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The New Stanley's in Providence

Jane - they aren't disorganized. Just had some problems with the city. They opened for one day and had to close. They should open again very soon! Trust me, its worth the wait!

Roma Gourmet on the hill

Wow, loved all these responses - now its time to address them...

Thank you Jenz - I will be traveling to North Attleboro very soon as you said the magic words "best eggplant rollatini"

Jane - this guy Marracco just bought it, and apparently owns/operates a bunch of other mediocre places on the hill (cough, cough Mediterraneo)

Aaahh the Italian Corner Deli. I've been. Good grinders (apparently the secret is slicing the meat very thin) and a nice pesto spread they put on the grinders as well - but no hot food - and the bread is always under baked...

WineDude, I feel your pain. Tony's is super over priced - and yeah, Venda isn't that good. If I need fresh pasta, good cheese or ready to use sauce - this place is perfect. (they also have exceptional coffee and gelato) - but the prepared food sucks. hands down.

Ricotti's is eh. The one on Mineral Spring Avenue is better...Haven't been to Cafe Dolce Vita in years, although I never had a good reason to go back.... I think the problem with La Spezia was A. it was organic and B. it was directly across the street from Venda

Oh, and lastly Sashimi - maybe you should read the post before replying .....

Roma Gourmet on the hill

On Federal Hill in Providence, more specifically Atwells Avenue.

CSA's in RI

Simon's Farm is great. Check out for info!

Roma Gourmet on the hill

Has anyone been to the new Roma since they changed things? Although they've cleaning up the store and added more seating - they've drastically increased the prices of the food. Since when should a sandwich with JUST mozzarella and prosciutto be $7? Since when should an EXTREMELY skimpy "Italian" be $5.50? Before the renovation, it cost $4.25 - and it was STUFFED with fresh cold cuts. They also don't have pasta fagioli everyday anymore - and now the small soup is $1 more per pint than it previously was. Other things that pissed me off? They changed the meatball recipe. Once lovingly made by a dear old italian lady in back - they now taste like the freezer bag variety. Oh, and they have buffalo and bqq chicken pizza now. SERIOUSLY? Yeah, thats sooo Italian.
So now that my favorite Italian deli is ruined, I ask, is there anywhere else? I know of the others on the hill - but, I dislike Venda since they MICROWAVE the hot food - among other pet peeves about the place.
Is there somewhere else? I'll drive to the end of the earth for good, fresh, fast Italian food. Ideally, it has good cheese, fresh bread, fresh cold cuts, maybe some hot food and soup - and prices worth paying....

Best Irish Food in Providence?

I second Murphy's. Good huge reubens & a great french dip sandwich as well

Juniper Frozen Yogurt - Providence

Dude, its all the college folk - they all have meal plans that include those restaurants. It's also cheap, lots are open late &they tolerate us. Its probably why no respectible restaurant lies on Thayer (Although, don't get me wrong - I have my favorites respectible or not) - and that all the highly talked about established places (such as Chez Pascal, Seven Stars) lie up on Hope Street. Somewhere between Thayer, Hope and Tortilla Flats is an invisible line that divides THIS from THAT.

Favorite chicken salad in New England

Downtown Providence - Nodbody's Deli Basset St.
They have the best chicken salad. Its finely diced (kinda like a spread) perfect amount of mayo, celery and s&p. Its perfect on the French bread with some bacon. You cannot go wrong with this - scouts honor

Andrea's and Blaze on Thayer, Providence

Hey Sean, tell me more about Marko's - I constantly crave anything under the mediterranean category...

Juniper Frozen Yogurt - Providence

Ok, so let me get this straight....
You actually want the frozen yogurt to taste like "frozen yogurt"? Personally, I'll pick my TCBY chocolate that "tastes like soft serve" over Juniper any day. I just don't get it...especially for $5. Not for nothing, but I could put a container of yogplait in the freezer and be equally satisfied....

Andrea's and Blaze on Thayer, Providence

Jenkins, I totally agree. I can't understand why people like this place so much....the tzatziki is a joke - and the gyro meat frozen... the saganaki I've gotten there a couple times - has always come to the table cold...I'm over this place.

Gluten Free Bakery in Providence????

Seven Stars Bakery has reallly good gluten-free almond macaroons....

Cheap Eats, Rhode Island

Uh, Wrights Farm! The best $10.25 I can spend...LJ"s bbq has a new $15 dinner special and Taqueria Pacificia is always on point...Oh, and Chilango's - a guava margarita and "chilango's style burrito" always does the trick for a mere $12.

Thayer Street in Providence

Via Via is much better than Antonio's. They lack a wood burning oven AND I always experience dry topping (i.e. chicken for example) OR too many bland toppings slapped together. hm.

Favorite Pizza

There is a Cranston location? Where?

Favorite Pizza

ok i went tonight. unfortunately the stove was we couldn't get the pizza with alfredo sauce - "the feast" as it is called, or any of the pastas. they also didn't offer any soup since the guy behind the counter told us it was "too slow" for soup - (the place was cold enough for it though...) SO,
we ended up getting the chicken ceasar wrap and the caprese pizza. the wrap wasn't what i was expecting. the chicken had the consistency of canned tuna, the dressing was salty and tastes like it came straight from a huge cheap industrial tub. The wrap also had an overwhelming amount of croutons. Not for nothing Gail Champa - but, sometimes I don't think you know what your talking about. The pizza was also really salty and greasy. I think the asiago and parmesan cheese is what made it too salty while the balsamic vinaigrette and pesto combo too greasy. I'm not giving up on this place though. Next time, I'm gona give one of the pastas a try - probably the rolled eggplant. They also have a variety of other pizza's that sound good, although many of them have that asiago/parmesan mixture I mentioned before....

Well see what happens come round 2...

Favorite Pizza

I'm going to feast or famine tonight on your suggestion. i checked the menu out and its exactly what i'm looking for. since i didn't grow up here, i find it hard to get out of providence sometimes...but, i've recently come across great places in warren and pawtucket village. anyways, thanks for leading me to north providence..

Favorite Pizza

Ok, I like Bob & Timmy's, Neo's and Fellini's.

I'm looking for more....I'm open to anything

Any suggestions?

Thayer Street in Providence

Blue State Coffee sells (a selection of) pastries from Seven Star Bakery's and coffee from New Harvest...One place? Meeting Street Cafe? Does that count? If not, I second the "burger from Paragon"

Great shake-shack-like burger anywhere near Providence?

Not to my knowledge. Stanley's would be the closest thing, and thats not even the same. Something like Shake Shack or Pop Burger would be great around here. Also, (and I hate to say it) Johnny Rockets does fall under that category, and I happen to be a fan in the burger department...

dinner in providence, RI [moved from Boston board]

As far as BBQ is concerned LJ's BBQ on the Providence/Pawtucket line could fit the bill nicely. They have great BBQ and a dinner special during the week (that includes wine and dessert) for only $15. The ribs are great and so is the pulled pork....they also have realllyyyy good brunch
Another BBQ place in Providence is Wes Rib House. Its located on a back street in the Olneyville section of Providence. On weekends its open past 3 am - and the gigantic charred ribs are smoky and slathered in sauce...(this place is kinda off the beaten path, but definately something worth checking out)

Another low key favorite is Murphy's Bar downtown. The reubens are comparable to the carnegie deli (although, not as big) but definately as might be lacking in atmosphere - but, its affordable and right downtown...

Bon Appetit!

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

I meant to say "not the best atmosphere" ops.

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

Thanks guys! Jane, I had no idea about this eggplant torta - I must try it. I have a deep love for eggplant - especially the fried and layered variety. The Sandwich Hut is the best atmosphere - my friends and I head to Prospect Park most of the time when we can't stand to sit in that dark, out dated "dining room". Also, Roma has seating inside - and although it's not a fountain - it does the trick.

FF - I go to Roma atleast once a week for that meal I described. Its simple red sauce italian grandma food - and its just comforting. I go college up here, but I grew up in Soprano land New Jersey - so, nothing says home like a big pot of "gravy." And yes, the pizza is good - especially when you get still hot.

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

Roma on Atwells has the best "hot lunch" around. Unlike Venda who reheat their food in the microwave - ROMA makes everything fresh and hot. You can get a huge portion of cheese lasagna, eggplant parm and meatballs for $5.50. It even comes with bread. They have great soup, sausage and peppers and grinders. Venda is so overrated - and although I do enjoy there ready to make sauces and pasta - I think the counter food is always bland, dry and looks like it's been sitting around too long.

The Sandwich Hut on North Main makes a mean italian grinder, and the meatball sub is always on point.

Whimpy Skimpy's from Casserta's should not be missed (they are kinda like calzones and stuffed with spinach, cheese, olives and pepperoni) - - and will set you back around $4.

Oh, and Wrights Farm. For $10.25 you can't go wrong with that chicken. The french fries are also sooo good - and that maybetoogreasyandsoggy salad is wierdly addicting.

24 Hours in Providence - What to do??

the JWU museum is totally worth the trip... really awesome collection of stuff you wont see anywhere else - including an original worcester diner! check it out!

Loie Fuller, Providence--Not Ready for Prime Time

FACT. One way a restaurant keeps costs down is by cutting back on high quality ingredients. Their bread is from Seven Stars (the durum stick) so there not cutting costs there (although, the bread is relatively inexpensive considering they buy wholesale) - but, I'm sure that lettuce comes from Sysco not Sid Wainer. They pick and choose whats necessary and whats not - and thats why its an affordable neighborhood bistro and subsequently "not ready for prime time"

Loie Fuller, Providence--Not Ready for Prime Time

I've been to Loie Fuller's twice now (once before the projo review) and once after. My first experience was great. Prompt seating (we went for early dinner) great service, food etc. After the second time....which included a 90 minute wait and 3 hours of dinner was enjoyable in every aspect mentioned above - except for the timing. Needless to say, they have an execution problem on their hands.. although knowing how the owner is and being familiar with his other establishment - I don't think he really cares either. I know to some of you bloggers that might seem rediculous - but, there is a mentality with some in Providence that encompasses the "fuck you" attitude about certain things...I think this is one of them. Wait, don't wait. We don't care. We can do without you.
All in all, the food, atmosphere, service, wine selection, the fact that I live down the street...are all reasons for me to return --- but, on a Monday night at 5:30 - not Saturday at 7...I suggest the same, until (if ever) they begin to take reservations....Also know that they plan on expanding the bar and adding another downstairs dining room....See this link for it:

Best coffee in Providence?

How has no one mentioned Tazza? The coffee is fantastic - and they use a "cold water extraction method" to brew the iced coffee (which was recently featured in the New York Times). Instead of New Harvest they get there coffee from a place in CT called Barinet. Seriously, if your downtown - its a perfect place to get some joe.

Cheap Eats

Cheap: Under 20 is good Under 10 is even better. Most college folk are only concerned with feeding themselves unless they are going for dinner where they intend to share. But all reccomendations are welcome - especially if the place is held to high esteem.

Cheap Eats

Ok, so heres the deal. I'm a food writer based in Providence. I write for a small magazines food section for a college crowd. I've written about all the obvious cheap, edible places in Providence (ie: east side pockets, cuban, every kind of pizza, cilantro, meeting street, nobody's, apsara, chilango's - you name it) But, I know and feel that I'm missing some hole in the wall kind of places off the beaten path. I want to expose myself and my readers to more restaurants. Anyone? Anything? Tell me. I'm dying to know. I'm also really hungry. But who on here isn't?