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New Years Eve in Madrid

My daughter and I are traveling to Madrid Dec. 29-Jan 4 and are looking for some recommendations for a restaurant near within walking distance of our hotel on New Year's Eve. We're staying at the Palacio de Tepa (San Sebastian 2) and plan to walk to the puerto del sol at midnight. I'm looking for great food, $$ is not an issue, though I'd prefer a less formal atmosphere since she is 16. I'd love a place with a great wine list as well.

French Quarter--Reasonable prices

We're on a mission trip with 15 teenagers and are looking for recommendations for a place to eat dinner in the French Quarter (had a not so great dining experience there a few days ago). Any recommendations for something in the $8-12 price range? thanks much

Jun 20, 2007
CathyTheFoodNut in New Orleans

Garden District--Reasonable prices

We're visiting the Garden District with about 12-15 teenagers (youth mission trip) and we are interested in finding a place for dinner. We're on a budget, so something in the $8-12 price range would be great.

Jun 20, 2007
CathyTheFoodNut in New Orleans