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Suggestion around Luberon area -Bonnieux

As a resident of the Luberon I can add my vote for the Bartavelle
in Goult and is open on Sun.Reservations a must.Also the Café de la Poste in Goult for the best terrace in the Luberon with good steak frites and stare value.My daughter has dined at most all the restaurants in the Luberon and the Bartavelle is at the top of her list for food and ambiance.We also like Le Petite Cave in Saignon where you can enjoy an excellent dinner and a walk in the historic village.Fri. market in Lourmarin is particularly lovely as is the village.Good stare value and perhaps a glimpse of the ever charming Peter Mayle who shops
there on Friday.Bonnieux is a perfect starting point.

Tasty News in Saignon

Chef Andrew Goldsby has just reopened La Petite Cave in Saignon after a winter break.Had a very tasty dinner the other night...
splendid as always.Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Saturday.
I think the view at night as you exit the restaurant is breathtaking and unequaled in the Luberon.Magic!

May 21, 2015
Franco American in France

Great Curry now in the Luberon

Had the great pleasure to discover that Le Petit Café in Saignon is now cooking-up splendid Curry several nights a week.Chef Andrew Goldsby--
a true Brit, is behind the stove executing his brilliant Curry repertoire with all the trimmings.We were lucky to get a table on our two visits...went once--and then back soon again.His Tandoori is fantastic...the lamb too.Oh...and the Dhal is addictive, so we asked for the recipe...and got it.

Oct 24, 2013
Franco American in France

Curry lovers in the Luberon unite in Saignon

Le Petit Café in Saignon is hosting three nights of Curry dining with all the
tasty trimmings. Chef Andrew Goldsby--a true Brit, will be behind the stove executing his brilliant & now famous Curry repertoire on Nov.1,2 and 3rd.Do join us! for menu and details

Oct 23, 2013
Franco American in France

Luberon (very last minute) itinerary help please. Light lunch in Bonnieux/ Dinner in Maubec

Parigi mentioned having dinner at Le Petite Cave which is in in Saignon-- which is well worth touring. Sadly La Petite is closed this year, however the Chef /Owner Andrew Goldsby has just opened Le Petite Café just down the road on the place De L'Horloge.The cuisine is inventive and artisanal...
typical of Andrew.The Café is in a splendid old building which has been lovingly restored-- and it has a terrace.
Tapas & superb wraps for lunch among other things ...and it's all quite affordable ...and the dinner menu is always
exciting. All in all one of most unique and informal dining venues in the Luberon.

Jul 28, 2013
Franco American in France

Saignon in the Luberon encore. "Le Petite Cafe has arrived!"

Looking for Le Petite Cave the other day... but discovered the new Le Petite Café. What a delight! Chef/Owner Andrew has moved just up the street to Place de L' Horloge and created a charming new space in an equally old building on the corner. Now he has a terrace and a vue too, and a counter inside where you can chat him-up when he has time.It's just down from the now closed hotel. Just as inventive and creative as the cuisine at the Cave---but in a less formal ambiance with a less formal menu for lunch and diner. For lunch his take on Wraps--smoked salmon or chicken curry, and a vegetarian invention with feta and grilled vegetables. All served with homemade frites...a rare find these days-- and only 12 Euros. Salads and Tapas too... and a very exciting dinner menu typical of Andrew's culinary inventiveness as noted by Michelin and other food bibles -- and for only 25 Euros. Look forward to our return to sit under one of his pink umbrellas and enjoy the stare value. Certainly an exceptional find anywhere...but particularly in the Luberon.

Jul 16, 2013
Franco American in France

Looking for exceptional dinning in the Allentown area

Any old or new venues with inventive cuisine most welcome.

Oct 07, 2012
Franco American in Pennsylvania

Luberon - Late summer, restaurants and food shops

Don't miss dinner at Le Petite Cave in Saignon, and a walk through the village is quite pleasant.
The Fri. Marche in Lomarin is not to be missed.Most of the food shopping is out of convenience
done at Leclerc in APT where in particular you'll find a good selection of fish & shellfish and the butchers not bad.For eggs and cheese you'll find good products at the various daily markets
throughout the Luberon.And BO marche just outside APT has an interesting selection of vegtables.The hotel in Venasque has a very delightful terrace avec vue for a pleasant lunch.Bonne journey.

Aug 12, 2012
Franco American in France

2 Weeks in the Luberons in Early April 2011: Trip Report

Your choice of La Bartavelle is excellent and Goult a lovely village for a walk about.As a resident of the Luberon I would suggest Le Petite Cave in Saignon for a superb dinner in a romantic evening.Le Sanglier has a vue, but the cuisine is lacking and the drive to Saignon less taxing.Have the chilled pea & mint soup at
Le Cave'll never forget it.

Aug 06, 2012
Franco American in France

" Caviar in a Pod "

Fine piece this week in the NY Times regarding the peas of Provence. Last PM I tasted a superb chilled pea & mint soup at La Petite Cave in Saginon made with Provence peas, accompanied by
a Langoustine Mousse.A splendid purée de choux fleurs served with impecalbly prepared scallops was also a unique treat.
There's not a better restaurant in the area...and the ambiance and service were charming.
Happily they're now serving Sunday lunch.

Apr 26, 2012
Franco American in France

August Honeymoon in Provence - Avignon, Lourmarin, Bonnieux, Lex Baux de Provence

As a near resident of Roussillon I suggest that you'll find the Thursday market not
particularly exciting.The most splendid of markets is certainly Lourmarin on Friday.
If he's well enough you just might see Peter Mayle doing his shopping.The market on
the Isle is still an adventure and a fine souvenir inspite of the crowds.Perhaps you've seen the film "A Good Year."Fanny's cafe in the film was the cafe on the terrace just adjoining to the
chateau in Gordes...although dressed much diffrently.

Apr 23, 2012
Franco American in France

August Honeymoon in Provence - Avignon, Lourmarin, Bonnieux, Lex Baux de Provence

Had lunch on Sunday at La Petite Cave ...superb as always!They will continue to do Sunday
lunch throughout the spring & summer.

Apr 23, 2012
Franco American in France

L'Instant d'or

What better a critic than Alex could you hope for? It's all in his tasty review.

Apr 21, 2012
Franco American in France

August Honeymoon in Provence - Avignon, Lourmarin, Bonnieux, Lex Baux de Provence

I must agree with the favorable comments regarding La Petite Cave as mentioned
by ludutko.Enjoyed a superb Easter Sunday lunch at La Cave as well a splendid
dinner Friday evening. Everything was excellent and beautifully executed.My guest
ordered one of the supplements which increased the bill by a few euros, but it was well worth it for seared scallops,cauliflower puree and curried chick peas.With one bottle of wine the tarif was more than fair.
I've been fortunate to "eat around"...France,Italy,Australia ,Aukland,London,New York,LA,SF and other tasty food capitals... La Cave can hold its own against fine restaurants anywhere... but is superior to most in the Luberon.

Apr 15, 2012
Franco American in France

L'Instant d'or

See Alex Lobrano's " Hungry for Paris"...he reviewed it last week and gave it a B+

Apr 03, 2012
Franco American in France

Iconic watering-hole dries up!

It was open through the winter and never closed.Unfortunately it went bankrupt two weeks ago...
it was a long while coming and now all traces of the Auberge and terrace are gone,the property
is empty.We hope a buyer with deep pockets turns -up.It was a favorite of so many worldwide.
We look forward to the next chapter.

Apr 02, 2012
Franco American in France

Iconic watering-hole dries up!

The lovely Auberge du Presbytére in Saignon,along with its charming and iconic terrace is now closed.It was certainly one of the most pleasant and calm places in the Luberon to have a sip or two

while enjoying the sound of the fountain...and of course the stare value.It will be much missed.We hope a new buyer arrives on the scene to bring it all back to life.In the meantime I'll do my sipping

at La Petite Cave on Rue le Quai.Rumor has it that they have a very creative new menu to accompany

their ambitious wine list.

Apr 02, 2012
Franco American in France

Seeking a kid-friendly place for steak frite in Paris

Le Relaise l'Entrecote happily welcomed our four year old... and for many years after.
A perfect menu for a child who enjoys steak frites.

Mar 26, 2012
Franco American in France

Recs in the Luberon: Rousillon, Gordes, Menerbes, Bonnieux

Sanglier Paresseux (lazy boar) in Caseneuve is currently open, but aside from the view is
quite ordinary.The splendid Petite Cave in Saginon is opening at Easter (dinner only ) with a wonderful new menu which combines some of the creative cuisine from it's sister restaurant in Saginon,Le Petite Bistro ( now closed) with other very inventive creations from its brilliant young chef.
It's well worth the detour up the mountain.

Mar 21, 2012
Franco American in France

Nice to Provence (Avignon?) - How to fit in Luberon?

Think if you arrive in Nice you'll be driving up to the Luberon rather than down.It's about a two and half to Aix or Avignon. And the marche on the Isle sur Sorgue is on Sunday with a smaller one Thur.They'll be locals and tourists at the Marche which makes it part of the fun...lots of stare value! We're all tourists in the should go too.Most of the flights to Paris
leave in the morning...many peope spend the night before the flight at the airport which would give you an opportunity to tour and dine in beautiful Marseilles.Bonne journey!

Mar 18, 2012
Franco American in France

August Honeymoon in Provence - Avignon, Lourmarin, Bonnieux, Lex Baux de Provence

La Petite Cave in Saignon is now the place to be for a superb dining experience...the Auberge
for a drink and people watching.

Mar 08, 2012
Franco American in France

Honeymoon in Provence and Paris

Opps! market day in APT is Sat. until about 1 PM

Mar 08, 2012
Franco American in France

Sunday lunch in Avignon?

Many delightful restaurants are closed on Sunday.Perhaps you know a few that are open.
Something in a garden would be perfect.Merci in advance!

Sep 29, 2011
Franco American in France

How is Maubec/Luberon as a base location to eat around Provence?

Encore Maubec
The "Luberon by Mouth" continued.
It's worth noting that Maubec has a very pleasant bistro of its own located at the bottom
of the village.L' Atelier Verosan has a fine vue of the countryside from its terrace and resonable prices.
The 2011 Michelin Bonnes Petites Tables has given a star to L'Escanson in Robion which is
only minuets from Maubec.
Going east on N 100 through Coustellet you will notice a boulanger on your left with a red facade,they bake exceptional bread and have parking in front.
Last week there was an exciting new arrival in the charming old village of Saignon.
Le Bistro du Vin open its doors for the first time.Located on Rue Cilly in a splendid 17th Cen.
building with a lovely terrace it has already received great applause from locals and European
tourists exploring the village.The chef owner is very imaginative and is dedicated to using
seasonal produce from the region and the prices are exceptionally fair for such high quality.
Also in Saignon is the much hearlded Petite Cave Restaurant which open last year.
Lovely romantic ambiance with superb cuisine.See website for more details.

Mar 31, 2011
Franco American in France

Sunday night dinner in Avignon

L'Essentiel, 2,Rue Petite Fusterie...not far from the Palais.
A fine favorite of many, particularly those of us who commute from Paris on Friday PM or shop
Avignon on Sat.
See their excellent website for details.Lunch & dinner .Closed Wed.& Sun. however.

Mar 22, 2011
Franco American in France

How is Maubec/Luberon as a base location to eat around Provence?

If you're invited to stay in a farmhouse in Maubec you should do so! Why spend your euros on a pricy hotel.I live not far from Maubec which puts you minuets away from great villages, vues and restaurants.See post from boredough for particulars ,and get yourself a guidebook to the Luberon
to fill-in some blancs.Do drive over to Lourmarin for the Fri. AM marche,it's superb... and you might see Peter Mayle doing his shopping.
So lucky you! Maubec's a perfect base to explore the neighborhood.

Jan 25, 2011
Franco American in France

The Inn at Phillips Mill, New Hope - has anyone been?

Have been dinning at the romantic and iconic Phillips Mill off and on for perhaps 40 years or more.The cuisine has generally had a French slant and has always been delightful.The interior
is superb and has appeared as background for various fashion shoots over the years,it's a delight for the eyes as well.
Their chefs
have been numerous but the inns standards have always been maintained.
Had lunch in Provence the other day with my London friend who had recently rushed to the inn
upon arriving for a brief visit in Bucks.
It's the most romantic of the Bucks restaurants so stop in and have a look at the menu --and the interior and terrace.

Oct 11, 2010
Franco American in Philadelphia

Dinner at La Bartavelle in beautiful downtown Goult

Lovely facade, interior and ambiance! How about the cuisine? Your experience? Merci!

Apr 14, 2010
Franco American in France

Dinner in Haute Provence

Some favorites pas tre cher.Do get out your map.Try and get here while the weather is still spendid so you can dine on the terrace when available.
After you enjoy wandering the marche in Apt you can have a very pleasant lunch at
Aux Plaisirs Gourmands---it's across from the fountain opposite the Place de la Bouquerie
Pierrerue....about five min.from Forcalquier you'll find the Le Bistrot de Pierrerue which is
owned by two delightful American's.It's been Food & Wine mag.They have a terrace and do French bistro cusine. 04 92 75 33 00 Lunch & Dinner.A favorite of local expats.
Lardiers----Most famous spot in your la Lavande.
04 92 73 31 52
When in Forcalquier for the excellent Mon.Marche stop into the tourist info center for a list
of Haute Provence Bistros.They're official & meet certain standards.
The Creperie in Forcalquier, Rue Cordeliers is fine.
For a change of menu from time to time you might enjoy the Taj Mahal;and Indian
rest. in Manosque.It's opposite the poste and across the place on Rue Tribunal.
When in Coustellet La Perle d' Asie has a splendid lunch of Thai things.A bargain at 9
A tour of Goult is well worth the time, and then lunch on the terrace at the Cafe de la Poste.
A fine steak frites and excellent stare value.John Malkovitch,a local, dines there from time to time.
Back up N100 and a stop in St.Michel l' observatoire where the pizza at the Pizzeria
St.Michel is fine.
The Hotel Restaurant Michel l'Observatoire has a lovely terrace and a good menu.
Bon journey!

Sep 22, 2009
Franco American in France

Dinner in Haute Provence

Have lived not far from Vacheres for years.You'll find Forcalquier and Apt and places in between to be more convenient for dinning and fine market days.Manosque does have a
delightful Sat.Marche.
For starters I can suggest Le Jardin in Viens for
a lovely lunch for 13 euros.Will get out my address book and list other affordable tables
in your neighborhood.

Sep 21, 2009
Franco American in France