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Visiting Dallas for a week: Regional local/food and bars

Visiting Dallas for the week from washington DC. Looking for local hangouts, good regional/local food, and general things to do. NOT looking for the trendiest or most expensive, I want a taste of texas in my first trip to the area, as wall as any funky local places anybody likes.

MANY thanks.


Places near centreville and chantilly

Thai Palace:
14410 Chantilly Crossing Ln
Chantilly, VA 20151

(703) 378-8277

Its in a strip mall, but its family owned and has very good thai, better than most in dc. Ask for it thai hot, and they will make it very authentic for you.

PHO: There is a new place where the wendy's and the 7-11 is next to the boxing place, near the target. Best pho in the area, the broth actually tastes like they used the right amount of star anise and bones to make the stock. Very good, better than most of the other pho places in the area.


I tried the one in ballston, it was alright. The pizza dough was tasteless, they didnt put the right topping on the pizza, mischarged me for my wine and the staff was overall pretty clueless about the food they were both making and serving. Typical for a newly opened restaurant, but for one that seemed to have so much management staff running around, they were off on the wrong foot.

cute, character, cheap.

Been there, its good, not sure if I'll be in the mood for mexican inspired this week. Thanks though.

I need a DC local favorite


cute, character, cheap.

Looking for a cute, with character place to eat with a friend in downtown dc, foggy bottom, or arlington that isnt super expensive. I already know a host of places but I am looking for somewhere I havent already been. I have been to and like: Mihns, Kotobuki, Lebanese butcher, Cafe parisian express, Les Halles, Nirvana, Heritage india, Pizzaria paradisio, Ammas, East West Grill.

Best "Lebanese" takeout in DC/NoVa area?

Tarbouch and Lebanese Butcher are far and away the best.