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Rebel House vs. Monk's Table?

Taking my dad out to dinner in celebration of his birthday. We've eaten at (and enjoyed) the Rebel House before, but I've heard that the Monk's Table offers superior food. Thoughts?
Can reservations be made at either?

Help most appreciated.

Seeking Great Southern Cookbook

Terribly grateful to you all. Will be swimming in southern cookbooks soon. And ebay receipts. And debt.


May 28, 2008
jerriblank in Home Cooking

Seeking Great Southern Cookbook

Recently returned to Toronto after a two week tour of Tennessee and Kentucky. Hoping to try my hand at a few humble recreations of some of my new southern favourites: corn pudding, coleslaw, lemon ice box pie, etc. I'd love any recommendations for great southern cookbooks. I'm definitely willing to hunt, so out of print titles are welcome, too.

May 25, 2008
jerriblank in Home Cooking

Best T.O. Takeaway Sandwich?

It's really called mangiacake? That's pretty great.

I must thank you all--I'm over the moon at the thought of all these amazing sammies.

Best T.O. Takeaway Sandwich?

When I'm in the mood for a sandwich shamefeast, I always turn to Subway. I look forward trying both grilled fish and shoe leather sandwiches soon.

Best T.O. Takeaway Sandwich?

Where can one find a good sandwich in this town? I'm mostly interested in takeaway spots downtown (I'm a St. George campus U of T student). Suggestions? I'm desperate!

Post-opera booze/snack suggestions

I've got a friend coming into town for the Sunday opera atelier matinee at the elgin. Looking to go somewhere afterward where we can feel comfortable noshing/boozing in our opera duds without breaking the bank. Doesn't need to be in the immediate vicinity of the theatre.

Long overdue birthday dinner with the bestie

Hoping to take my best bud for a dinner to compensate for two years of missed birthday presents. Anywhere accessible by TTC suits us fine. Looking to spend around $120 or less for the both of us. Ideally, the restaurant would be situated close to a decent bar for pre or post meal drinks (looking for recommendations here, too).