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Boiled Peanuts

I am craving some boiled peanuts. last summer I had some cajun boiled peanuts in outerbanks, NC. They were fantastic.

Is there anywhere around DC where I can get boiled peanuts?

Any help would be appreciated


Korean Doljanchi - Rec's please?


Give Oh Lee Oak (sp?) in tyson's a call. Expensive but the food will be solid. Also try Sorak in annandale they have private room.

We've done two Dol and we've always done them at home and catered. Food is better that way, cost less and you get to set the table correctly. Rainbow catering and Nak Won catering can do dol and help you set a proper table for the baby.

Have fun.

Salads at chain resturants

Been eathing a lot of salads home and out. Today, I had a salad from costco for lunch. @ $4, it is a bargain. But as I was eating it I began to wonder, the lettuice is really dry - no moisture on them at all.

I wonder does costco or for that matter other chains, wash their lettuce for the salads?


Feb 27, 2013
Soup in Chains


This is a chain but it is a good chain. I love their family style service and we will be there this friday celebrating another family milestone. Good place.

Feb 27, 2013
Soup in Chains

Why does Pho in Northern VA suck?

There does seem to be a lot of pho places popping up. Most pho's I get is pretty decent but cannot say it is fantastic. I still look for places where they have a fairly high rate of turn over.
pho 75 and golden cow are still my go to places but I do think pho 75 has changed in the past 10 years. Perhaps it is my memory but I think the stock seems less rich and far less meat is in the bowl.

Never the less, I still go. Still get pho cravings....

Italian Hot beef Sandwich?

cannot speak for the beefs but the dogs are solid. This weekend, I got the craving for a beef so bad, I just made it at home. Pretty decent copy. Kids were staring as I soaked the bread with juice. They thought I was crazy.

chex mix recipe - but without the butter and margerine

Love chex mix and am looking ot make it at home. However, every recipe I've seen uses lots of butter, margerine or oil.

Are there any recipes or techniques I could use to make chex mix without all the butter?


Sep 25, 2012
Soup in Home Cooking

Fish bones at the fish market?

I have done this using salmon heads and bones. My recommendation is DON"T. It doesn't turn out right.

I've gotten bones from H mart fish counter for free but that was couple of years ago (I don't know if they have a policy or anything). My wife perfect spanish when asking as well.

someone to grill at my party?

Been searching for the same type of person. Haven't been successful. Let me me know how hour search goes.


Beef Heart in Nova

I see them (both pork and beef) at H mart and Lotte. I however don't know how to carve it up or prepare? How do people prepare heart?

is putting something in vinegar a safe preservation method?

I don't know how to pickle. So when I ended up with a punch of thai chilis, I didn't know what to do with all of them. I ground some of them into a paste and froze them; I dried some in the sun, and the last batch I threw in a jar and pour straight white vinegar on them (to cover).

A few months later, the dried and frozen stuff is just fantastic. The pickled ones, I'm actually scared to try. I just don't want to get sick. I did smell the vinegar and it smells really nice with a strong sense of the thai peppers. The vinegar is not cloudy and the peppers have turned to a washed out greenish color. What do you think? Can I eat the peppers or vinegar. Is what I did a safe thing to do (i.e., covering peppers with just straight vinegar)?


Aug 21, 2012
Soup in General Topics

Fish Head Curry ?

I would kill for some fish head curry.

Persian/Iranian food, Washington DC

Shamshimary - Best persian rice.

In Search of Fried Chicken

Try Flavors in Arlington. Pretty good soul place. I thought chicken was ok but others rave about it. Sides are good.

My favorite fried chicken
3. Bon Chon
2. Popeyes
1. Shopper food food bar, spicy fried - Location in Lorton right off 95. (also the cheapest)

spit roasting a whole deer

I think if you introduce a lot of external fat (via bacon, lard mopped on) it could work I suppose.
I like it ground up. I made sloppy joes with it and the kid ate it up. it is just pure protein with very little fat. Really great stuff.

Jun 20, 2012
Soup in Home Cooking

Watermelon Controversy! - Seeded vs. Seedless?

To me, doesn't matter (that much). Both are good. I just hope the watermelon growers don't go too far make the mistake of breeding all the flavor out of the melons. I don't like think rinds on water melons.

Given the choice, I like seeded. I think it tastes slightly better with better mouth feel. However, everyone in the family likes the convienance of seedless so guess which we get?

Jun 11, 2012
Soup in General Topics

Who likes brunch?

This is one of the thing I miss. Wife and I loved brunch. Get up late. Go out (I don't like to cook brunch at home) and a leisurely eating stint that last 2 hours. Great drinks, food and conversation. This was prior to kids.

Now on sunday mornings, kids get up at un-godly hour and ask for the full breakfast (bacon, sausage, egg, potato, pancakes, etc).

Although I have fond memories of brunch, I happy get up at un-godly hours and make the full breakfast. Infact I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.


Jun 06, 2012
Soup in General Topics

Your favorite 'road trip' food

I bet you were viewed with envy and curiosity.

Jun 03, 2012
Soup in General Topics

The Secrets of Good Homefries

For us good home fries starts with potato: We use yukon gold or red potatos.
I first boil them in salted water. I over boil them to get the startch to leach out. It does make the potato less solid but it does produce a more crispy homefries.

I then cook them on a skillet and add blk pepper at the end.

If I am make them for me and not the kids, I ad onion and pepper and what every else I got in the fridge. Great fridge magnet.


Jun 03, 2012
Soup in Home Cooking

Your favorite 'road trip' food

I really like the slant on this thread. Before opening the topic, I thought it was about road food (ie., all the places my brother and I wanted to go to but places my parents hardly ever went).

The food I remember and recall fondly is kimbap (korean sushi: no fish but instead egg, meat and veggies) and miso soup. My mom would pack these for every single road trip. I had forgotten how good these were until I took a road trip with my parents recently. She brought these. I sips miso soup from a cup like coffee and popped bite sized kimbap while driving on 95. It was not only great food but brought back a lot of fond memories. The best part of it was that my kids got to have them as well. Hopefully they had some visibility in to what I recall from my childhood. They complained about wanting to stop at the next mcD but they'll remember this.


Jun 03, 2012
Soup in General Topics

What did you have for breakfast today? Part 2

Am surprise how healthy everyone is eating. Congrats!!!

For us, it was pancakes for the kids w/ fresh berries. wife and I had cereal (Special K and honey bunches of oats).

easy sunday breakfast.


Jun 03, 2012
Soup in General Topics

favorite fries?

cruly fries from hardees or arbee's

May 30, 2012
Soup in General Topics

Which cuisine is the most frugal in which to cook/eat by?

You want to be frugal, eat VEGETARIAN.

I am not a vegetarian. I was vegan for 2 and vegetarian for 6. Vegan was really hard. Vegetarian pretty easy. meat is the most costly in my shopping list. And cutting that would save a lot of money.

My family has really shifted on diet. We eat a lot more vegies and bean and grain and the meat that we do buy has been better quality stuff but we just buy less of it.

May 28, 2012
Soup in General Topics

Slimy Cold cuts

I'm pretty cheap but I through this away. I have sometime added them to hash, soups, gumbo once, I've washed them without ill effects but to me it is not worth the risk.

I've had enough gastro distress from bad food and let me tell you, saving a few bucks is not worth it.

In doubt, throw it out.

I know people don't want to waste food. Buys smaller (better quality stuff) amounts and eat them.


May 28, 2012
Soup in General Topics

Flying with frozen boudin...

Here is what I have done. I free it and pack it with bunch of cloths and that is it. When I got home, it was still cold (not frozen). You didn't do anything special.

You have to do what you are comfortable with as you will ulimately want to eat it.

May 15, 2012
Soup in General Topics

Korean rice

Most korean I know buy kokuho rose. Red package is supposedly better then yellow but I cannot tell. Nashiki brand is also very good. I've used the kokuho heirloom brand (cost 2x as much) but it was not 2x as good.

Apr 30, 2012
Soup in General Topics

pasta bar left overs [moved from General Topics]

Had a caterer bring in a pasta bar. Food wasn't bad but I could have made way better.

As usual, I order too much. I have ton of cooked pasta in all kinds of shapes and quarts of alfredo and marinara sauce. I hate to throw it out.

Is there anything I can do with it. Baked pasta or something? Can we freeze any of it?



Apr 29, 2012
Soup in Home Cooking

Fantastic baguettes -- LeoNora Bakery, Arlington

I love bakeries. Been to a lot of them around town. Some good some not.
This place though is really a different beast. The baguettes I've had here are just AMAZING. The bread actually taste like bread. It is yeasty and really flavorful. The bread has a great texture and a fantastic chew and the flavor last. Go and try this place. Better than any bread I've had in DC.

chex mix - hot and spicy

just bought a package and I though I would never find something as good as doritos - habenaro. I was wrong. chex mix - hot and spicy rocks. I wish they would make this stuff with just the chex mix. No crackers or pretzels.

Apr 12, 2012
Soup in General Topics

Jersey Mike's -- Yays, Nays, and Best Subs

quizno and subway sucks. gorcery store subs not much better.

Jersey mike rocks. Just had a few stores open in my area and been eating once a week. Today I waited 30 minutes for a sub. Service is very slow at the shop near me but it is a really good sub. Is it Philadelphia good, no but pretty darn great for a chain.

To me their ingredients are ok but the subs seem greater than sum of its parts. I go Mike's way. don't like mayo. I'm going to try to recreate it at home with better ingredients.

Apr 12, 2012
Soup in Chains