1
Jones root beer or
Virgil's sodas $2.5
Blue bottle iced coffee $3.5
Float $5.5
Blue bottle coffee co. cup $3
1/2lb beans $11
Brownie ice cream sandwiches $5.50 - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
You can buy gift certificates

Check Please: Oi-C Bowl Chinese Restaurant (Walnut Creek); Los Moles (Emeryville); Hotel Mac Restaurant (Pt Richmond) aired 5/7/15

KQED Check Please episode from Th 5/7/15 showed Oi-C Bowl Chinese Restaurant (Walnut Creek); Los Moles (Emeryville); Hotel Mac Restaurant (Pt Richmond).

Anyone try any of the above? Los Moles sounded interesting to me.

The show can be seen online:

May 08, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Redding: Greek Shack; Champa Garden; Yaadgar Restaurant - Reviews w/ PICS

oh yes, the lamb gyro was good! Even the guy working there said it was his favorite.

May 07, 2015
hhc in California

Palm Springs - grapefruits? Dates? Date shakes?

forgot to mention it makes 2 servings.

Found another recipe on TasteMade for a healthier dairy-free date shake:

3 pitted Medjool dates
1c unsweetened almond or coconut milk
1 lg banana frozen, chopped
1/4 tsp vanilla
blend all ingredients until smooth, garnish w/ banana or chopped nuts

May 05, 2015
hhc in California

Palm Springs - grapefruits? Dates? Date shakes?

In the new Big Gay Ice Cream book the owners/writers recommend Windmill Market & Produce for the date shake and even share a recipe to make at home.

I've edited it:
1c. chopped pitted dates
1c. almond milk
4c vanilla ice cream
blend it all up, drink!

I haven't tried it yet, but sounds easy enough.

May 05, 2015
hhc in California

NEW: Trestle, SF North Beach 3-course Tasting Menu w/ PICS

Tried out Trestle on 4th day they opened, they opened Tues 4/28/15, and tried it Fri 5/1/15. Called them and left voice mail hoping for reservation and got it at 5:30pm.

Check website for menu can change daily lady told me.

3-course tasting menu $35pp: starter, main, dessert. We got one of each, didn't get pasta dishes. Portions were not huge huge, but good size. Was really full after dinner. Lady told me you can get pasta as main or pasta for dessert w/ extra charge (didn't know that until after meal).

ASK for the Firebrand Bread with BURRATA!! It was FREE and YUMMY! Two slices toasted and small mound of creamy burrata with salt on it.

Gem salad - had lots of croutons I didn't eat and there is bacon for people that don't eat bacon. I liked it.

B. got Calamari salad which is fried and has potatoes - I wish it was more tender.


Sea bass was good

Short Ribs - 2 big chunks, some potatoes - fine


Strawberry Rhubarb Pavlova - I don't like rhubarb much and it's crunchy like celery, had some basil globs, meringue too sweet - bleh.

Warm chocolate brownie sundae is better dessert.

You can sign their Guest Book. Charged the meal. One unisex bathroom in the back door.

M-Th 5:30-10:30pm
F-Sat 5:30-11pm
Sun 5:30-10pm


Ph: 415-772-0922

May 02, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Sugarfina (Candy Store), SF Union Square now open w/ PICS

Checked out Sugarfina in Union Square since I was in the area. It's on Sutter near Kearny.

It's a small shop with lots of candy. They were sampling 2 kinds: champagne gummy bear and Fuji Apple Caramel. I ate my 3 samples so quick, didn't taste the flavors much just sugar. Some candies made in US (no company listed), or it'll say Germany, but not who makes them.

Lots of candy in boxes or bags. What they call Tasting Bar has small bags only $2.50. The cubes were like $18, not sure how much the bigger boxes were.

Cute store, I'll probably go back at least for some more samples.

M-Sat 10am-8pm
Sun 11am-7pm

May 02, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Sightglass Coffee on 7th, SF now has Affogato Bar using Salt & Straw Ice Cream from Portland OR

Fri 5/1/15 there was FREE Affogato at the new Affogato Bar upstairs of Sightglass Coffee on 7th St. Everyone was there! It was only for their first day 11am-7pm.

Waited in a long line, but got to try Salted Caramel ice cream from Salt & Straw in Portland OR, will be having there ice cream here and some light espresso is what I tried - didn't get the name.

Tasted ok. I wonder how much it is going to cost since there wasn't a price on the menu.

Got a Pistachio Blackberry Jam Croissant they sell downstairs by the register - it was made by Neighbor's Bakeshop $4.75. Tasty.

Also got a Kouign Amann from B Patisserie $4.50 - I like.

Sightglass Coffee
270 7th St, SF (SOMA)

May 02, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Check Please: PintxoPote (formerly Donostia) Los Gatos; Red Hill Station, SF; Osmanthus, Oakland 4/30/15

Check Please episode from Th 4/30/15 had:

PintxoPote (formerly Donostia), Los Gatos - octopus, ahcnovies, Spanish wines, tuna belly, meatballs, scallop salads, croquette, pre-order Ribeye

Red Hill Station, SF Bernal Heights:
fish & chips, Cesar salad w/ squid, cioppino, carbonara, crab quesadilla, candy cap creme brulee

Osmanthus, Oakland
brussel sprouts, smoked trout fried rice, eggplant, thai tea creme brulee

Episode is online w/ more info:http://blogs.kqed.org/checkplease/201...

Any recent reports of these places from hounds?

May 01, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Pineapple King Bakery, SF Outer Sunset - Custard Pineapple Buns! - who's tried them?

kclb, have you tried the custard ones or cold butter?

May 01, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Manresa Bread, Los Gatos - new shop open Wed-Sun 7am-3pm w/ PICS

I was able to try Manresa Bread on a nice Sun, it's pretty far like 1hr drive from Fremont so I was hoping for the best.

When you are driving it's not visible on N. Santa Cruz Ave, it's in the small side street Bachman, across from Oak & Rye in the back. At least they have their own parking lot.

Got there on the late side and lots of stuff already sold out. I wanted Almond Croissant - sold out; and Kouign Amann - Sold out! Gotta get there Early!

Monkey Bread $4 - it's a small round pastry with lots of bumps and sticky stuff, totally Yummy even cold. Get it!

Chocolate Croissant $4.5- sold cold, ate it next day after heating it up in the oven for 10 minutes, very flaky and good chocolate.

Hazelnut Brown Butter Cake $4 - Yummy! Small amount of hazelnut spread in the center, very tasty cake, small. Loved it.

Olive Bread - 2 kinds of olives in it: a green one & black. Not too salty, I liked it.

Charge it if you want, but not with REI Visa which doesn't work here.

I think 2 benches outside, no seating inside. No public bathrooms that I saw.

Wed-Sun 7am-3pm

Manresa Bread
276 N. Santa Cruz Ave
Los Gatos, CA 95030

Pineapple King Bakery, SF Outer Sunset - Custard Pineapple Buns! - who's tried them?

Yelpers seem to like the Custard Pineapple Buns aka Pineapple Puffs 2 for $1.50 Cash Only at Pineapple King Bakery, SF. Might have to ask for them if you don't see them. They also sell cocktail buns & egg tarts. Who's tried them?

Pineapple King Bakery
1915 Irving St, SF (b/t 20th and 21st Ave)
Outer Sunset

Apr 30, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Equator Coffee, SF Tenderloin- Sandbox Bakery goods & Shakerato w/ PICS

Tried out Equator Coffee & Tea on Market. It's not too far from The Hall in the Tenderloin.

I tried out the Classic Shakerato $3.75 - it's an espresso with some ice shaken in a cocktail shaker. It was ok, tasted strong.

I hope they can make me an iced latte shaken up!! Let's all demand for it ok? I know Bica in Oakland does that and it's yummy.

B. got just poured coffee and he thought it was strong. He had to add milk.

Pastries from Sandbox Bakery - I didn't get any.

Some places to sit inside, and there's tables/stools outside.

Equator Coffee & Tea
986 Market St near 6th, SF

Apr 27, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

It's-It Ice Cream Factory Shop, Burlingame w/ PICS

Family Cookie Co, 304 Spring St, Suisun City seems to make the cookies and sell It's-It. Store hrs: Tues-Sat 11-6. Most recent Yelp review was from last month so it's probably still there. Phone number: 707-425-1900

Apr 27, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

It's-It Ice Cream Factory Shop, Burlingame w/ PICS

sorry, no tours, but there's an video of the factory from Eye On the Bay

Apr 27, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Check Please: Cosecha (Oakland); Bull Valley Roadhouse (Port Costa); Michael Warring (Vallejo) aired 4/16/15

KQED Check Please that aired Th 4/16/15 these were all new to me and sound interesting. Any hounds been recently?

Cosecha (Oakland) - check menu for daily specials: green chile mole; tortillas made fresh; citrus salad; shrimp tacos; chocolate chip cookie
Bull Valley Roadhouse (Port Costa) - drinks, food like fried chicken, brussell sprouts
Michael Warring (Vallejo) - molecular cuisine! $69pp; need RSVP tasting menu, seatings: 5:30, 6:30, 7:30pm.

Show can be seen online:

Apr 27, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

It's-It Ice Cream Factory Shop, Burlingame w/ PICS

Checked out It's-It Ice Cream Factory Shop Fri 4/24/15. It's easy to find on the GPS and there is about 3 parking spot reserved for customers near the entrance on the Left.

It's open M-F and summer hrs are 10am-7pm until 9/30/15.

Small store, you can buy individual It's It for $1.50. They have Pumpkin and Strawberry there. I tried Strawberry and it has no strawberry taste so not really worth getting.

At the store you can buy 24 pk for $22; or 12 pack for $22; a box of just the chocolate covered oatmeal cookies 12 cookies for $4; or Frozen cookie dough 24 cookies $10.

Groupon has deal buy 12 ice cream & box of cookies for $10, that's a good price if you like It's It.

Instagram deal: take a picture in the store, post on Instagram, then show a worker, get a Free box of the chocolate covered cookies or a Reusable bag.

It's It Ice Cream Factory Shop
865 Burlway Rd, Burlingame