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is there a sushi buffet place in boston?

Mr. Sushi in Arlington has done away with the AYCE. They took it off the menu for the summer, and apparently it will not be returning. I don't think the Brookline location ever offered the option.

Oct 29, 2007
snoopdisc in Greater Boston Area

"Kathmandu Spice" in E. Arlington?

I'm pretty sure that it's going to be a restaurant. I read on the Arlington town website that they were approved for a beer and wine license.

Aug 20, 2006
snoopdisc in Greater Boston Area

Cabot's in Newton

I had many good meals there throughout my childhood. Always loved their foot-long hot dog. I still venture back for the raspberry-lime rickeys and the ice cream.

I always believed that they served Richardson's ice cream. Is that still the case?

Jul 18, 2006
snoopdisc in Greater Boston Area

Breakfast place??

FWIW, Kelly's Diner is in Ball Sq., not Teele Sq.

Jul 08, 2006
snoopdisc in Greater Boston Area

Chilly Cow - welcome!

I recently ventured into the Chilly Cow in Arlington, and am thrilled with the new addition to the neighborhood. The ice cream is good, the portions are big, and the prices are great. It's a nice change from JP Licks (which IMO is very overhyped and way too expensive.)

And their custard was great. I'd never had it before, but now I can't wait for more flavors to appear...

Jul 03, 2006
snoopdisc in Greater Boston Area

Greek Corner: the good and the bad

I too was disappointed the one time that I ordered the Greek fries. I had a vision in my mind of something very different, and needless to say, it is not an item that I would order again. But the gyro, tzatziki, and dinner plates keep me going back.

Jun 24, 2006
snoopdisc in Greater Boston Area