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Kid Friendly, Near Long Beach Aquarium

THANK YOU EVERYONE. I ended up taking them to Belmont Shores. We dined on Thai b/c they wanted 'spicy asian' ha ha. We went to Color Me Mine afterwards and they had a great time being 'creative'. Thank you so much everyone La Creperie is great and I wish i had remember that pinkberry is down the street. d'oh. till next time!

Jun 21, 2007
silexelis in Los Angeles Area

Kid Friendly, Near Long Beach Aquarium

I have 2 girl cousins (11 & 13) visiting from Ohio (which btw is a pretty green state) and I am taking them to the LB Aquarium. I want to take them out for a fun 'california' lunch but not sure where to take them. By 'california' I mean food that they can't get in Ohio. For instance they never had boba until they came here and I took them to eat delicious mexican for the first time too.

So to recap:

Something near LB Aquarium
Something kid friendly
and/or Something semi-exclusively californian

Thanks a bunch to everyone, in advance! Your comments and suggestions are the reason I eat so well whilst living in LA :)

Jun 19, 2007
silexelis in Los Angeles Area