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Dim Sum in Vancouver

Do any of the Chinese Restaurants serve Dim Sum in the evening and if so would any be recommended?

Thank you,

I need help with a reasonable Thai or Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver

We will be in Vancouver on a Saturday night, pre-cruise. Included in my group are 80 year old parents. I need a reasonable, not too "hip" Chinese. Vietnamese or Thai restaurant. My preference would be tor remain in the downtown or gastown area - but this is not critical.

Thanks for your help,


Yet another Vancouver "breakfastish" question

Since there does not appear to be any good breakfast spot near Canada Place, can anyone recommend a good bakery where we can pick up some good breakfast goodies. We're on vacation, so no healthy bagels. We will be arriving a day before the cruise and intend to go to Granville Island and if time permits the Anthropology Museum. We are staying near Canada Place. So any good bakeries within walking distance of these places?

Thanks again for your help,


Breakfast Help needed near Canada Place

We will be staying near Canada Place pre cruise and need a recommendation for a good breakfast on Sunday. Hotel buffets don't thrill us so if there are any other recommendations we would appreciate.



Good Eats in Vancouver and Vancouver Island

Thank everyone for the responses.

It appears that Sooke Harbour wins out. Now I just need to figure out the logistics. Is it an easy drive from Victoria to Sooke - or should we stay down there? We will of course enjoy wine(s?) with dinner so want to be safe.

I do intend to buy the Wine Adventure mag - the web site is pretty limited - so again thanks for that info.

Actually, I have lots of logistical problems and as usual to many places to try and not enough time.

If I only eat one meal in Victoria, should it be Rosemeade, L'ecole or Cafe Brio?

Again, thanks for all the input. Of course, I'll appreciate more if any one else cares to voice an opinion.


Good Eats in Vancouver and Vancouver Island

We are going on an Alaskan cruise and will have a few days both before and after the cruise. We will probably spend 1 1/2 days precruise in Vancouver and then 3 days on Vancouver Island after the cruise. (We have previously been to Vancouver Island and enjoyed Tofino so we're thinking of a different area this time.)

From reading previous posts, I see that West seems to be the restaurant of choice for Vancouver and will probably try it precruise.

After the cruise we think we'll head for Vancouver Island. I've read that Rosemeade, L'ecole and Cafe Brio seem to be the favorites around Victoria. What's the opinion on The Aerie and or Sooke Harbor? (I had read about them in the past) In fact we are debating staying in Malahat for a couple of days to be near The Aeries, and the wineries on the Island and not too far from Butchart Gardens via ferry. Speaking of the wineries, are any of them worth a visit?

Also are there any recommended Thai restaurants in either area?

Thanks for your help and comments,