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Lil' Baci Yonge Street

Completely agree, that brussel sprout pizza is amazing. I wish they served it at their Queen St location.

Brunch on Queen East

Another option if you are willing to go a bit north is Hammersmiths (Gerrard & Logan). I have really enjoyed their duck plate in the past.

Leslieville Pumps

Decided to try out Leslieville Pumps this weekend after walking by the renovations & sandwich board for a few months. (I'm a sucker for pulled pork, and the mention of Montefort cheese curds on the poutine suggested to me that it wouldn't be the standard fare.) We split the brisket sandwich and the poutine (no extras).

Good prices, great sandwich (combo of flavours, textures, not dry, not too moist), nice fries, and a guy in the back who cares about what he's doing.

Don't let the location (gas station) or the exterior (bad western) put you off from trying them. It's a great addition to the neighbourhood among a bunch of solid new spots.

Ascari Enoteca, new in Leslieville

I likewise had a great time at Ascari Enoteca. 4 of us went on Saturday, so the place was packed, and even so we had really great service.

It is a pasta place, and our pasta was really good. Agreed, the menu is short, but the duck pasta was awesome, and the braised lamb was quite nice. A bit rich, but it was very appropriate for the season.

However, if you want a full protein main, this isn't the right place for it. Also, they aren't strong on the "Italian-American" standards (one of the party was disappointed they didn't have veal parm). But they do deliver well on what they promise.

Musings on lunch in Leslieville

Likewise, we made it to Hammersmith's on Saturday and had a very nice meal. It was full, so we needed to wait a few minutes, and they could use a stronger vent hood when they're going full blast, but the food was very enjoyable.

Had the duck hash, duck egg with toast. They brought salt to the table in a small bowl, which was a nice touch. The duck hash was really lovely. Also at the table was steak & eggs, really nice with an interesting seasoning on the steak. The juice & iced tea was perhaps a trifle overpriced (I would have been fine with it watered down more and a better pricepoint) and I would have liked some butter on the toast, but all in all, an enjoyable addition to north Leslieville.

Toronto's Pie Hole

I had one of their Portuguese custard tarts last week. Very flaky pastry, slightly higher pastry to custard ratio than is my preference, very nice custard taste and texture (likely why I wanted more). A promising start, and will likely try more from them.

M:Brgr: 'crazy expensive' toppings on menu interesting, anyone been to Montreal location?

I've eaten at m:Brgr twice in Montreal. Both times enjoyed the meal, though it was a somewhat loud restaurant and not great for discussion.

Across the two meals, I think we had the pulled pork burger, pulled chicken sandwich, a regular burger and the truffled potato chip mac & cheese. Also had an ice cream float. The only negative thing I'd say about the food was that the mac and cheese was too filling and rich. I think there were also some very nice fries (likely the sweet potato).

Fun, interesting places to eat in Toronto ?

For St Lawrence Market, I think the chicken & eggplant parm sandwich is much better than the veal. Be sure to get napkins regardless.

Trip Report: BeerBistro, Biff's Bistro, Pangaea, Le Papillon, Rogers Centre

We went there (Crepes a GoGo) after TCAF this year. I really enjoyed the Crêpe Mademoiselle (Goat cheese, red onion, smoked salmon & maple syrup). And the lemonade substitute is great for a hot day on the patio.

Where can I buy vanilla paste in toronto?

The W-S vanilla paste says to use it 1 for 1 as a substitute for vanilla extract. So if you can't find it, a similar amount of vanilla extract should be fine (it just doesn't give the nice little specks, and is a bit more liquid).

Downtown-East Brunch Spot?

What about the Gilead Cafe?

Another option is the Distillery District. I had a great brunch there (I think it was at the Boiler House), but it doesn't open until 11 on Sunday, and it's pricey.

good thai in Leslieville/Riverside area?

I'd like to thank everyone who mentioned Sukhothai recently. Definitely not too far from Leslieville. High marks from our party of four on the iced tea, the khao soi, and the gaeng masaman. I think I would have preferred the pad thai with a bit more lime, but it was still good once I changed my expectations from what one generally gets in Toronto as pad thai.

Atmosphere is very loud, very tiny. Clean. Several steps, which might be an issue if there are mobility problems for the relatives.

274 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Pearson Terminal 1 - anything chowish?

Yes, you can pack your own sandwiches, you just can't bring your own drinks. You _can_ bring your own bottles and refill from water fountains on the other side of the security check.

Be aware that if you don't finish your meal, you might need to dump it on the other side. E.g. the folks at Auckland get somewhat stressed about apples, even though they were originally from New Zealand. Processed foods are usually ok. Meat and fruit with seeds are always the most suspect.

And please be considerate of your fellow passengers, try not to have anything _too_ smelly.

ISO Taylor Ham

We used to go to New Jersey every year and pick up Taylor Ham for brunch sandwiches, but now all family has moved away, and I'm not going to visit just for some processed meat.

Any chance someone has seen this in Toronto, preferably within reach of public transit? I'm in withdrawal (it's probably all the chemicals). shows I am not alone in my cravings, though perhaps I'm the only one in Toronto :)

Lady Marmalade - Queen E.

I had the savoury waffles and was very happy with my selection. The only issue was the salad in a small bowl - they really need to have smaller pieces of lettuce. The crepes with ham were nice, but tough to eat in a way that got all the flavours together.

Waitstaff was nice, if busy.

We tried for the "good afternoon poutine" and was told it has sold out by 9am every weekend thus far.

Help - forced to eat at Spring Rolls! Is there ANYTHING decent there?

Last time I had it, the mango salad wasn't too bad. Ditto the vermicelli plate. I'd probably stay away from the chicken though, wasn't well trimmed the last two times I met someone there.

Kid-friendly Leslieville?

My initial thought was Lil Baci (which seems to have two dinner seatings, the kid one and the couples one), but I don't know their daytime hours or friendliness during weekdays.

Loic - how does it work?

Gave LOIC another try this weekend, the duck confit and mashed potatoes. I left them in the oven a bit longer, and they both turned out beautifully. A tad pricey, but compared to a restaurant meal, well worth it.

Loic - how does it work?

We've ordered there a couple of times. Once the prepared meats, and once the squash/pears, stuffed zucchini and tarte tatin. The food is partially cooked, and then you throw it into the oven for another x minutes to finish it off. We found their instructions a bit off, the squash and zucchini both needed more time in the oven to get to the degree of doneness we like. (It could be that my oven has started running cool again.)

I liked the stuffed zucchini but the other eater found the citrus note disconcerting, the tarte tatin was nice. The squash wasn't a success for us (the pears overdone and the squash not done at all). That being said, not a home run, but we'll probably be giving them another shot.

The main problem for me with the concept is that I generally take out when I'm running late. If I have 25 minutes to finish prep, I can make the meal myself.

The Citizen

I took my parents on Saturday, not knowing of the review. The owner came out wearing an "I <3 J Kates" shirt and joked with a regular about putting an X through the heart.

Our table shared the Caesar salad (great bacon), a side of the braised cabbage (quite nice, my mom loved it), and the chocolate mouse dessert (nice enough, not spectacular, but a good end to the meal). Mains for the table were the rabbit & green pea gnocchi (very nice, despite the two bones found in todays leftovers), the steak & potatoes (it is what it is, nothing noteworthy), the schnitzel (very nice flavours and texture, plus it was fun to have it presented on the bone), and the ribs (a bit too sweet for me, but the person who ordered it really enjoyed them) with cornbread (really good).

It might have been them reacting to the poor review, the chef being present, them having a good night, our table ordering the right things, or them getting their act together. Regardless, I'll give them another try when their fall/winter menu comes out.

New Bakery in Leslieville

I picked up a demi baguette on Saturday, still warm from the oven, plus they had a small slide of whole wheat. I have to say that I'm not a fan. Though the texture was fine I didn't get a lot of flavour. Given the other options within a ten minute walk (ace, epi, st john's), I don't think I'll go there for baguettes. Perhaps it is better as a sandwich bread than a standalone. I might try a sweet offering another day.

Best/Worst Chowhound Tips

My best tip from the board was Pizza Pide at Gerrard Square. I would have gone in eventually anyways, but I probably would have ordered a 'normal' pizza and been disappointed instead of really enjoying the exceptional sampler (#18) and going back again.

Pizza Pide
949 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

New restaurant Leslieville

I believe it is Kubo's new pizza place.

Leslie Jones

I stopped by in the fall for lunch because I wanted a pulled pork sandwich. We also tried the smoked salmon potato salad. We had friendly service and the food was quite nice especially given the price. I wouldn't go out of my way, but I would go back. I wish they would update their website though - I like to see menus before I try new places out, and they still have it as "coming soon". Sometimes I consider walking into places and offering to fix things like that for the cost of a dinner. Anyways, nice enough lunch in my experience, no idea about dinner.