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Slovenia and Istrian Croatia - Trip Report (also a little Friuli)

Thank you for this report. Heading to Slovenia and will check out your recommendations. We will be in Bled, Kobarid, Dobrovo (Goriska Brda) and Ljubljana beginning in mid-June. Probably after asparagus season, unfortunately.

Jun 04, 2015
bawc in Europe

Foodies from Toronto spending 3 nights in Providence

Agree that Birch is wonderful. In addition, I would recommend Chez Pascal, about 5 minute taxi from your hotel. It is french bistro food, and they also have the wurst window, which is their homemade sausage and hot dogs, and a black bean burger last time I was there. Other fine dining is Gracie's, about 8 blocks from your hotel.

May 10, 2015
bawc in Southern New England

proof, jaleo, zaytinya and?

The birthday dinner is on a Friday evening, reservations at 6:45 because DS will be with us (It will be a long full day for him, and he is recovering from a broken leg). Will the noise level be tolerable?

Rosalina, PVD

FYI, I believe Birch is open on Mondays, and is considered some of the best food in town. Also, Pane e Vino, which has wine half-price on Monday. We had a lovely bottle of Amarone there which was a great value at half price. Solid Southern Italian, imo.

Apr 26, 2015
bawc in Southern New England

proof, jaleo, zaytinya and?

Thanks all! Proof for his bday dinner.

proof, jaleo, zaytinya and?

Whoops, forgot our first night in DC is my husband's birthday (his 54th!). Given the occasion, would Proof be a good choice? Or in that case should I try for Le Diplomate or Del Campto? We are not fond of super noisy restaurants, I actually enjoy speaking with my family...

proof, jaleo, zaytinya and?

all your helpful replies have left me in a quandary. If I can get reservations at Del Campo, Le diplomate, Seki and Razika, and I add Proof, Jaleo and Zaytina, which four restaurants should I choose? We do have DS with us (who is almost 12), eats a variety of foods but without sauces, and has a small appetite (not that I mind sharing).

proof, jaleo, zaytinya and?

Thank you for the replies. Rasika West End is not terribly convenient. DS is attending a conference at the convention center, so I am not sure how early we can go for dinner.
Little Serow's menu is too limited for DS. Barcelona we can do at home.
How is Del Camp compared to Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak?
Mintwood Place looks interesting but is closed on Mondays, the day we have open. Le diplomate would appeal to DH, but doesn't take reservations more than one month ahead of time--I will try this Saturday.

DS loves asian food, so I thought we might do that for lunch. Considering Isakaya Seki and Daikaya for lunch, as well as Matchbox and Ben's Chili (for DS).

proof, jaleo, zaytinya and?

We have four nights in DC, staying at the Willard intercontinental hotel, with DH and 11 y.o. DS. I tried to get into Razika for our last night, but nothing was available early enough. We were last in town three years ago, and really enjoyed Estadio, but didn't care for Le Central. Any suggestions? And would you stick with jaleo over Estadio? We enjoy tapas at Barcelona restaurant outside of Boston.

Culling Chinese Cookbook Collection

I am more into recipes and techniques than a longer read. Usually, I have to get dinner on the table in time to go to some evening activity with DH or DS. Leisurely preparing a meal is not an option for a few more years...I did take the time to read through breath of a wok (albeit in bits and pieces) which was helpful, but I can't do that on a regular basis.

Dec 12, 2014
bawc in Home Cooking

Culling Chinese Cookbook Collection

I have run out of room for my cookbooks! I have decided to cull by category, starting with my Chinese Cookbooks. I spent a dozen years traveling to Hong Kong, so I am predisposed to Cantonese cooking. I primarily stir-fry, because my fussy 11 y.o. loves it. I am not fond of Chinese American fusion. I would love some suggestions on what I might relinquish (and of course, there is a list of books I wish I had the room to add).

Breath of a Wok (my current favorite) by Grace Young
Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen by Grace Young
The complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon
The thousand Recipe Chine Cookbook by Gloria Bley Miller
The Chinese Way by Eileen Fei Lo
From the Earth by Eileen Fei Lo
A spoonful of Giner by Nina Simmonds
Dim Sum by Ellen Leong Blonder
The Asian Grocery Store Demystefied

Dec 12, 2014
bawc in Home Cooking

disastrous meal at The Marshal

I debated whether or not to post a review, given the courtesy of the comped meal. I thought I gave credit where it was due. However, I didn't feel like having my silence bought, since that followed after I said that I had found the restaurant on Chowhound. Enough said...

Dec 04, 2014
bawc in Manhattan

disastrous meal at The Marshal

I am merely reporting the good and the bad. Suffice it to say, we will never return or recommend it. Readers are welcome to make their own judgement.

Dec 04, 2014
bawc in Manhattan

disastrous meal at The Marshal

We had a 6:00 PM pre-theater dinner reservation on a Saturday evening. We were not seated until 6:40, while waiting in the cramped "bar" area. Hostess insisted that we should have been told that reservation times are not guaranteed because it is a small restaurant, but we were never told that either of the two times I called. In any case, lots of small restaurants know how to time their reservations, with greater courtesy.

We finally ordered our meals while waiting at the bar, and when finally seated, watched while several people who sat down after us were served their meals ahead of us. When the entrees finally appeared, the fish was very dry and overcooked, the short ribs were so fatty that the meat was almost impossible to find. The rest of the food was forgettable.

Service was haphazard, when a waitress could be found. Nobody seemed to know who was taking care of our table. At one point, the music was suddenly increased to a volume where we had to scream to get anyone's attention. All in all, it ranks as one of the single worst dining experiences.

To be fair, the owner came over as were getting ready to leave and comped our meal, and the hostess came running outside after us to apologize, saying they were short staffed that evening. All in all, a poorly run restaurant with disappointing food in cramped surroundings.

Dec 03, 2014
bawc in Manhattan

Now Eating - Rhode Island, 11/2014

We had a similar experience at Salted Slate the previous weekend. Also a long wait between the appetizer and the main course, and most nervous waiter I have ever experienced. Tried the beef tartare app and seared tuna main course. Can't even remember what DH ordered, it was that un-memorable. We don't plan on returning.

Nov 17, 2014
bawc in Southern New England

Wallse at Thanksgiving?

Thank you for your replies. I think we will stick with Wallse, unless you have any other recommendations for Thanksgiving meal?

Oct 30, 2014
bawc in Manhattan

Wallse at Thanksgiving?

Considering going to Wallse on Thanksgiving with DH, 11 y.o. DS and my 90 y.o. father. Any experience with the restaurant at Thanksgiving? The price seemed like a fair value for four courses, but of course, only if the food is good!

Oct 28, 2014
bawc in Manhattan

baccaro or pane e vino for dinner with parents

I wanted to report back on our dinner at Bacaro. Now I remember why it is not at the top of my list. It was very loud upstairs, although it was not full (downstairs had a large party dominating the tables. There seemed to be one overworked but nice waiter, and quite a few busboy/servers who were clueless. None of our appetizers came out together. The salad, the soup and the third appetizer were all quite good. The cioppino was rated OK. My father and I shared an assortment of italian tapas, which were quite pleasant, but not outstanding. While the view was lovely, the noise and service detracted from the experience. Overall, it paled in comparison to Chez Pascal or Gracies. I think next time we want Italian, we will either go to Pane e Vino or Cafe Itri (for a real Rhode Island Italian experience!).

Aug 08, 2014
bawc in Southern New England

baccaro or pane e vino for dinner with parents

My father and his girlfriend (a real foodie) are driving up from New York City to visit us for a few days, Monday through Thursday. Our plan is to take them to Chez Pascal on Monday evening, perhaps Gracies on Tuesday, and then either Baccaro or Pane e Vino on Wednesday. I should mention he is a robust 90 years old, but noisy environments, other than his grandchildren, are tough with his hearing starting to fail. Which of the Italian restaurants would be best?

Aug 03, 2014
bawc in Southern New England

Providence or Newport for birthday dinner

We ended up at Stone Acres Pantry. We lucked out with no traffic from Bonnet Shores at 7:30 PM, and an easy parking space a few blocks before the restaurant on Thames St. The meal was only so-so, in our opinion. We sat on the patio which was lovely, but the folding wooden chairs were very uncomfortable. Wish there had been cushions, which is what I do with the similar chairs I have for the extra people at the holidays. Overall, pretty night but would not return to the restaurant.

Aug 01, 2014
bawc in Southern New England

Best Tanglewood (pre-concert) Meal?

We loved Chez Nous, but parking at Tanglewood is such a hassle that I would bring a picnic, as we did on several occasions. We ordered ahead from NeJaime in Lenox, and it was very good

Jul 31, 2014
bawc in Southern New England

Providence or Newport for birthday dinner

Thank you for the feedback, as always.
Bouchard is full, so my choices are Stone Acre Pantry or Birch, both after 8. We have decided to head down to the beach at Bonnet Shores around 4, have cocktails there, then go either to Newport or return to Providence, since we are equidistant at that point. A friend recommended Stone Acre, but I don't see much about it on the boards.

Jul 30, 2014
bawc in Southern New England

Providence or Newport for birthday dinner

Thursday evening birthday and trying to decide whether to stay in providence and go to birch or drive to Newport and dine at bouchards. Never been to the latter, just weighing the drive there and back on a work night .

Jul 29, 2014
bawc in Southern New England

Where to eat between providence and Waterford, me

We will be driving from providence to Waterford on a Thursday afternoon and will stop for dinner along the way. If we follow the directions, we would exit I95 near Portland at exit 63 and wind our way up rt. 26 north. Is it worth detouring into Portland for an early dinner or is there a place along our route after we get off the highway?

Jul 14, 2014
bawc in Northern New England

lunch and dinner itinerary with 11 y.o. DS

Thank you for the recommendation of Machiavelli, it looks nice. EAT has hot pots and soups which DS will eat, but I am happy for this alternative!

Jun 10, 2014
bawc in U.K./Ireland

lunch and dinner itinerary with 11 y.o. DS

Eating plans are purely aspirational! Actually, we often order small plates, or appetizers, but a sit down rest for lunch is restorative. These are the outlines of a plan, but nothing is written in stone.

We saw Matilda last year on Broadway. We are seeing Skylight at the Wyndham theater. DS is not joining us, but will be doing the tour of the Opera House, and loves charcuterie, so maybe Opera Tavern would be a nice option.

Jun 09, 2014
bawc in U.K./Ireland

lunch and dinner itinerary with 11 y.o. DS

Love the idea of Montcalm hotel with its children's tea...Thank you for the suggestion.

No, we don't want two indian meals in one day, which is preferable, Cafe spice namaste or Dishroom? Any other suggestions near tower of London?

For chippies, is Golden Hinde or Poppies better?

DS loves chinese food, I am particular from traveling to Hong Kong for many years.. Pearl Liang's isn't that close our flat or tourist sites, is it?

St. John's Smith Square restaurant is near Westminster Abbey, so that may work, found it while doing a further search as suggested.

Terroirs in Whitehall would be near Houses of Parliament, and DS loves charcuterie (I would like the wine).

Jun 07, 2014
bawc in U.K./Ireland

lunch and dinner itinerary with 11 y.o. DS

We will be renting a flat in Knightsbridge for a week mid-June. DH and I are former New Yorkers who love good food, DS will eat a variety, but not sandwiches, no sauces or dressing. He is well mannered in restaurants, but a very light eater. I am outlining our dining options now. Nothing worse than an overtired child and parents and no food in sight and no options available! Chowhounds have been very helpful in getting this far! In other travels, tapas and small plates often work well.

Monday: arrive from the US at flat around 11.
Coffee and a light snack on Brompton Road: Cafe Valerie?). Go to Film Museum for Bond Exhibit
Lunch: EAT or Great Queen St. Restaurant
Market at Wainbridge on Motcomb St. or M&S near Covent Garden for breakfast and snacks, Paul's for fresh bread and Pastries
Dinner: Le Metro on Basil St. (3 minutes from flat)

Lunch near British Museum Great Queen St. if we didn't make it on Monday or British Tavern or Moti Mahtal
Afternoon in Greenwich
Dinner: take away from market in Greenwich, or Ottolenghi or go out to Manoush

Tower of London, St. Paul
Lunch; Cafe Spice Namaste
Museum of London, walk through a Park or Tate Museum depending on weather in afternoon
AfternoonTea ?
Dennis Severs Museum 6-7
Dinner: Dishroom or Poppies

Tour of Westminster Abbey, Changing of the Horse Guards, Banqueting Hall
Lunch: j. sheekey, Barrafina, Boca di Lupo
2:30 Tour of the Royal Opera House
Dinner: Hedone (reservations made, they say they will accommodate DS who eats variety, but without sauces, etc..a little concerned)

Noon tour of Harry Potter Studio with DS. What to do about lunch?
DH at Apsley House and National Gallery. lunch at NG
Afternoon Tea: The Wolseley?
7:30 theater
Late quick supper (babysitter with DS): L'Atelier Joel Robuchon

Tour of House of Parliament. Open afternoon

Sunday: Meeting London friends with their DS for lunch.
Dinner: Take out or Eberly Wine Bar
Pack for early departure next morning

Jun 06, 2014
bawc in U.K./Ireland

Indian, Chinese, middle eastern food near Knightsbridge/belgravia

Thank you for taking the time to reply.
Can I bring my well behaved son to Ebury? DH loves his wine with good food.
Which would be best with DS as well, Maroush or Ishbilia or
Beiteddine? The more casual, the better.
Amaya or Chutney Mary for Indian?

Jun 03, 2014
bawc in U.K./Ireland

Indian, Chinese, middle eastern food near Knightsbridge/belgravia

We are renting a flat in the pont street mews, in Knightsbridge, and seeking some good casual ethnic food in the area. We will have our 11 y.o. DS with us, and who will no doubt be tired after a long day sightseeing. I don't plan on cooking much, but may bring in some take out or eat casually in the neighborhood. Local gastro pubs would also be nice.

May 21, 2014
bawc in U.K./Ireland