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Great Eats within a mile of Union Sqaure [San Francisco]

Liholiho Yacht Club
871 Sutter St, SF

My review from 4/4/15:

Liholiho Yacht Club, SF w/ PICS - get the Baked Hawaii dessert!

I don't think it's kalbi (Korean bbq beef short ribs), it was called Slab of beef ribs, kimchi chili sauce, cauliflower, red onion $34.25. A closer pic of a piece of rib.

Liholiho Yacht Club, SF w/ PICS - get the Baked Hawaii dessert!

Liholiho Yacht Club is Good! It's not far from Powell Bart Station - From Powell St, just walk up Sutter, turn Left and it's between Leavensworth & Jones, near Sugar Cafe.

We showed up a little bit before 5pm and had no problems as Walk-In which is the front half of the restaurant. The people with RSVP get to see the kitchen, but you can see the kitchen when you head to the bathrooms which are downstairs.

Got the Asparagus caesar $14.75 - it's like 4 large asparagus, some avocado, peas, and caesar dressing. I liked it.

Octopus $16.50 - B. liked this dish, it was just ok for me.

Beef ribs $34.25 - Huge plate of ribs, only about 5 ribs but pretty big and filling. Some cauliflower around the ribs w/ a spicy sauce. Good.

Baked Hawaii $10 dessert - Awesome, Must Order. Meringue, pineapple ice cream, vanilla cake, crust, and some small pieces of coconut & pineapple on the plate. Good for 1-2 people.

I want to try next time: poke, chocolate cake, & the cheesecake.

Michael Bauer gave it a good review, might be hard to get reservations now.

Closed Sundays
Monday-Thursday, 5pm-10:30pm and Friday-Saturday, 5pm-11pm


Apr 05, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Double 8 Dairy Buffalo Milk Soft Serve, Bi-Rite Creamery 18th St, SF available Daily

Bi-Rite Creamery FB page said they will have Double 8 Dairy Buffalo Milk Soft Serve Daily! Flavors change daily too. I still need to try it.

Bi-Rite Creamery
18th St, SF soft serve window
M-F 3-9pm
S-Sun 1-9pm

Melanie's post from 2013:

Mar 31, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Chocolate Salon [San Francisco]

I went last yr. The samples are teeny tiny the size of pinky finger nail and samples are not all-you-can-eat chocolate. One vendor saw me 3 times and refused to give me any more. I was done walking around in about 1hr and begging for the tiny samples. If you must go, bring your own water bottle, bring salty food for something to eat besides the chocolate, and have very low expectations. Worst event I've ever been to, I hope they improve it and others have better experience than I did.

Mar 13, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Dole Royal Hawaiian Pineapples on Clement Street (SF)

Wasn't it $3.49/lb at New May Wah?

Mar 13, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Imm Thai, Berkeley

Tried out Imm Thai Street Food on University Ave near Asha Tea House in Downtown Berkeley. Place is a loud inside, but the food is pretty good.

FREE Thai iced tea with Yelp Check-In and you buy an Entree. Easy! Comes in a mason jar which I thought looked good, tasted like other thai iced tea I've had - good.

Roti dip $6 I picked Red Sauce suppose to be Spicy. I didn't find it spicy at all. Cut up triangles, tasted ok, not the best or worst I've had.

Pad se ew $8 w/ chicken - I liked the fat rice noodles, the cut is irregular, some pieces longer than others. Chicken is average, small amount of broccoli. Huge portion enough for 2 people.

Su Kho Thai $8 - B. tried it with the soup. He liked it, though he did find it sweet, we asked for hot sauce and it made it better for him.

Lagunitas IPA $3 a bottle. B. liked it.

Our total before tip $27.25. Charged it.

One unisex bathroom in the back.

M-F 11am-10pm
Sat -Sun 12pm-10pm

Mar 08, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Grocery Outlet - March 2015

The organic edamame are the frozen type that you have to boil or microwave before eating.

Grocery Outlet - March 2015

Fremont GO store:
Northern Gold Quick Oats 42oz $1.99
2nd St Creamery ice cream $1.49 pint Sweet Ol' Joe - anyone try this before?
Blue Diamond small can of Wasabi & soy sauce $2.99 - love them
Organic edamame $2.99 over 1lb in freezer
Biscoff cookies w/ Belgian milk chocolate 99c for 7 individual pak (ea pack has 3 small cookies) - tasty

NEW: The Flying Falafel, SF - who's been?

I've read good reviews of The Flying Falafel new shop in SF, where 3 Potato 4 used to be. Have the hounds tried it yet? They also have a food truck in the South Bay.


The Flying Falafel
1051 Market St, SF 94103

Feb 25, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NEW: Zensen Sushi Express now in Newark: $1.50/plate & No Tipping w/ PICS

Tried out Zensen Sushi Express on Sun 2/1/15 which is in Newark next to Dollar Tree in the Lido Market Shopping Center. They used to be in Berkeley near UC Berkeley but they closed that location to be in Newark.

Wait to be seated in one of 2 square they have. I saw a few tables, but it's still the same sushi they get from the conveyor belts too.

Barely any service. You get your own hot water, and you can add a tea bag to it. Sushi are $1.50/plate on the conveyor belts. Grab what you want to eat, put lids on one of the spots that go around.

We shared a total of 17 plates. Some have 1-3 pieces. Some dishes are meh-ok. Supposedly you can ask one of the workers to make hand rolls for you - I didn't do that. If you want certain rolls, ask and maybe someone will get it for you.

When done have one of the workers count your plates, then pay at Register. Charge it if you want, No Tipping!

Maybe good to try once, but nothing I would rush to go back too.

Zensen Sushi Express
35233 Newark Blvd
Newark, CA 94560

Feb 03, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NEW: The Market at the Twitter Building, SF

Security guard just said if I wanted to take pictures I would have to ask management, that was all he said. There are already tons of pictures elsewhere so not a big deal to me anyways.

Jan 27, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NEW: The Market at the Twitter Building, SF

What do hounds think of the new The Market at the Twitter Building, SF - Market & 10th St? I went in briefly on Sun 1/25/15 and looked at the high prices at the small grocery store, security was watching me and wouldn't let me take pictures, even when I was at The Market Cafe, very strange.

Got a latte small $3.50 at The Market Cafe - was just ok with a nice latte art.

Tried some gelato at Nuubia the chocolate, gelato small 1 scoop $4, 2 is $6, macaron $1.90 ea, they sell coffee too. I did like the almond gelato and the macaron was just ok.

The have a tapas place, pizza place, sandwiches, sushi/oysters, and coming soon Azalina which opens Feb 2.

Bathrooms: women's is just for 1 person at a time and you need a security code to use it. Geez. Even the worker helping me at Nuubia was in line with me, said there's one in the back for them but always busy too. Separate one for men - not sure what they have, probably just 1 person too and w/ security code.

Daily 9am-10pm
Cafe opens 7am

Have other hounds been yet?

The Market website and mention of other locations coming:


Jan 25, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NEW: Neighbor Bakehouse in the Dogpatch, SF

a new bakery in the Dogpatch called Neighbor Bakehouse is still in soft opening. Y*lpers like the croissants there, what else is good?

Neighbor Bakehouse
2343 3rd St Ste 100, SF 94107
Soft opening hrs:
M-Sat 6:30am-11:30am


Jan 20, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Where can I find Calbee Honey Butter Chips?

I asked Calbee and they responded that they are only sold in supermarkets & internet shops in Korea.

Jan 04, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Crystal Jade, Embarcadero Center, San Francisco.

Did the Singapore To Go open yet?

Jan 02, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Oakland Restaurant Week coming soon: Jan 15-25, 2015

Oakland Restaurant Week coming Jan 15-25, 2015. Any hounds going to try for special prices $20-40pp?


Jan 01, 2015
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Solo dining for a light eater?

What did you order at Lotus of Siam that was good? What did you get at Viva Las Arepas? Any flavors you like at Gelato place? I'm going next week!!

Dec 12, 2014
hhc in Las Vegas

NEW: The Kebab Shop, Fremont w/ PIC

the lamb/beef was the usual Kronos-type log. Chicken they have the on the spit looked more like real meat, and they have a chicken kebab chunks that they grill per order - I want to try that one day. They also have shrimp kebabs that I guess they grill per order too.

Dec 11, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NEW: The Kebab Shop, Fremont w/ PIC

Tried out this new The Kebab Shop in Fremont next to The Habit Grill in Pacific Commons. They have 6 locations in San Diego area which I haven't been to.

You can order Doner Kebabs (wraps); Shawarma (sandwiches), Doner Box; or Plates.

We picked Plates because we were hungry:
Salmon Filet plate $11.99 - it's one long stick with chunks of tender, juicy, salmon which I liked! Comes with salad and rice. I think you can pick other sides if you want. I liked it!!

B. got a Lamb/Beef plate $10.29 with french fries and dilled cucumbers. It's that gray mystery meat gyro that's spinning around. He thought the meat was kinda dry, but he loved the french fries and the cucumbers.

We also got a Large plate with 3 side salad $8.99 - Tabouli I really liked; Algerian eggplant too thick, tasted ok; green lentil & walnuts - tasted ok.

I also got a Pistachio Burma dessert $1.99 - it was tasty enough, a bit soggy in spots, still liked it.

cashier also gave us a sample of the rotisserie chicken - kinda dry. Ask for garlic sauce to make it beter.

Next time I'm getting Salmon Doner Kebab in the wrapped flatbread. Also want the Chicken Kebab Doner - chicken chunks in the wrap!
Extra, extra, extra garlic sauce.

Fountain drinks available or sodas in the bottle. Mints by the fountain machine in the back.

Charged it.

Separate bathrooms in the back.

The Kebab Shop
43834 Pacific Commons Blvd, Fremont
M-Sat 10:30am-10pm
Sun 10:30am-9pm

Dec 10, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NEW: Indochine Vegan in the Mission, SF - Anyone try it yet?

Indochine Vegan sounds pretty interesting to me, any hounds been yet?
Dish I hope to try: Vietnamese fragrant claypot rice $9.95

Indochine Vegan
508 Valencia St, SF
Daily 5pm-10pm

Dec 10, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

SWEA SF Swedish Christmas Fair Sat Dec 6, 2014 - Anyone been before?

I just noticed admission prices:
Adult $8
Senior $5
Children $2


Dec 05, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

SWEA SF Swedish Christmas Fair Sat Dec 6, 2014 - Anyone been before?

I'm curious about the 31st Annual SF Swedish Christmas Fair that's going on for one day, Sat., Dec 6, 2014. Any hounds been?

Website w/ some pics & info:

FB page: SWEA San Francisco Christmas Fair

SWEA SF Christmas Fair
held at: St Mary's Cathedral
1111 Gough St (b/t Geary & Ellis) SF
From 9am-4pm

Dec 03, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Westin St. Francis Union Square, SF Holiday Pop-Up Sweet Shoppe - Only for the month of Dec 2014

On our annual stop into the lobby of the Westin St. Francis on Union Square we saw the new Sugar Tree (there until 1/2/15), and across from it was a holiday pop-up sweet shoppe selling macarons 5 pre-packaged for $13, chocolate chip cookie $2, etc. I didn't buy that day, but hope to go back and get some stuff.

Only Sat & Sun Dec 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 2014

Westin St. Francis Union Square
335 Powell St, SF

Dec 03, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Baker & Banker Bakery, SF - Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie; XXX Cake; etc.

They closed their bakery and restaurant.

Dec 02, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

NEW: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, SF w/ PIC

Checked out the new Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, it just says Bakehouse on the outside window, not sure why they don't put the rest of it there or a sign. It's at Larkin near Sutter.

Not much selection on Sat 11/29/14 around 1pm. I got Amelie Amann $4 their version of a Kouign Amann - I thought it was just ok, not as good as Starter Bakery in Oakland or B Patisserie in SF. Not enough crunch and not enough butter for me. Filling I think there was a tiny bit of, couldn't taste what it was.

Chocolate chip cookie $3 w/ sea salt - lots of chocolate chip, but way way way too salty.

Friend tried the Ferrero Rocher Choux Bomb $3.5 and said it was good.

My total $7, charged it.

Also they sell Coffee $2.5 & Sparkling (water?) $2.5

"I got baked in San Francisco" w/ peace sign - Awesome!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
1042 Larkin St, SF

Nov 29, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

Yes to the fresh rice noodles. Options of gilbets & unborn eggs - not sure, but it's on the front cover of the menu and they speak English so you can ask them.

Nov 24, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

Tried out the Pho Ga Small $7.95 I think on Sat 11/22/14. It was a little bit busy, but not crazy like Turtle Tower in the Tenderloin.

The Pho Ga has a bunch of rice noodles, many chicken pieces, cilantro, red onions, and lots of chicken broth. Side had a small slice of lemon, 2 jalapeno pepper slices, and the salty garlic/ginger sauce that Chinese give for the white chicken which I liked.

The pho ga was fine, I would go back for it if in the area. Bathrooms downstairs. Charged my meal.

Joy Hing BBQ Noodle
710 Kearny St, SF 94108

Spices! now has a location in Fremont - Report w/ PIC

Checked out Spices! in Fremont because I heard they are now open. They opened in Aug 2014 so I'm a bit late on going here. I've been to a few locations in SF and thought they were good. The Fremont location is kinda meh for me.

Tried them out Wed 11/19/14 around 5pm. Only one table was filled rest of the place was empty. Parking is tough in this strip mall - lots of other shops & marital arts class nearby.

Suppose to have many Hunan dishes & Sichuan too.

Free tea - from tea bags. I did like the tea.

We got:

spicy sliced lamb fried chili cilantro $14.99 - lots of thinly sliced lamb w/ tons of chili peppers & cilantro. Not spicy enough, paper-thin slices, not that good, just meh.

shredded pork wooden ear fungus bamboo garlic $10.99 - B. liked it ok, I don't like bamboo shoots. Pork tasted ok for me.

Flaming shelled shrimp & season chilies $16.99 - a bunch of large shelled shrimp - not cleaned and overcooked! Skip it.

Dry braised string beans $7.99 - I liked the string beans, just way too salty. Eat with lots of rice.

Steamed jasmine white rice $1.50 a small bowl charged per person.

Before tip our total $58.80, Charged it.

1616 Washington Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539

Nov 23, 2014
hhc in San Francisco Bay Area

Farmer's Markets, Palm Springs area?

I only used Google, no experience going. Please report back if you go. Seems they have 3 locations: Wed, Sat, Sun:

Nov 10, 2014
hhc in California