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Best grilled calamari downtown?

I eat a lot of grilled calamari - and although I'm sure people will disagree - two of the places that I think make it the best are: Astoria (on the Danforth) and Grano (at Yonge & Davisville)

Birthday dinner suggestions

It could essentially be anywhere - I guess central or downtown Toronto would be best.

Birthday dinner suggestions

I'm looking for a place to go for a nice dinner, middle of the week, for my SO and I, not overly expensive ($50/person before wine and dessert). Anything goes....Thanks in advance!

Ben and Jerry's Ice cream

Hi ... saw the thread and had to reply.
OK so unfortunately you can't buy any of the truely unique flavours in pre-packed tubs in grocery stores (just Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, Half Baked and a few others) but I think it is totally worth the trip to a Ben & Jerry's store to pick up a custom hand-packed to go pint! Like Fleisch said, you can get more than one flavour in the pint (I got three).
It was cheaper to get one hand packed pint than two single servings so the SO and I decided to go hard and go home (with ice cream!)
I do suggest that everyone try the new Cinnamon Roll Swirl (that is not its proper name but its the only one like it) Cinnamon flavoured ice cream with bits of cinnamon bun - it is so amazing!!!

Crepes in the GTA
I liked it there!

London Ontario Restaurant

I'm glad you ended up enjoying your meal. I've only been once and according to the other chowhound replies I guess its a hit or miss kind of place? Either way I'm glad you had a "hit". Cheers.

London Ontario Restaurant

If you want to try a new place in London - I really liked a restaurant - just around the corner from La Casa on Richmond called The Tasting Rooms. Its tapas style but the portions are pretty big. My boyfriend and I have big appetites and we didn't need more than 4 between the two of us. They also do a wine tasting pairing with the tapas - you get to try a few different wines that are matched to your meal - really nice and a fun experience. Just a suggestion!

Lobster in Toronto

Lobster Royale at Yonge and Steeles has lobster dinners and a la carte - The dinners allow you to order an entire lobster and the dinner comes with soup (lobster bisque is great) salad and a side - and you get garlic bread which is amazing - however if you don't want the plain lobster dipped in butter than it might not be a good choice. Warning: the decor at Lobster Royale is pretty cheesy with fake lobsters and lobster traps on the wall. Wah Sing on Baldwin street use to have a buy one, get the second half lobster deal (I'm pretty sure they still have it) and you can get your lobsters done in different ways (with black bean is yummy). Hope you enjoy your dinner wherever you end up.