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best french toast in SF Bay Area?

Doctor's Lounge for their Bananas Foster French toast. Light and eggy and not tough. So many times you will receive French toast that is tough and hasn't been soaked in egg long enough.

Big Mouth Burgers - Bang for your Burger Buck

I do think these burgers are quite good and generally get overlooked in mentions in print. Great shakes too, and a couple beers on draft. I appreciate that I can get a side of their beans or cole slaw rather than fries (the fries are good, but I'm just not that into fries). Superior to Burger Joint.

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

Yup, that Marnee. Glad to hear they're on the right track.

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

I have to admit that I now worry about eating at Marnee considering their health violations/forced closing in 2013. Thoughts?

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

Seconding you on Zapata. They somehow put a fresh California spin on their food.

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

That sucks, but simply has never been my experience in the slightest, in dozens of visits over the past couple of years.

Most underrated restaurants in San Francisco

Mission Rock Resort. Menu and execution are always very solid. We generally don't even like places that feel "corporate," especially husband, who consistently jokes that he only likes "dirty" restaurants. But we keep going back for oyster happy hours and early dinners with an awesome view. In my experience, I rarely see it mentioned in articles or on CH.

Muguboka for Korean (5th & Balboa) is wonderful too--never see it mentioned.

Who sells Fond O Foods Allgau German butter in San Francisco?

Ah, now I see this thread is old, but I did just see this butter today at the Potrero WF.

Where can I find Calbee Honey Butter Chips?

Check Kukje in Daly City.

Yasukochi's Sweet Stop, SF

We tried the other day too. Three for three with them being closed. I don't know if will be trying a fourth time.

Bay Area Ramen

Supermom62 posted the same exact thing on 2 threads, so that makes me quite wary. I'm willing to try the place. We've been to the new-ish Izakaya Goku (16th between Dolores & Guerrero) a couple times for ramen, which was really good. The service is just okay (the hostess made me furious the first time we went there).

Porcellino [San Francisco]

Yes, and they have already acknowledged the current employees are stretched thin and that they are hiring.

To Hyang to Close 5/23; lost lease [San Francisco]

Mugu Boka on Balboa. And their banchan is so fresh and delicious with excellent variety. Allmenus says their noodle soup is $8.95. I don't know if that's up to date.

How to handle uninvited children at a cocktail party

Can you hire a neighborhood teenager to watch/entertain the kids at your house during the party, generally staying out of the party area?

Jan 18, 2014
Atomica in Not About Food

Bernal Heights [San Francisco]

Rock Bar's cocktails and even Emmy's cocktails are vastly superior to Royal Cuckoo. Nicer people too.

Bernal Heights [San Francisco]

I know people in this neighborhood who despise Tacos Los Altos. Always has seemed pretty basic and non-offensive to me.

Anyone shopped Big Lots for grocery items?

I love horrible discontinued items, such as Survivor Trivia Pringles. Still on the lookout for those Cool Ranch Cheerios...

Oct 09, 2013
Atomica in Chains

Champa Garden SF Branch to open soon -- any favorites?

They steered me toward the Lao version, so that's what I asked for.

Champa Garden SF Branch to open soon -- any favorites?

I had beef larp - could not detect any rice powder whatsoever. Flavor was basically one-note sour. Beef was a really unpleasant consistency and basically added no flavor at all. I ate just a few bites. Husband had "peanut curry" from their specialties (or chef's menu, can't remember), which was that basic sweet peanut sauce over spinach. Not what he was expecting. Certainly not a "curry," and probably the worst example of that particular dish I've ever seen. Consistency was horrible--he couldn't go beyond a couple of bites. The peanut sauce was hideous, especially when mixed with limp spinach that hasn't been drained properly. My kid got the pad see-ew (sp), which she liked pretty well. (I tasted it and it was really sweet.) Spring rolls had ground chicken with a terrible consistency and no flavor and grossly overcooked noodles.

Champa Garden SF Branch to open soon -- any favorites?

We had lunch there today and hated everything. It was godawful, watery, bland. No attention to flavor development at all. Never had spring rolls that were actively gross. There is absolutely a problem with the Saturday afternoon chef, whoever they may be.

Le Creuset Heritage Collection-New for Fall

Will the moderators be able to change the spelling so that people can find this via search?

Aug 15, 2013
Atomica in Cookware

great eats in the Mission [San Francisco]

I'm with you on F+W. Overhyped and (for me) ridiculously precious/expensive for what you get. Never again.

Dianda's or Delessio's Tres Leches cake? [San Francisco]

Have you tried Joey & Pat's Italian Bakery? It's on Folsom and 21st. I hear their tres leches is good.

Good read: "Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo"

It's now in paperback too, which I didn't realize.

Jun 29, 2013
Atomica in Food Media & News

Breakfast Sandwich - SF Dish of the Month June 2013

Devil's Teeth breakfast biscuit sandwiches are wonderful, and yes, a really good value.

Best quality sushi in San francico

Yo's was okay. Super blah in my book. Without fail, he gave me crappy pieces of hamachi. Ichi is a dramatic improvement and just a whole different level.

Best quality sushi in San francico

Kiji was my worst restaurant experience in SF in the 8 years I've lived here. Their service was horrible and the sushi chefs were the slowest I've ever experienced. If you look at reviews, many like Kiji, but many have experienced the lack of decent management. Never, ever again, even if he gives me free food.

Flour & Co - NEW Bakery, SF - any reports?

Here is what I've had from Flour & Co.:

- breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese (regular, not gluten-free)
- plain yogurt with fruit (strawberry) compote and granola
- lemon bar
- peanut butter cookie (gluten free)
- molasses cookie (gluten free)
- chocolate-peanut butter cake
- brown butter banana bread

It is all seriously fantastic. The banana bread was the best I've ever had. I took my kid there last week to have breakfast. She's never, ever agreed to eat plain yogurt in the past, but we both loved it with the fruit compote. The chocolate-peanut butter cake is to die for.

We are really looking forward to biscuits & gravy next time, and I really want that pretzel sandwich!

Having breakfast in their little dining room was lovely and very relaxing--good music playing, nicely decorated. The place is a total winner.

Looking for Mission District Lunch Spots [San Francisco]

Rosamunde is awesome if you want extremely overpriced food and can't pay with a card. We do like going to Rosamunde, but I find those two aspects of the place really unpleasant.

Rick Bayless on San Francisco

I don't think he has anything to apologize for. It's not like he ripped SF a new one--his criticisms were very mild. His only mistake was in talking to a "reporter" who wanted to stir up something that wasn't there.