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Half-priced wine night?

Does anyone know of any good websites or blogs that list which restaurants in DC have half-priced wine on which nights? I am looking for restaurants with half-priced wine on Tuesdays in particular but would love to find a great listing for other days as well. Muchas gracias!!

Need Annapolis Restaurant Recs for a Bday Dinner!

Heading to Annapolis for the first time and would love some good restaurant recs. Somewhere nice, preferably seafood but we are flexible!

Surfside in Glover Park?

I've been here numerous times and it's always surprisingly delicious. Very fresh and not greasy and overflowing with cheese like most Mexican meals. There is definitely cheese but it's the right amount and the seafood/meat ration is amazing. The fish tacos are delicious as are any of the quesadillas. The guac is perfect and comes with a generous helping of chips. Also the main dishes such as any of the fish and the main course with shrimp is great. Everything comes with rice and a fun twist like mango salsa or some kind of fun curry. The bar in back has a decent bar/beer selection. All in all highly recommend it for a casual night out, very fun with groups and you can get lots of things to share like guac, queso, quesadillas, etc. as well as your own meal.

Fun, laidback bar near Ben's Chili Bowl?

Definitely hit up The Saloon. AMAZING bar with a huge beer list, great vibe, extremely chill and they have lots of board games too.

Dining near Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

Going to see a concert at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall on Saturday night in Bmore. Would love to have a wonderful meal before the concert, in a location that is near if possible so we dont have to rush from dinner to the Hall. Any suggestions? Am open to any type of food but just want a great meal at a nice place, not quick take out. Help! Much thanks!

Cork vs Vinoteca?

Really very disappointed in Cork. Live less than 50 yards away and have been several times from 9pm on a Tuesday to 5pm on a Friday and every single time it is unbelievably crowded and the wait ridiculously frustrating. The atmosphere is lovely but the food simply doesnt justify the amount of effort it takes to get a meal at this restaurant. I would definitely go to Vinoteca, they actually take reservations.


LOVE this restaurant. Amazing because the menu caters to absolutely anything you would ever want. There is an extensive hot and cold app menu where you can get a bunch of things to make a meal of fun small plates. Or they have wondeful entrees. To top it off you can basically order any fish you want from their seafood "bar" and have it prepared in any way you want. Everything is fresh and simple with great flavors and the staff is great!

Kemble Park Tavern: Thoughts?

LOVE this restaurant. Definitely one of my new favorites. The ambience is so cozy and perfect for big group dinners, romantic dates, or casual bar sitting. While I have not had the burger I can attest to everything from simple mac and cheese side to the black sea bass in miso with bok choy. I have had turtle soup and simple sides and everything is scrumptious. Def worth stopping by,they have something for everyone.

Tasty Korean Fare

I love Mandu on 18th st near Lauriol Plaza. Food is great, not too pricey and also have amazing drinks. You have to try the dish in the hot bowl with the fried egg on top. Fried eggplant is also amazing.

all you can drink mimosa/bloody mary brunches?

Creme on U street has a great bottomless mimosa/bloody mary brunch also! food is great.

Kemble Park Tavern?

Anyone tried it yet? Going there tonight...suggestions?

Nage or Brasserie Beck?

Want a cozy dinner tonight to stay warm. Havent been to either, I know Brasserie Beck is new and trendy but Nage just posted a new fall menu that looks delicious.


Menu recs at Proof?

mini meatballs, tuna tartar, prawns, heirloom tomatoes, mushroom side

Thursday Happy Hour

What are some good spots (decent food/good wine list/specials) for Thursday happy hours that also offer food specials in the U street, DuPont, AdMo area?

Best Seafood, DC Area?

I LOVE D'Acqua. Perfect place for every occasion because their menu is so extenstive. There is a long hot and cold appeteizer section that are really small plates and sharing those are a perfect meal for a big group. They also have lots of pasta options as well as amazing seafood selections. Then to top it off they offer their "seafood bar" which means you can basically pick fresh whatever their catch of the day is and have it prepared in any way you like. Endless possibilites. And Enzo the chef/manager is a great typical italian owner who makes friends with everyone. Highly recommend it!