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A mussel & a barnacle

Last night I went to Florent in NYC and ordered mussels. When they came out I noticed a few had barnacles on them, something I have never seen on a mussel in a restaurant before. I have seen barnacles on mussels in a tide pool or on a dock... but not in a garlic and white wine sauce on a plate.

Would you eat a mussel with a barnacle on it? Does anyone know if that is a sign they are a)old or b)dangerous?

Jan 18, 2008
katalina in General Topics


I am hosting a party with an Argentine theme in Berkeley.

Does anyone know a good place to find empanadas or other Argentine goodies, like dulce de leche desserts??


Dried chipotle

I bought a handful of whole dried chipotles at the market, but now that I am looking at recipes most call for CANNED chipotle in adobo.

How can I substitute my dried ones? I was planning on grinding them into a powder and using it like a spice.

Nov 04, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

That Chipotle Sweet Potato Recipe

A quick question about canned chipotles.... I have dried ones. How can I substitute them? I also have Adobo powder, can I mix them in cream for the desired effect in this recipe?

Nov 04, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

Todd English - Olives - Union Square

You can search on New York Magazine's website for places with private rooms.

Oct 25, 2007
katalina in Manhattan

Is there anything you just can't make, no matter how hard you try? [Moved from General Topics board]

I start by adding a tablespoon of milk to the mixture, and keep adding until I get the desired consistency. The milk helps to make it more fluffy and mix in the sugar. But the tricky to fluffiness is beating it with an electric mixer very well.
I usually end up using about a box of powdered sugar. But add slowly (1/2 cup at a time) and make sure it all mixes in.
Crisco would not work because it doesn't taste like butter.

Oct 21, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

Is there anything you just can't make, no matter how hard you try? [Moved from General Topics board]


Even in a rice maker my rice comes out wrong. The only kind I can make that comes out okay is instant Uncle Ben's.

Oct 21, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

Is there anything you just can't make, no matter how hard you try? [Moved from General Topics board]

I make frosting using a sinful method that is hard to screw up:

With electric mixer
Cream 2 sticks butter
Add powder sugar
A little milk (to help mix in the sugar)
A drop of vanilla (optional)

And just keep mixing and tasting until you get your desired sweetness. If you want chocolate, add cocoa power, for coffee add a little coffee.

Hope this works!

Oct 21, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

Is there anything you just can't make, no matter how hard you try? [Moved from General Topics board]

This is a brownie recipe that is no fail (I hope) that my great grandmother made:

2 squares non sweetened chocolate
1 cup sugar
1 stick butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup flour

Heat oven to 325

Grease small (9 inch or less) cake or square pan

Melt chocolate, butter
Mix in sugar, vanilla
Beat in Egg
Add flour

Cook 30 mins and check... it is done when the fork comes out clean.

Oct 21, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

Devi reopening

I hope so.... I wanted to go last night and miss it.

Sep 20, 2007
katalina in Manhattan

Private Dining at Eleven Madison Park?

The minimum is $2500 per event, about. This is the standard price at most nice places with private rooms in Manhattan. The food is about $100-$150 per person plus booze plus tax, gratuity. I looked into many places for a recent dinner: including 11 madison park, gramercy, blue hill, and Cru. I went with Cru because the service was the best and it was all about making our event special and wonderful, not about the cost while the other places felt more like it was a 'business', Cru made it personal. (Although, Cru was no cheaper than anywhere else.)

Sep 20, 2007
katalina in Manhattan

The Harrison

Anyone been there? How is the food?

Aug 14, 2007
katalina in Manhattan

Cru for wedding dinner?

For our wedding dinner we are looking at places to eat, and Cru seems to be a good bet.

Thoughts? We are a party of 13.

Or any other ideas?

Aug 11, 2007
katalina in Manhattan

Birthday dinner in/near the West Village?

I would say El Faro, I have before on this board, its a great authentic Spanish place on Horatio and Greenwich. Paella to die for.

Aug 10, 2007
katalina in Manhattan

Fatty crab for 6 on a Sunday and a backup plan

What about El Faro?

It is on Greenwich and Horatio, two blocks from Fatty Crab.

Its the oldest Spanish place in NYC, great food, cool murals, not pricey.

Aug 05, 2007
katalina in Manhattan

Where to eat after my city hall wedding??

I am getting married at city hall in about a month. After a group of about 10 will go out to dinner.

I have a few places in mind (Del Posto, Veritas, Gramercy) but...

I would love to hear some Chowhound's opinions on where a good place would be to have a great meal in an intimate setting to celebrate this one in a lifetime moment???

Ideally, somewhere not too crowded, quiet, and of course delicious.

Jul 28, 2007
katalina in Manhattan

good caterers?

Sorry for the lack of details....

The wedding will be in Berkeley.

good caterers?

I am planning a cocktail party, and next year a wedding. Does anyone have recommendations for a great caterer?

Giada's paradise recipes

Has anyone tried the squash and shrimp combination? Cubes of butternut squash don't seem like a great pairing with shrimp, how do the textures work together?

Jul 04, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

Bag of dried Italian porcini's

I recently returned from a trip to Italy, and I brought back with a me a bag of porcini mushrooms. They are large in size and dried. And ready to be eaten.

Any reciple suggestions?

Jul 04, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

Beyond Ketchup and Mustard

Crystal brand hot sauce is my favorite, and I must admit I do take swigs from the bottle every now and then.

Jul 03, 2007
katalina in Features

What is the best brand of plain nonfat yogurt?

Depends on where you live....

In the NYC area Ronnybrook makes the best! All of their products are great.

Jun 24, 2007
katalina in General Topics

Have any unusual pesto recipes? Here's mine.

A light version of pesto I made once from a recipe in the Wine Lover's Cookbook called for pees instead of nuts, and it worked very well.

Another fun switch is to use sorrel instead of the traditional basil. It makes a great addition to salmon.

Jun 24, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

best marinated mushrooms? (and pasta/potato salads...)


This is a quick, good way to marinate mushrooms

1. Coat skillet with olive oil
2. Add 1 clove garlic, or 1 shallot chopped
3. Add mushrooms... I like shitake, portabello, or if you use white mushrooms use more garlic/shallot
4. Add a tablespoon of good wine vinegear
5. Add a pinch of thyme

Let cook on a low heat for half an hour, adding salt and pepper to taste and more thyme or wine vinegar.

Note: flat leaf parsely is a nice finnishing touch. Also, a little butter adds some smoothness.

Jun 24, 2007
katalina in Home Cooking

Argentina: Salta, Juyuy, Tilcara

Any food reccomendations? It is the home of the first wine ever grown in Argentina, Torrontes, and llama empanadas... but what else?

Any information would be appreciated.


Buenos Aires - Social Paraiso

This is also somewhere I reccomend to those coming to BA. It is still affordable enough for actual Portenos to go to, the staff is wonderful and not anti-tourist or snooty while still being cool. The food is consistent- a rarity in the BA scene where the quality of most places fluctuates.

Buenos Aires

Herman's on Sante Fe and Malabia in Palermo is a great REAL porteno experience. The menu ranges from steak to pasta. The decor is old school, as are the service and prices. Note the waiters do not write down orders, they take pride in memorizing them. This place is an authentic gem.

Buenos Aires Special Occasion

DO NOT go to Olsen, well I personally think the food is bad, the service is bad. BUT the drinks are great. Reserve a table for just drinks, too bad its not summer because outside is divine.

For a fun dinner...
1. Casa Cruz is the most fun place to eat in BA and the most glam/stylish. You will feel like a jet set dealer dinning with your fabulous friends.
2. Bar Uriarte is typically trendy- white, white, white. The food is good and the open kitchen gives it a lively atmosphere.
3. Social Paraiso is the cheapest of the three and the least pretentious. But is fun and the wait staff are all young and very hip in a non annoying way.